(STOLEN RECAP) – July 27, 2016 – Johnny’s Grill (Venue Tournament – MBLP)

Editor’s note: This is a recap of a Sporcle Live venue tournament game. This very same night, I was also playing in a venue tournament in the Oakland County ‘burg of Berkley – where a friend’s team was also trying to win a tournament spot – I had planned to play “just for fun” and sit in with their “b” team (if you have more than five players you have to split up because tournaments have a five-player maximum in the Sporcle league). I wound up sitting in with the “A” team instead when one of their players begged off – with a bunch of players I’d never met before! You can read a recap of the game in which I played here.

The team who wrote this recap, More Beer Less Pants, sadly did not win a tournament spot on this night at Johnny’s- but they would manage to accomplish that task two nights later. I had not originally planned to be at this game (my team already qualified through barhop), but plans to meet with a friend for drinks that night fell through…and I figured…what the hey? Read a recap of the game at Original Gravity in which MBLP wound up qualifying for the finals here.

Since this was a game where I was also in contention, I’m not going to “play along” and attempt to answer these questions…

July 27, 2016

Last night, MBLP took a quartet to Johnny’s Grill for the Sporcle Live venue tournament, hosted by Sporcle Live Host Elyse. Unlike last season, tonight’s game did not see a blind squirrel find a nut. Instead, the squirrels were dropped into a truckload of nuts!
Since this is supposed to be a tournament game, we were very disappointed in the question quality that was presented to us.

Unlike the question set given at MAIZ Mexican Cantina on Monday (read a recap of that game here here), which left our brains battered and bruised, this set was nothing but cupcakes. There were a couple of “social” questions where all 13 teams playing were correct, and I’m sure many, many more where the six teams competing for the spot in the finals all answered them correctly.

“Social” questions should NEVER come up in a tournament game. Here are the questions, you decide if they are an acceptable difficulty level for what is supposed to be a battle between top venue teams:

1) Commercials – Before playing Carlton Banks on The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, actor Alfonso Ribeiro was featured in a Pepsi commercial dancing alongside what famous singer?
– Got it for mid points. As usual, we start off by second guessing ourselves.

2) Technology Terms – What does ROM stand for in CD-ROM?

3) Sitcom Characters – On the sitcom Two and a Half Men, what kind of doctor is Alan Harper?
– Our only miss of the game. None of our players have ever seen more than 5-10 minutes of this show, usually the last scene of the episode.

4) Basketball – Who was the only college basketball player selected for the 1992 Dream Team?
Bonus – What school did he attend?

– Is this really a tournament level question? Maybe because we are old enough to remember all the hype it seemed easy, but really isn’t this a “Trivia 110” question?

5) Retail Chains – What chain of retail home improvement supply superstores was founded in Marietta Georgia in 1978, and now has over 2,200 locations?
– Ging pulled this one out by knowing that the Falcons are owned by the same person that owns a certain home improvement chain.

6) Languages – Besides Greece, what Mediterranean island country is the only other nation to have Greek as an official language?

7) Time Travelers – Billy Pilgrim is the time-traveling main character in what book by Kurt Vonnegut?
– Hey, a book that I’ve read! Got it.

8) Cameos – In what 1995 Kevin Smith film does comic book legend Stan Lee make a cameo appearance to offer love advice?
– Our 4th player (who has no nickname because she’s my wife and I value not sleeping on the couch!) comes up big on this one, as we were going with a different KS movie that came out later.

9) Minerals – Chalk, a form of limestone, is a mineral composed of atoms of Carbon, Oxygen and what other element?
– I just added some lime to my garden before heading out, due to the soil having a lack of this element.

10) Casino Games – What name is given to the person rolling the dice in a game of craps?

Mystery – Before and After
1. A flavor of ice cream consisting of milk chocolate, marshmallows, and nuts / violent anger caused by the stress and frustration while driving a motor vehicle.
2. Symbol of Judaism that appears on the flag of Israel / original lead singer of Van Halen
3. Kermit the Frog’s love interest / where a child might keep money
4. Artist who released the song Bawitdaba / a 1985 Falco song about Mozart

Got them all, but I think everyone else did too.

Going into the final, we were in 3rd place down by the 2 points we missed in the Sitcoms question. CP&J were leading with a perfect 67… yes, a perfect game in a tournament. Slick Rock was wedged in 2nd with 66.

Final – U.S. Presidents
Name either of the only two Presidents who later went on to serve in the U.S. Congress after serving as president.

Mr. People Person had this written down almost immediately.
Unfortunately, so did CP&J and Slick Rock. The standings did not move.

1) Spices – What part of the cinnamon tree becomes the spice?
– Uh, yeah. It’s what you think it is. Probably a social.

2) Mountains – What Rocky Mountain peak was the inspiration behind Katherine Lee Bates’ poem “America the Beautiful?”
Bonus – In which state is this peak located?
– Got them both.

3) Animals – What five-letter term describes an animal living in the wild that was formerly domesticated, or was descended from a domesticated animal?
– Probably a social.

4) The Spice Girls – What is the maiden name of Victoria Beckham aka Posh Spice?
– This was a social.

5) Sports Rituals – What are Sumo wrestlers known to sprinkle into the ring before they fight because it is believed to have purifying power?

6) 70s Movies – Four years before Star Wars was released, what movie marked the first time Harrison Ford appeared in a movie directed by George Lucas?

7) Samples – Sir Mix-a-Lot’s song “Baby Got Back” was heavily sampled for what 2014 single by Nicki Minaj?
– I think this was also a social.

8) Smart Phones – Released in 2015, what is the code name of the Android mobile operating system that followed KitKat and Lollipop?
– One of the more difficult questions of the night, but we got it.

9) The Simpsons – On the Simpsons, what are the rhyming first names of Ned Flanders’ sons?
– Really? Why not ask for the name of Homer’s son?

10) Historic Firsts – In what state did the Wright brothers made the first controlled powered airplane flights?
– There is no reason this question should have been included in a tournament game.

Mystery – Born on This Day – Actresses or Actors born on July 26.
1. What actress born on this day in 1945 won the Academy Award for Best Actress for her role in the movie The Queen?
2. What actress born on this day in 1973 starred in the movies Van Helsing, Contraband, and the Underworld film series?
3. What actor born on this day in 1965 played Ari Gold on HBO series Entourage?
4. What actor born on this day in 1959 has played characters named Mickey Rosa, Lester Burnham, and Verbal Kint?

Both CP&J and MBLP had perfect games going this time. Slick Rock lost a little ground, but was still sitting in 3rd.

With our season bonus points, we were leading with 164 points. CP&J had 161 and Slick Rock had 150.

Final – Book To Movie

Author Nicholas Sparks has had 11 of his romance novels adapted into films. Domestically, The Notebook was the highest grossing. Name one of the next four highest-grossing films at the domestic box office based on a Nicholas Sparks book.

Nope. Even our 30-something female player did not have a clue. We did guess a Sparks movie, but it wasn’t in the group of 4 needed. CP & J also got it wrong, for their FIRST miss of the night, but they wagered conservatively.
MBLP 146, CP&J 151.

Congrats to CP&J for making it. I know they’ve been on the outside looking in a few times, after winning a regular season. Points were just too easy to come by last night to not wager on the final.

On to Thursday, where we will be using our second chance bid at Original Gravity. MPP has been playing there solo most of the season, so we’re coming in as 3rd place underdogs. But maybe that’s better for us anyway. Time to bring back the Fear of the Beer!

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