(UPDATED WITH ANSWERS – FOR ADULT READERS ONLY) – NC-17 Trivia Questions You Might Hear In A Strip Club

Editor’s note: This blog is for adult readers only, and will contain references to adult movies, sex toys, erotic films, prophylactics and other material which may not be appropriate for all readers. The following trivia questions are those that I “imagine” might be part of a question set that you’d hear if topless bars/strip clubs/girlie clubs started doing trivia nights. Topics will include porno movies, swimsuit models, porno stars, porno magazines, erotica/soft core/sexually charged videos/music, Hentai, Baywatch actresses, song lyrics, movie grosses, dates in history and just about anything else pertaining to this “sleazy” setting. Let’s see how YOU do! 

For more questions like this, check out this other blog which is also for adult readers only).

Let’s pretend your friendly local topless bar/strip club/”gentleman’s club” offered trivia nights. What kinds of questions might you hear at such an event? Read on to find out!

Adults-Only Trivia Questions You Might Hear in a Strip Club

Answers are in the comments.

1. Film Credits – Name one of the two movies directed by John Frankenheimer in which adult film star Ron Jeremy has a credited role. Name both for a bonus point. NOTE: one of these movies he is credited but his scenes were cut. Hint – the films were released in 1998 and 2000 respectively.

2. Film Roles – What actress plays the exotic dancer “Nancy” in the movie Sin City as well as its sequel?

3. Names – What famed cabaret’s name translates into English as “Red Mill?”

4. Emperors – What Roman emperor who reigned from 37 to 41 AD was best known for his cruelty as well as his sexual perversions? Bonus – in which Smiths song would you hear this emperor’s name mentioned in the lyrics?

5. Measurements – According to his Internet Movie Database biography, within one, how many inches long is Ron Jeremy’s penis when erect?

6. Actresses – What actress, best known for her “wholesome” roles in the 1960s, played a more “seductive” role in the 1971 Blake Edwards film Darling Lili? Hint, she was married to Blake Edwards during the time of filming.

7. Phrases – Excluding the word “the,” what four-word phrase generally describes the period of years between 1969 and 1984 – when pornographic media was considered to be “acceptable?”

8. Fictional Magazines – In what animated series debuting in 1999 would you find a magazine entitled Zero G Juggs? For a bonus point, what character in this series is seen “reading” this magazine?

9. Actresses – What actress used a fake ID to falsify her age in order to work in adult films? She has appeared in theatrical films such as Cry-Baby and Serial Mom in addition to making TV appearances in Roseanne, among other roles.

10. Words – What body part is involved if someone is “teabagging?”

11. Lubricants – Within one, in what decade was KY Jelly introduced?

12. Movie Quotes – Name any one of the adult movie titles mentioned by name in the 1994 movie Clerks. Titles must be exactly correct. Bonus – what is the name of the 2008 movie directed by Kevin Smith involving two people trying to make their own pornographic film?

13. Words – What four-letter word has been used to describe pornographic films produced secretly in the early 20th century?

14. Porno Film Titles – The 1986 adult film Terms of Endowment is a parody on the title of what film which won the best picture Oscar?

15. Masturbation – Within three, in what year was actor Paul Reubens arrested for indecent exposure at a movie theater in Sarasota, Florida?

16. Names – What is the “real” name of the woman who became known in the media as the “Hollywood Madam” following her arrest and conviction in 1997?

17. Same Name – What is the shared name of a 1993 hip-hop album released under the Death Row Records label as well as a common sexual position?

18. Early Film Roles – Which actress played a child prostitute in the 1978 film Pretty Baby? Hint, she would later go on to be famous for her appearances in Calvin Klein commercials.

19. Explicit Lyrics – What group’s 1990 Banned in the USA album was the very first album to have been slapped with a parental advisory label warning buyers about the explicit lyrics?

20. Same Name – What is the shared name of the title of a 2004 Natalie Portman film and a 1994 single by nine inch nails with explicit lyrics which are “bleeped” out in radio versions?

Mystery – Given the release years, identify the movie titles associated with the following scenes involving “adult” clubs.

1984 ↓


1996 ↓


2005 ↓


1998 ↓


Final Category – Song Lyrics

Name any four of the six strip clubs/adult clubs mentioned by name in the 1987 Motley Crüe song Girls, Girls Girls.



One thought on “(UPDATED WITH ANSWERS – FOR ADULT READERS ONLY) – NC-17 Trivia Questions You Might Hear In A Strip Club

  1. 1. Ronin (1998), Reindeer Games, (2000)

    2. Jessica Alba

    3. Moulin Rouge

    4.Caligula, Heaven Knows I’m Miserable Now

    5. 10 inches (anything between 9 and 11 inches accepted)

    6.Julie Andrews

    7. golden age of porn

    8. Futurama, Scruffy

    9. Tracy Lords

    10. Testicles/balls (mouth also acceptable)

    11. Lubricants – 1904  – so 1890s to 1910s acceptable

    12. Any one of these accepted – “Whispers in the Wind”, “To Each His Own”, “Put It Where It Doesn’t Belong”, “My Pipes Need Cleaning”, “All Tit-Fucking, Volume 8”, “I Need Your Cock”, “Ass-Worshipping Rimjobbers”, “My Cunt and Eight Shafts”, “Cum Clean”, “Cum-Gargling Naked Sluts”, “Cum Buns 3”, “Cumming in Socks”, “Cum on Eileen”, “Huge Black Cocks with Pearly White Cum”, “Girls Who Crave Cock”, “Girls Who Crave Cunt”, “Men Alone 2: The K-Y Connection”, “Pink Pussy Lips”, oh yeah, and, uh, “All Holes Filled with Hard Cock”. Bonus answer – Zach and Miri make a porno

    13. stag

    14. Terms of Endearment

    15. 1991, so any year between 1988 and 1994 acceptable

    16. Heidi Fleiss

    17. Doggystyle

    18. Brooke Shields

    19. 2 Live Crew

    20. Closer

    Mystery – Beverly Hills Cop, from dusk til dawn, sin city, pecker

    final question answers: dollhouse, Tattletails, Seventh Veil, Crazy Horse, body shop, marble arch

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