Weird Scoring Coincidence?

Last week, we learned that our trivia team had 666 points in the My Trivia Live league, which made us feel a bit…evil!


Damien Thorne in The Omen

Unless I’ve done my maffs wrong (which wouldn’t be a bit surprising), it looks like our score at Sticks in the Sporcle Live league (Ypsilanti, MI Thursday nights) will be 777 when the scores are posted. While it’s not exactly associated with evil like “666,” it’s just a bit…weird that it’s also a three-digit sequence of all the same number!

In other news, I’ve learned that another player from my team has been occasionally “invading” the Saturday night trivia scene at Oscar’s in Saline, sometimes accompanied by a date. They’re not playing under our league number, but I’m still glad to see players from my team mixing it up with other local playas! Apparently, they’ve been doing quite well (won gift cards two weeks in a row).

Dating within a pub trivia context can have its challenges! I know nothing of those challenges first hand, since I’m married to my “trivia partner,” but just imagine the awkwardness when your date is trying to share an anecdote with you – and you have to “shush” them because you want to hear the question that’s being read! I suppose bringing a date to a trivia game is a good way to get to know them – find out the things they’re interested in – and most importantly – the things they know about that will help in a trivia game! I mean really…what else is more important than that? 🙂

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