What Were Your Favorite Blogs in May, 2019?

It seems that the scores of my trivia team, high-grossing 2019 movies, sexy men, annoying songs, Cinco De Mayo and trivia recaps were the topics of greatest interest to my blog readers in May, 2019!


Austrian singer Falco (birth name Johann Hölzel) may not be on People magazine’s “sexiest men alive” list, but that’s THEIR opinion, not mine! Maybe sometime I’ll do my OWN “sexiest men ever” blog. What’s so great about being “alive,” anyway? Living is SO overrated 🙂

It all works out well, since sexy men, trivia, movies and annoying songs are also my favorite things to write about! So I guess I’ll keep on doing that then? 🙂

I had 1,618 total blog views in May, 2019, which was a bit lower than the 2000-plus views I had in April. What happened? Did I do something wrong? Was it something I said?  JK, JK! Let’s get on with it, shall we? What were my  most viewed blogs of May, 2019?  Read on! Maybe you’ll even want to give some of these another look…

  1. Winter/Spring 2019 Sporcle Live Season recap, 17 views
  2. Top Grossing Movies 2019 list, 16 views
  3. Sexiest Men Alive list, 14 views
  4. May 24, 2019 Original Gravity trivia recap, 10 views
  5. Most Annoying Songs Ever Recorded (opinion) list, 9 views tied with things to do on Cinco De MayoCabin Trip Blog Cheboygan State Park (2018)Archie UpdateNothing Happens in a Vacuum (opinion piece)
  6. A whole bunch of blogs are tied for sixth with eight views each….Fast Times at Miskatonic High, May 9 trivia recap (The Owl), Quitting Smoking blog, I Told Myself I Wasn’t Going To Cry (opinion blog), May 2 Corner Brewery trivia recap, etc…

No huge surprises! It’s obvious that most of you are here for the trivia – but you also seem to like “behind the trivia scenes” blogs, too! June should be a pretty exciting month, with my team (hopefully) making a semifinals bid on Saturday, June 8. As always, I’m not super confident we’ll make the cut and get to go to the state championships, but we wouldn’t be the “Miskatonic University Fighting Cephalopods” if we didn’t “fight” for trivia supremacy!

Thanks, as always, for stopping by…


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