(STOLEN RECAP) – March 2, 2016 – Bowery (MBLP)

Editor’s note: Recap of a game as reported by More Beer Less Pants. My attempts to answer these questions/commentary will be in boldface type.
March 2, 2016

MBLP braved the snow and ice last night to bring a trio to The Bowery Grille & Pub for some Sporcle and Shine with Emily. With road conditions so bad, I was expecting only a team or two to show up. But Emily evidently has some loyal followers, as there were six teams signed up for game one. Also of note, there was a team playing under the moniker of “Blind Squirrel”. This makes me wonder if someone was referencing my post from last week, since it was the team that usually sits on the other side of the bar. If it was, members of that team should ‘like’ our page. We’ve been stuck at 63/64 likes for a long time now, and as everyone knows we have very delicate egos that demand validation.

Anyway, on with the game. For a large part of game one, I was playing solo while the Ging and Sixth Man were trudging through the snow from various parts of the Metro Area.

1)What retired professional athlete uses the Twitter handle “@KAJ33”?
– A flub on my part. Once the answer was read, I felt shame.

Kareem Abdul-Jabar.


@KAJ33 (left) in Airplane!

2)In what decade was the 26th Amendment ratified, lowering the legal voting age from 21 to 18?
– I was torn between two decades, and since I was alone I used our re-rack for the first time all season.

I’m guessing the 1970s.

3)What actor played the title role in the film “Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit”? God I don’t know about these Jack Ryan movies…Ben Affleck? 

4)What is the only country to border both Italy and Slovakia?

I’m going to guess Croatia. Mike and Brad better at “maps” questions…

5)Tommy Lee was a founding member of what heavy metal band, in the early 1980’s?
– For an old metalhead like me, this question was an insult. But I guess if you’re <30 it might be tough, since the question actually contained the qualifier “ex-husband of Pam Anderson”.


6)Although the movie versions were produced in the opposite order – what best selling novel, published in 2000, introduced the character Robert Langdon three years before The Da Vinci Code?

No idea. 

7)What sketch comedy show had recurring characters named Tron Carter, Tyrone Biggums and Silky Johnson?
Bonus – Within 1, what year did it periere?
– Nailed it as Ging was arriving.

Chappelle’s Show, 2003.

8)Montana, Weber State and Eastern Washington University all play sports in what athletic conference?
– A team effort on this one, torn between two conferences our decision was made based on the premise that it would be ridiculous if Montana was NOT part of this conference.


9)In a separate division from the Slush Puppy, what type of animal is used to advertise the ICEE?
– This may have been worded differently, but you get the point and we got the points.

Polar bear? No idea.

10)What is the name given to doctors specializing in gland and hormonal disorders?
– Expensive is not the answer.


Mystery – Area codes by state
Name one of the 5 most populous states that are home to each of the following sets of area codes: (YIKES!)

a)212, 716, 315 New York?
b)210, 214, 281
c)305, 407, 904
d)818, 213, 626

Got B&C. Well, that put a dent into our near-perfect game. Seriously Sporcle Live, was that mystery round simply put in there to kill any chances of a team having a perfect game? Going into the final, we were still on top of the snow heap, up one point over our perennial competitors, Celtic Pride.

Final – Short Lived TV Series
Airing just 6 episodes before cancellation, what 2007 ABC series was based on an advertising campaign?

This is most certainly a repeat question from back in the early days of Motor City Trivia, although it didn’t really matter since I think most teams got it right. In the end, we wagered big and won big coming in first by 18 points.

Totally forgot about this series. Even though my husband dressed as one of these for Halloween in 2006 (it was a “group” costume – I was a Capital One barbarian, Sam was the “can you hear me now” Verizon shill and Mike was…one of these). I got into character a bit TOO much demanding to know what was in people’s wallets! 

Game 2
1)John Pasche is most famous for designing the tongue and lip logo for what rock band in the 1970’s?
– Free points all around, or at least I thought it was. No mention by Emily of a social for this one.

Rolling Stones.

2)In the US, what is the earliest date in November on which Thanksgiving can occur? I’m going to guess Nov. 20. No idea.

3)What two words, beginning with the same letter, refer to the moon appearing to increase and decrease size while going through its phases?


4)Mojo Jojo is a super-villain who first appeared in a 1998 episode of what animated series?

Powerpuff Girls.

5)In American horse racing, picking the 1st through 3rd place finishers is called a “trifecta”. What is it called when a bettor picks the 1st through 4th place?
– Ging, not knowing that this was the FB clue, knew it immediately. Then being the degenerate gambler of the group listed a few other combinations and their respective names.

Bradagory, though it was the Facebook clue.

6)Since 1976, which US state has carried out, by far, the most executions of any state?
– Ron White says this state has an “express lane”.

Everything’s bigger in Texas?

7)Audio – What 1985 movie uses the Simple Minds song, “Don’t You (Forget About Me)” during the opening and closing credits?
– Easy for old guys like us, not sure if the youngsters knew it.


8)Within 1, in what year was the first iPhone released in the US?
Bonus – Get it exactly. We did


9)Until a few weeks before the 1897 publishing, the manuscript of what novel was title “The Undead”?
– Sixth Man busting his literary knowledge to sway us away from another famous 19th century book about undead.

Bram Stoker’s Dracula? Would need to confer with husband on this one…

10)Top shelf tequila is typically labeled as containing “100% Blue” what?
-The only announced social of the night. Probably the easiest of any “booze” question we’ve ever had. Often those are silly questions like, “What is the average number of bottles of beer produced in the state of Missouri during a leap year?”


Mystery – 2000’s Bands

Got them all, with Ging pulling the deciding #4 from the deep dark recesses of his posterior.

For those keeping score at home, this was another perfect game 2 for MBLP. Our 3rd in 4 weeks. It looks like Ging is our good luck charm right now, as he was present for all three. We’re going to have to draw straws soon to tell our co-captain “Mr. People Person” that he’s off the team unless he steps up his game. (I kid, I kid!)

Going into the final, we were tied with another team rocking a perfect game. I think it may have been that Blind Squirrel team, but I didn’t catch the name. We were both up by 11 over the next team.

Final – Sports AND History
Wow, could this be a more perfect category for the trio in attendance? Uh… No, there could not

Who was president the last time a team from the state of Ohio won either a Superbowl, World Series, Stanley Cup or NBA Finals?

Ah this one would have to come down to teamwork…if any other players on my team could be sure of the sportsball stuff, I could give them the presidents…I am going to guess the Bluejackets NEVER won a Stanley Cup (but maybe they did)? Dave would probably know when the Indians won the series since he’s from Cleveland.

We narrowed it down to baseball, since we knew (spoiler alert) that the Browns, Bengals and Cavaliers have not won any of those titles listed. Let’s just not even talk about the Blue Jackets. Luckily, two of our players are baseball savants. We almost went with an earlier “dynasty” team but in the end, Sixth Man came through with the more recent win. Just to show off, he also named the WS MVP from that year.

Domination by MBLP resulted in us again rejoining “Club 165” for the first time in a while.

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