Most Viewed Blogs of April, 2019

The clicker has stopped for the month of April, and it looks like (drum roll) I had 2,067 blog views in April, 2019! That’s more than any other month to date. Trivia continues to be a popular topic, a cabin trip I took in May, 2018 still seems to be a hot topic, a “What If” blog I wrote about what Fast Times at Miskatonic High would be like still gets viewed every month, and apparently? You guys like reading the blogs I write when I’m pissed off! Does this mean I’m going to deliberately get pissed off just so I can get more blog views? Hardly! I’ve been trying to focus on IMPROVING my mental health, not making it worse! But if you’ve been entertained by my angst, so be it!

What were my most-viewed blogs in April? Let’s take a look! And if you haven’t already seen these blogs, then…why don’t you take a first look at ’em?


View of the Straits of Mackinac from the beach near our cabin at Cheboygan State Park. A blog about this cabin trip has had 126 total views to date.

1. High Grossing Movies blog, 23 views

2. May, 2018 Cheboygan cabin trip blog, 16 views, 126 all time views, third most viewed blog of all time.

3. Trivia Recap, April 12, 2019 (Sticks), 14 views

4. Trivia Recap, April 5, 2019 (Original Gravity), 13 views

5. TIE – Fast Times At Miskatonic High blog, blog, 11 views, 114 all time views  (sixth most viewed blog of all time)  AND 

Personal Blog About Me and Makeup, 11 views AND

6. Virginia Beach photo blog, 10 views

7. TIE – MTL Semifinals Recap, April 20, 2019 (Randy’s Bar), 9 views

Mama Bear Mode Blog (me being pissed off about a Hell Bitch disrespecting me at a trivia tournament) 9 views

Captain’s Log, 9 views

8. TIE – Sporcle Live Final Questions, March 31, 2019, 8 views

Blog about a trivia player moving out of town, 8 views

Yet another blog I wrote when I was pissed off, 8 views

Blog about having my team having found a possible permanent trivia spot, 8 views

Blog where I share a link to safely search for porn, 8 views

How about a “reader’s choice” entry? What was my favorite blog to write? Have YOU seen it yet? It’s about what targeted ads for serial killers might look like in social media, read that twisted blog here. I even updated it today! Better yet? DON’T read it! I’ve placed quite a lot of disclaimers with that blog! DON’T READ IT IF YOU KNOW WHAT’S GOOD FOR YOU!

Thanks, as always, for continuing to visit this site! See you in the next blog…



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