Could Another Set of “Strip Club Questions” Be In The Cards?

It looks like I’m sitting at 1,950 total blog views for the month of February so far – and there is one more “bonus” day to go after today (since it is a leap year). I just wanted to say “thanks!” This means this is my most viewed month in terms of blog views since the month of August, 2019 when I had 2,646 total views.

I’ve noticed that my blog about questions you might hear in a strip club has gotten quite…popular! Why is that? I’m suspecting it might be because of the Baywatch “visual” round with photos of different actresses from the popular syndicated TV series “Baywatch.” While I’d love nothing more than to delude myself into believing that it’s the sexy content of the trivia questions themselves bringing readers back again and again (61 total blog views for the month of February, 2020 alone, 92 all-time views). But I know better!


A front view of the Deja Vu “gentlemen’s club” in Ypsilanti, MI.

So what inspired this blog? Interestingly enough, it was a conversation I had a few years ago with a fellow trivia player about how funny it would be if strip clubs started offering trivia nights! Imagine intensifying the competition by paying exotic dancers to distract rival teams…and having to steel yourself to resist the seductive exotic dancers your own trivia rivals have sent over to distract YOU! Is there enough saltpeter in the world?

After having that silly conversation years ago, I finally decided it was high time to write a set of questions about it (I’ve actually done two sets of “strip club questions”). You can read the other set here.

Now I’m thinking a third set of these questions might be in order! Would this be giving my readers more of what they like? I guess I’ll have to write these questions and see!

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