Trivia Recap – May 2, 2019 – Corner Brewery (Ypsilanti, MI)

The original plan was to have at least three players on this trivia night at the “Corner Brewery,” which is officially called Arbor Brewing Company Microbrewery. But certain players had to spend too much time on the phone ironing out billing snafus involving a trash bill – and so it was that just one player would do trivia battle – and the others would just “hang out.” I haven’t done a solo trivia game since December, 2018 at Oscar’s, so I thought it was… about time! What better way to test your trivia mojo than by telling the rest of your team to get lost? 🙂  Good thing this wasn’t an “official” test of my trivia mojo, because if that were the case, I would have gotten an F! Blowing nine points on a Robert Rodriguez movie question…wagering 20 on both finals and missing them both…I still had a good time! Having teammates would have helped me get a better score in this game, but, this was “my” battle to wage (personal reasons)!  Special thanks to Terry from the team Your Resume Sucks for congratulating me and the “Squirrels” team for placing in the top four teams in the MTL finals Saturday. That was…classy – especially coming from a longtime rival team! Stay classy, Terry and your Your Resume Sucks teammates from me and the ‘Pods (and also the Squirrels)! Pub trivia may be competitive. but it doesn’t mean all of the players hate each other…

This marked only the third time my team has played at this bar in  2019 (the second “regulation” game). It’s rare when Wednesdays work out well for trivia, so I jumped at the chance to play!

What else about Wednesday’s game…oh I know…the questions!

Game One

1. Stars – In 2018, what animated rodent received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame – 40 years after her significant other received that honor? 10

2. Fruit – What is the name for the yellowish red cherry that shares its name with the 17th highest mountain in the United States? I could picture this cherry, just couldn’t remember its name…miss for 2.

3. NBA – Within two, in what year was the most recent NBA lockout, which lasted 161 days and reduced the season from 82 games to 66? Got this on a guess for 1 (go figure I saved my one point slip for this).

4. Trilogies – What 2003 film follows El Mariachi and Desperado in Robert Rodriguez’ “Mexico Trilogy?” Blew this for 9, though I DEFINITELY knew which movie they wanted (god I forgot how much eye candy is in this movie, LOL)!


I LOVE her outfit! And accessories are SO important! I’m sure all of you women out there are with me on this one! 🙂

5. Stocks – What 10-letter word beginning with Q does the Q in NASDAQ stand for? Miss for 3.

6. Miniseries – Day of Days, The Last Patrol and Why We Fight are episode titles in what HBO miniseries that aired in 2001? 8.

7. ’90s Albums – A 1993 album by Sheryl Crowe has what day of the week in its title, which was the day of the week when work was done on the album? I had NO idea, but tried to use logic here to pick a day of the week that things like this would likely occur and would not conflict with days in which there might be more “exciting” things happening. My logic prevailed here, but for only 4.

8. Books – Writer Jon Krakauer wrote two books in the 1990s with titles beginning with the word “Into,” name one of those books – both for a “nerd” bonus. I got one but not both, though I SHOULD have gotten both since I read both of these books (the one he did about the Mount Everest disaster in 1996 was absolutely riveting). Ah, 7 points better than none, right?


Want to traverse a gaping ice gorge while on all fours on a metal ladder that *might* bear the weight of people crawling over it? Look no further than Mount Everest’s treacherous “icefall.” How many bodies lie at the bottom of this crevasse? I’ll need to look that up! More than 200 corpses are littered on the slopes of Everest itself. If that’s not enough to say “stay away from me,” I don’t know what is!

9. Crossings – Which road crossing from New Jersey to Manhattan is NOT named for a U.S. president? I had no idea, but remembered that the bridge that the characters in Saturday Night Fever dangled from like daredevils (with one of them plummeting from it) was the Verazano Narrows Bridge. As the rival police chief in Super Troopers said, “Desperation is a stinky cologne.” Yes it is! It REALLY is! Miss for 5.

10. Founding Fathers – What founding father worked in the family malt house as a young man and also served as the fourth governor of Massachusetts? Should not have missed this big duh question (clearly my brain was on a much needed vacation on this trivia night), miss for 6.

Mystery – Anagrams

Answers will be subtitles in Marvel Cinematic Universe movies.

M1 – Old Wiser Thirteen

M2 – Echoing Mom

M3 – Held Work Dart

M4 – True Fan Logo

Got them all (I really needed those eight points)!

Scores: I was in third (from the bottom) with 41 points, with We Drink and We Know Things in first with 63 out of 20 total teams. Strip Your Bartender was runner up with 62 points.

Final Category – Memoirs

Who wrote the memoir Dirty Sexy Politics, which recounts the author’s experiences while campaigning for a family member during the 2008 U.S. presidential election?

I was in the right ballpark on this one – I even thought about the person who would have been correct, but couldn’t think of the correct first name (probably would have needed correct first name with a question like this one).

Did not write down the top finishers of this game (I was not at the table).

Game Two

1. Landmarks – The “Spanish Steps” landmark is not located in Spain, but in what other country? 5

2. Hit Singles – Audio clip of four different artists performing songs with the lyrics “Ain’t no cure for the summertime blues,” had to ID at least one of them…nope for 1.

3. Outer Space – What fairy tale character’s name describes the astrobiology term for the orbital region around a star? I put down Aurora and missed for 4 (I didn’t have my “spaceman” playing with me and still – I thought it was a good guess)!

4. Cartoons – What are the first names of the Russian spy characters who appeared on Bullwinkle cartoons from 1959 to 1964 (and in reruns after that)? Yay I’m old, 10.

5. Governors – Who was the first two-term governor of Florida, serving in the past 20 years? Good guess for 3.

6. Movie Characters – Thorny, Rabbit, Mac and Farva are main characters in what 2001 movie and its 2018 sequel? Name the director of these films for a bonus point (I think I was the first one handing in my slip for this one), got this for 8 plus the bonus.

7. Scoring – What is the three-letter rugby term equivalent to a touchdown? The only rugby word I know besides “rugby” is “scrum,” which has too many letters (bummer). Miss for 2.

8. Video Games – What survival horror video game series features Harry Mason searching for his adopted daughter in a mysterious town that gives the video game series its name? FB clue, 9.

9. Cereal – What is the color of Cornelius the rooster on boxes of corn flakes? Miss for 6.

10. Paintings- Who was the subject of the unfinished 1796 Aetheneum Portrait, later used as an image on U.S. currency? 7.

Visual Mystery –


Missed #4. I’m actually surprised I did as well as I did on this round, map-based border questions usually kill me (I just don’t have a good head for this stuff – Mike and Brad are so much better).

Scores: 19 teams – I was in fifth (from the bottom, lol) with 49 tied with one other team, and We Drink and We Know Things was in 64. I’ve never seen a single episode of Game of Thrones, but since I don’t live under a rock I still know that’s a GOT reference! Don’t Forget to Strip Your Bartender was right behind them with 62, and Nomads behind them with 62. This is all pretty typical of the narrow point spreads you’re going to see among the top teams at this trivia spot!

Final Category – 2000s Songs

It was against my better judgment to wager anything on this, but on this trivia night, I thought to myself… (sounds better coming out of Tom Cruise in Risky Business):


Since 2000, five solo women artists have released albums that produced at least three #1 singles on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. Who was the first of those five to achieve this feat, doing so with her 2006 studio album.

And of COURSE I put down a singer who had no singles making any real noise on the Billboard charts (yet another topic I just don’t have a “head” for). Unsure if any teams managed to get this correct, but the top teams all reflected low, zero or flunked wagers:

We Drink and We Know Things, 44; Sabertoothed Crotch Crickets (51?), and Your Resume Sucks, 55.

Until next time, which will be a Simpsons theme trivia game tonight. There was some talk of us doing a “double header” by going out to Sticks after this game, but we couldn’t find any players available to sign in and hold down the fort until we arrived. Look for a recap of that Simpsons game on Friday! Hopefully it doesn’t go as poorly for us as that Star Trek theme trivia game we played in February, which pretty much sent us to the airlock! As always, Go Pods, and stay classy, Your Resume Sucks!


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