(FOR ADULTS ONLY) – Trivia Questions You Might Hear In A Strip Club Setting…

Editor’s note: This blog is for adult readers only, and will contain references to adult movies, sex toys, erotic films, prophylactics and other material which may not be appropriate for all readers. The following trivia questions are those that I “imagine” might be part of a question set that you’d hear if topless bars/strip clubs/girlie clubs started doing trivia nights. Topics will include porno movies, swimsuit models, porno stars, porno magazines, erotica/soft core/sexually charged videos/music, Hentai, Baywatch actresses, song lyrics, movie grosses, dates in history and just about anything else pertaining to this “sleazy” setting. Let’s see how YOU do! 

Let’s pretend that your friendly local “gentlemen’s club” decides it wants to bring in a different kind of crowd one night a week. Maybe just for a couple of hours! Instead of watching “Polly The Pole Princess” merely show off the mad skills that helped her earn her nickname – she also has a wireless mic that enables her to read trivia questions to the “guests” (who have all paid the cover charge and probably also paid other employees like “Polly” to distract players on competing teams all the while being distracted themselves). What kind of questions are you going to hear? Read on! Please note, I’m assuming that people reading/following this blog and clicking on this post are advanced placement trivia folks (no softballs)!


Will it be too distracting think of correct answers to trivia questions if your trivia host looks like this? Here is Salma Hayek in Dogma.

Adults-Only Trivia Questions

Answers posted in the comments.

1. Theatrically Released Movies – After Showgirls, which 1990 film starring Uma Thurman is the highest-grossing NC-17 rated film of all time? It was also the first film to receive a NC-17 rating.

2. Porno Movie Locations – In addition to Dallas, what two other “locations” are referenced in the various sequels to Bambi Woods’ 1978 movie Debbie Does Dallas? One of the locations is a major city, the other a geographic location.

3. Magazine Publishers – In addition to Penthouse, Bob Guccione was also the founder of what science fiction magazine, which offered print editions from 1978 to 1995? Bonus – what music magazine was published by his son – Bob Guccione Jr.?


This sci-fi magazine published by Bob Guccione ran an article called “How Dinosaurs Did It” (no joke I actually had a copy of that issue). Paleoporn? There really is a porn for everything!

4. Racy Movies – What sexually fueled 1986 film starred Mickey Rourke and Kim Basinger and included scenes such as the erotic feeding of and eating of cherries in addition to numerous sex scenes?

5. Brothels – What is the name of the brothel inspiring the 1982 film The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas? Bonus, in which U.S. state would you still find a brothel under this name?

6. Magazines – What is the two-word name of the magazine published by Larry Flynt Publications which describes the ages of the women featured in the magazine? Its first issue was published in 1993.

7. Male Porno Stars – Adult film star Ron Jeremy appeared in both Ghostbusters (1984) and Bruce Almighty. Which one was higher grossing at the U.S. box office? Bonus, in what 1999 comedy film produced by Gene Simmons does Ron Jeremy appear as a worker in a male strip club?

8. Words – What word describing sexually stimulating material that is not pornographic is also the title of a 1992 Madonna album?

9. Tentacle Porn – What is the English translation of the Japanese erotic horror manga series Urotsukidōji?

10. Songwriters – What singer/songwriter is credited as a co-writer of the Madonna song Justify My Love?


Madonna in Justify My Love

11. Film Plots – In the 1972 pornographic film Deep Throat, what body part is located in the main character Linda Lovelace’s throat?

12. Retailers – What is the name of the chain of adult stores founded in 1971 in Columbus, Ohio with more than 45 locations in the U.S.?

13. Awards – Movie awards described as the “Oscars” of porn are awarded annually by what trade magazine?

14. TV Series – What HBO series airing from 1990 to 2009 was described as “exploring sex ’90s style?”

15. Magazine Covers – What actress appears alongside Dan Aykroyd (the latter of whom is dressed as a “Conehead” from Saturday Night Live) on the August, 1993 issue of Playboy? Bonus – who is the only actress from the TV series Twin Peaks to have been featured in Playboy pictorial (and also on the cover)?

16. Media Moguls – Who was born first – Hugh Hefner – or Stan Lee?

17. Toys – What six-letter word beginning with “s” describes a saddle-like device with a motor primarily used by women for pleasuring themselves?

18. Movie Titles – What 1997 movie, directed by Trey Parker chronicles the life of a Mormon who works in a the porno movie industry as a stunt double?  Bonus – in the movie, an older porno actress says she’s been relegated to DVDA work because of her age. What does DVDA stand for?

19. Characters – Gypsy Rose Lee was a famed entertainer best known for her “skills” in what nine-letter genre which originated on stage? Bonus, who played Gypsy Rose Lee in the 1959 stage musical?

20. Condoms – Within one, in what decade did condoms made out of rubber make their debut?

Mystery Round – Baywatch actresses

Identify the actresses in the following pictures:

1. ↓




3. ↓


4. ↓


Final Question!

Final Category – Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Models

Besides Elle Macpherson (who was born in Australia), name any three of the five other foreign-born models appearing on the covers of Sports Illustrated’s swimsuit edition two times or more.








One thought on “(FOR ADULTS ONLY) – Trivia Questions You Might Hear In A Strip Club Setting…

  1. 1. Henry and June

    2. New Orleans, Wall Street

    3. Omni, Spin

    4. 9 1/2 weeks

    5. Chicken ranch, Nevada

    6. barely legal

    7. Bruce Almighty, Detroit Rock City

    8. erotica

    9. legend of the overfiend

    10. Lenny Kravitz

    11. clitoris

    12. lion’s den

    13. Adult Video News

    14. Real Sex

    15. Pamela Anderson, Sherilynn Fenn

    16.Stan Lee? 

    17. Sybian

    18. Orgazmo, double vaginal/double anal (will also accept two in the pink, two in the stink).

    19. burlesque, ethel merman

    20. 1855 (anything between 1840s and 1860s accepted)

    visual answers – brandy ledford, nicole eggert,  mitzi kapture, donna d’errico


    daniela pestova, paulina porizkova, elsa benitez, yamila diaz rahi, veronica varekova

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