Thirty Minutes of Pure Virginia Beach Joy…

We had a trivia question in Monday’s game that reminded me of a road trip my husband and I took to Virginia in 2017:

What city on the Atlantic coast is the most-populous in its state, and, in 2018, was named Condé Nast Traveler’s top U.S. tourist destination for the eighth consecutive year?

We put in Virginia Beach as our guess, though it was incorrect. The correct answer to this was Charleston, S.C.

But that made me think about that day we spent on “The Peninsula” in Virginia. That’s a term used by locals to describe Norfolk, Newport News, Virginia Beach and other nearby cities on Virginia’s east coast.

2019-04-17 14.17.07.jpg

A friend of ours named Sam moved to Poquoson, VA in 2014. We stayed with him for two nights, and got to spend a whole day exploring “The Peninsula.” He “squired” us around in his newish Ford Mustang convertible – and took the top down. It was pretty…amazing riding along on a sunny, warm early October day on the Chesapeake Bay Bridge/Tunnel!


Inside the Chesapeake Bay Tunnel.

The whole day was very nice! We visited the Virginia Beach Aquarium, a local microbrewery in Virginia Beach, and finally…the “beach” in Virginia Beach itself.

About that? It was probably the happiest 30 minutes I’ve experienced in a long, long time! We didn’t have much time to spend at the beach (we’d only paid for about a half hour in the meter and wanted to beat traffic heading back to Sam’s to join his wife for dinner), but I loved every…single…second of it. How can I describe it? Pure concentrated joy! The look on my face says it all.


It takes a Hell of a thing to make me smile like THIS! Apparently, I really LOVED being by the ocean! This was only the third time in my life I’d ever even seen an ocean. Had we not been pressed for time, I would have loved taking a stroll on that boardwalk. Here are some more Virginia Beach shots…







Sam told us that this beach gets cleaned and swept every night during peak season.

As star-struck as I was to be on this beach, I knew that we were there during the “off season.” Go there in the summer (per Sam), and you have to battle traffic heading out there, battle for a parking spot once you get there – and pay to use it! And once you make your way to the beach, you’ll find it chock-full of people. Makes sense – Virginia Beach is Virginia’s most populous city (450,435 as of 2017 estimates).

When we were there, it was unseasonably warm, due to hurricanes churning farther south. So there we were – in our shorts and “summer gear” on a lovely beach in early October in Virginia Beach, VA. I know we really threaded the needed with that visit!

It may have been a very short visit to Virginia Beach’s beach – but it is one that will live forever as a very, very fond memory!

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