Trivia Recap – April 20, 2019 – Randy’s Bar (MTL Semifinals)

I played as a “hired gun” with the Canton, MI-based My Trivia Live team “Squirrels” today at a bar called Randy’s in Dearborn Heights, a city which I’d never ventured to on purpose (until today)! We managed to win a spot in the finals scheduled for April 27, which will mark the Squirrels’ first trip to a finals tournament. The first half was a bit dicey, with us making a couple of three point misses – and flunked half of the halftime questions. But we rallied quite well in the second half – and were in second heading into the final question. Special thanks to my husband Mike for writing down all of the game questions! Also special thanks to Laura, Greg and Brian for letting me sit in with them – and Stacy for asking me to “sub” for her in these games (she is a MTL host and can’t compete in tournament games).


2019-04-20 14.09.05.jpg

The teams advancing today in My Trivia Live semifinals at Randy’s Bar today were Tarantula, Keerok, Squirrels, Winter Haters and Mocat (?). Teams advancing from the semifinals at McShane’s Pub Ypsilanti were King Cobra, Scum and Villainy, Better Late Than Pregnant and the venue leaders from Bobby McShane’s.

As for the team I played with today, I’d only previously met one of the team’s players previously (Laura). But this wasn’t the first time I sat in with players I’d never met before at a “qualifying” game #confessionsofatriviawhore

And how about those questions?

Round One

1. Companies – What toys and games company was founded by the Hassenfeld Brothers in 1923? 5

2. Transportation – Translated as “human powered-vehicle,” what Asian transportation features a two-wheeled cart pulled by a human? 3

3. Babies – What is the informal name given to the fontanelle of a human baby? Miss for 1. We guessed belly button.

Round Two

1. Legends – In Irish legend, what is the day job of a leprechaun? A leprechaun’s night job is a stripper (go ahead and try to un-see that), 5. THERE IS A PORN FOR EVERYTHING!


What’s that, lassie? You want to see me without my trousers? Stuff some gold in ’em first! What a leprechaun would say if he worked as a stripper.

2. Medical TV – “County General” is the hospital where the action primarily took place in what series? Good guess but not confident, 1.

3. Punctuation – In Great Britain, what type of punctuation is referred to as an “inverted comma?” A lot of discussion, but nope, miss for 3.

Round Three

1. Science News – what two-word name identifies a world-spanning network of telescopes that found the first image of a black hole in April, 2019? Miss for 1.

2. Disney Films – What singer/songwriter/composer won two Oscars for his music in Monsters Inc. and Toy Story 3? 5

3. Sports Venues – In the second half of the 20th century, which U.S. city had some home games at Three Rivers Stadium? 3

Halftime – Given the name and release year of the following high-selling albums, ID the artists.

H1 – Back in Black

H2 – Nevermind

H3 – DooWops and Hooligans

H4 – Night Visions

Missed #3 and #4, though we did consider right artist for one of these.

Halftime scores:

Team #5, 18; Team #1 Sucks, 21; Tarantula, 22; By Our Powers, 23; Covert Operation, 24; Squirrels, 26; Mocat, 29; Winter Haters, 29 and Keerok, 30.

Round Four

1. Animals – To what specific suborder of animals do skinks belong? 4

2. Literature – What book series starts with this line: “The scent and smoke and sweat of a casino are nauseating at 3 in the morning?” I was very, very excited to remember this answer…2

3. Famous “Almost” Family – Who is Miley Cyrus’ godmother? 6

These questions were…all me!

Round Five

1. Battles – What is the more common name for the 1876 event that Lakota called The Battle of Greasy Grass? 6

2. Cable TV – Rebranding in 2018, what was the most recent name of the Paramount Network? 4

3. Government – Which governmental department oversees the U.S. Census? Miss for 2.

Round Six

1. Film Fashion – First surfacing in the 1920s from another fashion house and later by the designer Hubert de Givenchy for the 1961 movie Breakfast at Tiffany’s, what is the three-word term for a women’s fashion staple still used today? I came up with the right answer at the 11th hour for this (you know it’s a cold day in Hell when I get a “fashion” question right for max points)! I don’t know whose “triviagasm” was more intense – mine – or Brian (who sat across from me). You just had to be there when he saw what I had written on my scratch paper and underlined (because I was THAT sure)!  6


I tried watching Breakfast at Tiffany’s a few years ago and just…couldn’t even. Seeing Mickey Rooney playing a grotesque Asian stereotype just made me want to shut it off. And I did. Plus I found Hepburn’s Holly Golightly character annoying. One of many ways I fail at being a “real girl!” Aren’t “real girls” supposed to love this movie? Meh, I’m at peace with being the woman that I am!

2. Islands – Larger than 163 of other nations of the world, the world’s largest national park occupies the Northeastern portion of what island? A lot of discussion, but miss for 2.

3. In the Bedroom – A king-sized bed that is 84 inches instead of 80 inches is named for what state? 4.

Scores heading into the final:

Tarantula, 38; Cleanup on Aisle 10, 42; Winter Haters, 47; Team #1 Sucks, 51; Covert Operation, 52; By Our Powers, 53; Mocat, 57; Squirrels, 58 and Keerok, 64.

Final Category – Product History

What pain relief product made by the W.F. Young & Co., originally only used on horses, also became popular with farmers, and was subsequently reformulated in 1903 – keeping its original name, but adding a component to recognize one of the founder’s children, who inspired making the product for human use?

No idea, wagered zero on this. Two teams got it correct.

Final scores: Tarantula, 4; Keerok, 23; Squirrels, 58; Winter Haters, 87 and Mocat, 107.

Our next ‘Pods outing will be Monday at Sticks. As always, Go Pods – or should I say Go Squirrels – and stay classy, Mickey Rooney’s character in Breakfast at Tiffany’s!





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