Reflections Upon Quitting Smoking -Without Even Trying…

In February, 2012, I bought a pack of smokes. And on the nights that my husband would go out to play board games, I would have one – and only one – on the nights he was playing board games. So…I was having one cigarette a week. My little “indulgence.”

Then, in July, 2012 – we were on vacation, and I started smoking “for reals.” I would say that with the exception of camping/cabin trips, I was usually hard-pressed to go through more than a pack a week. I would have one after work, and have one (or two, or three) after having some drinks/trivia games. I never really got full-on hooked. It’s not like I woke up in the morning and had to have a smoke. But it was something I was doing every day, and considering all of the people in my family who died because of smoking, I knew that it was a bad idea. And I knew it was affecting my health. I could tell it was taking a toll on my heart. There was that time at work in 2016 when I had to leave work early because I felt like I was going to pass out (I believe it was a hypoglycemic episode of some sort). I knew deep down that I shouldn’t be doing this. But  – I couldn’t stop.

I did stop for a short time – for about a month in the summer of 2012, I didn’t have any smokes. Then I had one after a trivia tournament, and bam – it was all over…I was smoking again.

I continued as a casual smoker from 2012 until 2019.  I had a toothache flare up violently in early January of 2019, and on January 7, 2019? I had my last smoke while I was taking a post-work walk. On January 11, 2019, I had the achy tooth pulled.

It was almost like I hit the “reset” button when I had the toothache. As it turns out, people who have certain types of dental work (particularly tooth extractions) are not supposed to smoke for about 48 hours or so after the procedure, lest you get “dry socket.” I’m not even sure WHAT dry socket is, all I know is…no! Just no… Sounds TERRIBLE!

Almost four months later, I’m still smoke-free. I haven’t even CRAVED a smoke. A real test was a cabin trip a couple of weeks ago, and nope – I didn’t crave any cigarettes on this trip.

I honestly can’t explain why all of this happened…but I’m glad it did! My grandfather died of lung cancer, my grandmother and two aunts died of complications from smoking (even though both of the aunts had quit years ago, smoking still caused long-term ill effects on their health).

Good riddance, tobacco! I think I can resist you until the end of my days! Booze? Well, that’s another story 🙂

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