Trivia Recap – April 5, 2019 – Original Gravity

During the past few months, our trivia team has been kind of like…space explorers. Ah, go ahead…you can also call us “space cadets” if you want (I certainly have my “spacey” moments, like when we had that Spiel Des Jahres question, more about that in a bit)! We’ve been “exploring” the trivia universe – and have visited seven different Sporcle Live trivia spots, and three different My Trivia Live spots on various “away” missions. Too bad we haven’t gotten lucky like Captain Jean-Luc Picard when he visited the “sex planet” (aka “Risa”), where he met that Tomb Raider-esque brunette, whom we can presume had her “tomb” thoroughly explored by Jean-Luc sometime during his visit (off camera of course).


Vash and Jean-Luc Picard in the episode “Captain’s Holiday.”

Anyone else want to see R-rated (or better yet – NC-17) Star Trek episodes with Klingon sex scenes – or is that just me? What nerd boy DIDN’T fantasize about the female Borg character Seven of Nine on Star Trek: Voyager? I’d kind of like to see her and Ensign Kim getting their freak on, with a possible cameo by that holographic doctor! 🙂 And I’ll just bet Kira from Star Trek: Deep Space Nine was a wildcat in the sack (as were Tasha Yar and Ensign Ro)! Counselor Troi? Yes, I know quite a few guys probably thought she was the hottest female thing on the Enterprise. But do you really want to be with a woman who can read your emotions – and knows when you’re lying? Think about that long and hard (hee hee I said “long and hard”)!


Caption contest? Seven of Nine on Star Trek: Voyager chatting with Ensign Kim (who had a hopeless crush on her for a spell).

What about Star Trek men? Commander Riker certainly was quite the womanizer, in a R-rated Star Trek series we’d get to see what happened with him and his “flavors of the month” on his various away missions, behind his closed quarter doors – or in space shuttles, in the cargo bay, inside the Jefferies tubes, in some dark corner of engineering, on the captain’s chair when Jean-Luc wasn’t around, or playing “doctor” in sick bay (come on guys – sexual escapades in the Holodeck are too easy)!  Let’s see, Lt. Barclay and his wild Walter Mitty imagination probably served both him and his sexual partners QUITE well (ladies, do not underestimate those seemingly “boring” guys)! Uh, don’t get me started on Lt. Worf! Do I need to start writing “space porn?” Am I writing it now? Hey…there really is a “porn” for everything, I’ll bet y’all can find some good “space porn” out there without too much effort!


Lt. Barclay may have looked fairly ordinary, but he was not a man you wanted to f— with! Here he is tangling with Commander Riker on Star Trek: The Next Generation.

Even though we haven’t been “that” kind of lucky, we have still had some of our share of luck during our trivial adventures! Like wagering zero on a sports final that we would end up knowing the answer to – and still winning prize money.  Thursday’s game location was Original Gravity, where we logged a score of 95 for the night and finished second overall, winning $10 in prizes.

Hope you readers aren’t too hot and bothered thinking of “space porn” to continue reading much, much more dull – trivia questions!


Game One

1. Voices – Billy Crystal and John Goodman voiced the characters Mike and “Sully” in what 2001 film and its 2013 prequel? 10

2. Spinoffs – What 1990s primetime soap opera was a Beverly Hills: 90210 spinoff and featured four-time Golden Globe nominee Heather Locklear as Amanda Woodward? My female college roommates INSISTED I partake when they all sat down to watch this and 90210! Eventually I found excuses to not be around when those shows were airing, LOL!

3. Human Body – What organ of the human body’s four different forms include  filiform, fungiform, vallate and foliate papillae? We did not think of the correct thing as an “organ,” and apparently so did a number of other teams. Our trivia host Lauren got a little tongue-tied trying to pronounce some of these words (and understandably so)!…we missed this for 6. Ouch!

4. Food – What food with a Greek name can be used as a soup or dip and is made from yogurt, cucumbers, garlic, salt, olive oil and spices? 8

5. Similar Names – Name either the poem from 8AD or a 1915 Franz Kafka novella which both share a common word. 7

6. Albums – What American band founded in 1992 released 13 studio albums including six self-titled albums known by different colors? For a “nerd” bonus point, what was the color of the most recently released album? Torn between two similar bands, including the band that would have been correct, miss for 2. Interesting note, while we were playing our OG game, Kim and her husband were doing trivia battle in a ’90s music themed game in Livonia – bet they wouldn’t have missed this question!

7. U.S. History – Audio clip of Ronald Reagan speaking at his state of the union address in January, 1986 about a tragic event, had to ID the event, got this for 5.

8. Excitement – The Macau Tower boasts a 764 tall bungee jump attraction located in which country? I remembered something about this place being ceded to a certain country not long ago, and my guess was good enough for 3.

9. Football – What was the name of the Buffalo Bills place kicker who missed his kick in Super Bowl 25, which caused the Bills to lose the game? We had no idea, so put down Ray Finkle, who was the place kicker for the Dolphins who did the same thing in Ace Ventura: Pet Detective. Miss for 1.

10. Awards – Azul, King Domino and Codenames are the most recent winners of the Spiel Des Jahres, which is an award given to what? I was kind of a “space cadet” in that I mistook the word “spiel” for something completely different (hey…it’s been almost 20 years since I took a German class, forgive me)! Miss for 4. At this point, we decided that this game would be our “warm up” game!

Mystery – Initials – All correct responses will be names with initials PR

M1 – American rock band whose only #1 song was Last Resort, from their album Infest

M2 – Silversmith known for his nighttime ride

M3 – Hockey goaltender and Hall of Famer who won the Stanley Cup MVP multiple times and at least a couple of other qualifiers I didn’t write down…

M4 – Actor known for Role Models, I Love You Man and Ant Man.

Comment from Evan about #4: “I really like that actor.” Me: “Me too. He has pretty eyes.” Proof I need to get out with other women more often, LOL!

Scores: 13 Teams, scores 21 to 65, with Sloth in first. We were in fifth with 52 points, behind This is Sparta who had 56, and Mind the Gap, who had 60 points.

Final Category – 21st Century Music

Ellie Goulding has reached the top five on the Billboard Hot 100 as the lead artist with two songs. Name both songs.

We wagered 20 on this and missed (Evan came up with one correct song and knew what other song he needed, just couldn’t name it). Nice try! Better than anything Mike and I (we both said “Who’s Ellie Goulding”) could have summoned!

Game winners: Quiz in my Pants, 79; Sloth, 85.

Game Two

1. Nicknames – “The Greatest Showman On Earth” was born in 1810 and had what “real” name? 10

2. More Nicknames – The Div. 1 mascot Deacon the demon represents a college in what U.S. state? Miss for 2.

3. Bands – What was the name of the lead vocalist, guitarist and namesake for a band whose highest charting hits were The Joker, Keep on Rockin’ Me and Abacadabra?

4. Nuts – Hamakua, Mauna Loa and Royal Hawaiian orchards all specialize in harvesting what kind of nut? 8

5. Architecture – Which of the following features represents typical gothic architecture? Black walls, low ceiling, pointed spires or round windows? Got it…

6. U.S. Cities – Name three of the four U.S. capital cities sharing their names with U.S. presidents, name all four for a “nerd” bonus point, got ’em all.

7. TV Characters – What was the first and last name of Topher Grace’s character on That ’70s Show? Brad is usually our That ’70s Show expert, Evan played that role nicely on this trivia night.

8. Best Pictures – What was the only film directed by a woman to have won the Academy Award for best picture? And this was my “starring role” for 4.

9. Mythology – In Greek mythology, who shot the arrow into Achilles’ heel, which killed him? FB clue, 3.

10. Titles – What title is shared by the head person of the House of Commons in the U.K. and the House of Representatives in the U.S.? 1

Mystery – National Vitamin C Day

M1 – Name of small fuzzy brown fruit with twice the vitamin C of an orange

M2 – Disease caused by lack of vitamin C

M3 – Vitamin C is also known as what kind of acid?

M4 – Singer Vitamin C sang about what life event in the 2000 hit song Friends Forever?

Got them all, so yay, no trivia “scurvy” for us!

Scores: Ten teams, scores 41 to 64, with Mind the Gap in first. We were tied with This is Sparta right behind them with 62 points.

Final Category – Sports Teams

Visual question:


Got it, but wagered zero (Evan was so bummed that he knew this since we wagered zero, but…)

Final scores: ‘Pods, 62 $10; Rummer, 75, $20. My response when scores were read aloud was genuine: “Holy f—!” Did not expect any prizes!

It appears that our team and Mind the Gap had opposite wagering strategies in this game – with us wagering it all in game two and them wagering zero – and us wagering nothing in game two and them wagering it all. Trivia roulette!


Sometimes trivia wagering can FEEL as risky as Russian roulette! Scene with Robert DeNiro and a Viet Cong soldier from The Deer Hunter.

Until next time, which will be a MTL show on Tuesday. We’re thinking of trivia in a “home” port next Thursday, we’ll be in “party” mood on the eve of our first CABIN TRIP OF THE YEAR! Our trivia plans, as always, are subject to change! As always, Go Pods, and stay classy, Commander Riker!






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