Trivia Recap – July 15, 2016 – Original Gravity

It was my fifth consecutive night of trivia Thursday at Original Gravity Brewing Co. for Michelangelo – Sporcle Live MC. But in my defense, I had some co-conspirators on some of these nights! On Thursday, however, I was flying solo again, so I embarked on what is usually a pleasant drive to Milan after checking out the classic car cruise night in Ypsilanti’s Depot Town. I will share photos of that after I post this. I go out to the parking lot, and find that I’m parked in by a semi truck! I waited patiently for a bit in my non-air conditioned car, but finally resorted to backing out of the parking lot completely. That bullet dodged, I hopped onto Michigan Avenue and smooth sailing…until just past I-94 when traffic turned into a parking lot. I noticed that a couple of drivers turned onto Crane Road (which is obviously named for Frasier Crane, lol), and since it was the direction I needed to go, I figured? Why not? If things went foul, I could always consult my travel atlas in the back seat. Bam. A nice short cut! Maybe I’ll take this way every time I come here. As for the trivia, I didn’t embarrass myself too badly. Actually came very close to getting a stadiums final question correct (yes you read that right), finished with 67 points for the night, seventh place at the bar no prizes. And the questions…
Game One
1. Minerals – The mineral talc is rated one on the mineral hardness scale. What is rated the highest on the hardness scale at 10? Got this for 10.
2. Government – The IRS is a bureau of which cabinet department? 9
3. ’90s Music – What grunge era rock band won Grammy awards for their songs “Spoon Man” and “Black Hole Sun?” 8
4. Plants – What plant commonly associated with the holiday season is the official floral emblem of the state of Oklahoma? The use of the word “floral” definitely steered me wrong here, as the image on the flag is NOT floral at all…miss for 4.
5. Frozen Food – Conagra Foods produces a line called “Cafe Steamers” under what name? Nope, miss for 1.
6. Medical Emergencies – What does CPR stand for? 7
7. Soccer – What team did David Beckham leave in 2007 when he signed with LA Galaxy, in one of the biggest transfers in soccer history? At this point, I figured that if the token sports question was about a non-traditional sport AND the Facebook clue, that a sports final question had to be on the horizon. [SPOILER ALERT] I was right…
8. Actors – Actor Paul Hogan is best known for playing what title role in a 1986 film set in New York and Australia? 5
9. Book Sequels – What was the title of the sequel to “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory?” No clue whatsoever, so put in “James and the Giant Chunky Bar” as my guess. For nerd point, get the decade Charlie and the Chocolate Factory published. Missed this too.
10. Spanish Class – What is the English translation of the word salsa? Miss for 3. Even my husband Mike, who spent two summers in Panama, would not have known this. But he does know that trying to keep up with senoritas doing the salsa dance was a challenge even when he was 19 🙂
Mystery: Crosswords
1. Seven letters – absence or denial of government, or name of Sex Pistols single
2. Ten letters – Outcome of a conflict in a story
3. Five letters – Type of man describing Randy Savage or someone in a Village People hit song
4. Four letters – To smash with force, or a sculpture featuring only the head and shoulders
Got all of these.
Standings: Seventeen teams, scores ranging from 7 to 62, with More Beer Less Pants in first. Their normal team size was doubled that night 🙂
Final Category: Stadiums (I wrote “this is gonna be bad” in my notes)
What are the names of 4 of the 5 Major League Baseball stadiums currently named after banks?
Since I was playing for barhop and not for glory, I wagered 20 on this. Earlier this year, I actually tried to learn big four stadium names, but abandoned that task. Well, apparently some of them must’ve sunk in, because I got three of these! Not enough, but maybe this will get me to attempt to learn them again.
Final Standings: Wilson, 70; Josh Pit, 71.
Game Two
1. Slogans – What Korean electronics conglomerate has used the slogan “Life’s Good?” 10
2. Bands in the News – In 2003, what rock band made news when a pyrotechnic display caught fire resulting in the deaths of 100 people? I had no clue. I put Spinal Tap. Miss for 2.
3. Capitals – Prague is the capital of which nation? 9
4. NFL Owners – The Rooney family owns which AFC team? I remember someone in the bar sharing this tidbit with me previously, and I knew it was an East coast team. When I showed him which team I had, he said, “No, it’s an AFC team.” Mental note: Attempt to learn the sportsball leagues too, lol! Ah, you can never shove quite enough stuff in the brain, can you?
5. Movie Debuts – In what 1993 film did Janet Jackson make her big screen debut opposite Tupac Shakur? Had someone playing with me said this title out loud, I would have been “Yeah, that’s it.” But nope, I put “Someday my wardrobe will malfunction during the Super Bowl.” Miss for 3.
6. Literature – What collection of 34 stories were written by English poet Geoffrey Chaucer in the 14th Century? An easy and much needed 8 points.
7. Vodka – First released in 2012, what vodka brand found big success with their “Loopy” vodka with flavors and labeling inspired by Fruit Loops cereal? Back in our early trivia days, our team played a couple of times at the Crow’s Nest in Canton. And I remember this particular vodka brand being the drink special for the night (they have some really whack-ass flavors). Now flavored vodka can be a nice thing for some mixed drinks, but it really has become high-octane Schnapps imho. Which is only appropriate for teenagers. got this for 5 (Thanks Crow’s Nest!).
8. Sitcoms – Audio clue of ’60s TV series featuring a genie, 7 points.
9. Video Games (ugh) – What Nintendo home system was released between Nintendo 64 and Wii? And for nerd bonus, within one, in what year was this released (pretends to pound head against bar). Got within three of release year, but nope, miss for 4.
10. SCIENCE! – The molecule O3 is better known as what, which is prominent in the earth’s atmosphere? Yay, the scientists on my team won’t fire me for flunking this! Got it for 6.
Visual Mystery: Missed #4.
Standings: Scores ranged from 19 to 63 (?). There was great confusion with scores, with one team having a HUGE scoring discrepancy needing to be resolved before the question was asked. Apparently that didn’t happen, and he started asking the question before this was resolved. But you might be able to read about this if this team recaps this game, I don’t know all of the details about this. Anyway…final category: Singers
Within the last 40 years, what singer released the first album by a woman to debut at number one on the Billboard 200 albums chart, and is still the only artist ever to chart seven consecutive #1 Billboard Hot 100 hits?
I really, really tried on this. Wrote down lots of names of female singers who were not Madonna. Unfortunately, none of the ones I wrote down was the woman I needed. I have a time machine fantasy involving this woman. I want to tell her to stay away from the man she would end up marrying. When she sings ‘How will I know if he really loves me?” I will answer – “If he offers you crack, he doesn’t love you.” And that’s all I have to say about that…until next time, which is TBD, stay classy, Milan!

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