Trivia Recap – July 26 2016 – (Venue Tournament, Maiz)

I can tell you a couple of things about the U2 song “One Tree Hill.” It’s a single from the 1987 album “The Joshua Tree,” which was only released in New Zealand and Australia. The song itself is apparently a eulogy to one of the band’s roadies, Greg Carroll, whom the band had met during their previous ‘The Unforgettable Fire” tour in Auckland, New Zealand. As for the television series “One Tree Hill?” Was Lauren Conrad on it? Is it about self-absorbed teens or 20-somethings? Nope, sorry, I’m a miss…There were plenty of other people in the room with light bulbs over their head when I battled a mystery round involving this series at a venue tournament Monday. I visited/played a solo game MAIZ Mexican Cantina at a show hosted by Sporcle Live with Nate. The “One Tree Hill” question was just one of many, many questions I was helpless battling by myself! But since I really had nothing “on the line,” I was just kind of…”meh.” Let’s just see what the questions are like, OK? About those…
Game One
1. Artwork – Michelangelo’s Pietà is displayed in what church? Nope.
2. Pants – (yay something I might know about, lol…) What type of pants gained popularity in the 1990s and were introduced for military use in the 1940s – featuring large side pockets for carrying items such as two-way radios?
3. ’90s Albums (commence trivia prayer…please be early ’90s…please be early ’90s) – What band released two top 10 albums in 1997, with one of them generating one #1 Billboard single? One of these two albums was a Christmas album called “Snowed in Christmas?” Nope…guessed another band who was a one-hit wonder that year.
4. Conferences – What Big East Conference team shares its name with a U.S. state capital and is located farthest east out of all of the Big East schools? This is one I would have to lean on one of my teammates for, nope…
5. Film Characters – What is the first and last name of the character played by both Marlon Brando and Robert DeNiro who both won Oscars for playing that character?
6, Independent Countries – Which of the following Caribbean islands is NOT a dependency of another country? Dominica, Anguila, Montserrat, or Aruba?
7. Retailers – What Fortune 500 retailer founded in 1948 in Binghamton, NY by Richard Stack started out as s small store selling fishing supplies? Nope.
8. Saved by the Bell (and to think I invited someone out to join me in this game who knows all about this show….oh the irony…) – Other than Zach Morris, name two of the other three characters from Saved by the Bell who went on to star in the spinoff-series “The College Years?” I think this is what was said. I did not take good notes..Nope, I managed to name ONE character. And so exhausts my knowledge of “Saved by the Bell.” I was the wrong age for this show to have appealed to me in any way, shape, or form.
9. Flowers- What flower was designated as the official flower emblem for the U.S. in 1986? And this is the second such “flower emblem” question I’ve come across in the past couple of weeks or so. And I haven’t got one correct yet!
10. Elements – Aurum is the Latin name for what Periodic Table element?
Mystery: Identify the TV series based on the following clues (God these are always ROUND KILLERS…..!)
1. I am a TV drama that aired from 2003 to 2012 – first on the WB Network, next on the CW
2. My original theme song is “I don’t Want to Be” by Gavin DeGraw
3. Two of the three characters are brothers Lucas and Nathan Scott
4. Sofia Bush, Hilarie Burton and Chad Michael Murray play others characters on the show.
A big NOPE on that mystery round…
Standings: Thirteen teams, scores 17 to 64 with Nerd Show in the top spot.
Final Category: Video Games
Name two of the three non hand-held consoles that have sold at least one billion units.
Managed to get one of them, but wagered nothing…
Game Two
1. The U.S. Constitution – In what decade was the 11th Amendment to the Constitution ratified? Nope.
2. Music Videos – What hit song features an image of a hashflagged bandage with a bullet through it, which was custom made for the release of the song? HUH? Say what? Did that host really say “hashflagged?” Is that even a word? Hm….Nope.
3. U.S. Place Names – There are only a few place names in the U.S. containing possessive apostrophes in the name. One of them is a well-known spot in Massachusetts. What is that spot in Massachusetts? Some other place names were mentioned in the question, including Ike’s Point, John E’s Pond and Carlos Elmer’s Joshua View. Nope.
4. Animated Movies – Seven different animated films have held the title of highest grossing movie for the year it was released. What 2004 release was the only one of those 7 that was not a Disney or Pixar film? Hint: it was a sequel. Miss, though I had the right franchise (bangs head against bar).
5. NFL History (just stick that knife in and give it a twist, will ya?) – Which of the following cities were never home to a NFL franchise? Muncie, IN, Newark, NJ, Erie, PA or Kenosha, WI? Needed the Brad for this….nope. And as of this writing? I am texting both of these sports questions to him to see if he knows ’em!
6. Slogans – What technology company used he slogan “The Power to Be Your Best” in the early ’80s? Had it narrowed to two, picked the wrong one. Nope.
7. Reality TV – (OK, you’ve stuck the knife in and twisted? Now use a serrated one and do the same thing! A dull, rusty one…) What reality TV series, released in 2000, was the last prime time show to begin broadcasting in high definition? Nope.
8. Metric System – In the metric system, what prefix comes alphabetically between “Nano” and “milli?” I did not hear this question and only after I handed it in (and missed it) did I confirm the question with someone else (thanks Scott). I was missing so many I just didn’t care at this point! Probably would have gotten it right had I heard it. Oh well…
9.. Fruit – What fruit comes in varieties including kieffer, Persian and Rangpur? I did not write down? Nope, but there sure were quite a few of these lying around behind the bar, lol! How about another beer to drown my sorrows? 🙂 JK, no real sorrow, just abject apathy. Big difference…
10. Vehicle Safety – What Swedish vehicle company was the first to offer seat belts as a standard option? Again, a coin flip which I missed. And After writing out this recap? I was stumped to find a “funny” photo tie-in. So Abba it is! I went on a very brief Abba kick after watching “Mamma Mia!” back in February (it didn’t last long). See what I did there? I MISSED EVERY SINGLE QUESTION! First time for everything! But then I wasn’t “supposed” to be here tonight, was I?
Mystery (surely I can scrounge a couple of points out of this, can’t I? Nope, none for you…none for you (bwa ha ha ha ha ha!!!!). What is the name for people who derive pleasure from pain?
Mystery: Currency – Identify the country based on the three-letter currency code.
1. CNY
2. RUB
3. TRY
I managed to get one. But put it in the wrong spot on the slip. YAY I BLEW AN ENTIRE ROUND! Cthulhu, are you paying attention? Does this count as a sacrifice? I’m sharing a recap of this game with the public, for crying out loud, you watery overlord you!
Final Category: Minor League Baseball
Three U.S. states west of the Mississippi are home to more than one AAA minor league baseball franchise, besides Texas and California. name the other state. Picked a state next door. There were other qualifiers to this question, but didn’t write them all down.
And that’s all she wrote…a couple of ‘Pods will be visiting Patrick J’s Irish Pub to join a friends “B” team at their venue tourney tonight. Road trip! Go Pods! And good luck to our comrades More Beer Less Pants in their venue tournament bid tonight at Johnny’s Grill. Fear the Beer!

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