Trivia Recap – July 27, 2016 – Patrick J’s, Berkley – Venue Tournament

I decided to drive out to the Oakland County ‘burb Berkley Tuesday to join in on a friend’s trivia night at Patrick J’s Irish Pub for their venue tournament. Michelle, you should read this because an Amy story is involved, lol! Traffic was pretty kind, just the normal irritations of driving around Suburbia. Endless strip malls. Red lights. Michigan left turns. I-275 north was closed down during the time we (Mike and I) were driving up there, so we cruised along Telegraph Road. Which must mean that’s where Telegraph lines used to be (I would presume). We finally reach Twelve Mile road, head east to the little ‘burb I know absolutely nothing about – Berkley. Not sure if I’ve ever been in it. Probably have driven through it at one time or another. Knowing that the trivia spot in is an old Hiller’s grocery store spot, I was thinking it MUST be in a shopping center. Nope. We went a bit too far (I knew if we passed Woodward Ave. we’d gone too far). But it’s kind of cool that we did, because I’ve never seen the National Shrine of the Little Flower before! This is one reason I won’t use GPS. Sometimes it’s fun to get a little lost and see things you normally wouldn’t. So I called up Amy, the person we were going to meet. “Amy, I think we’ve gone too far. I’m looking at a church tower with a huge guy on a crucifix (unsure if it was Jesus or not, I didn’t get a close look). She actually answers her phone (IKR), and as it turns out? She gives AWESOME directions! She told us to turn around, and head west on 12 Mile about a mile and a half or so. She even offered to wait outside and look for us! Good thing she wore her orange polo shirt (wouldn’t surprise me if she planned it that way, that’s just the kind of person she is). And she guided us into the perfect FREE parking spot right in front of where we had to be. Nice! Before we went into the bar, she pointed out a business right next door, and she said ‘That’s where the frozen food department (at Hiller’s) used to be. It was a strange grocery store.” So we go into this former grocery store spot, and she has two tables set up – one for her regular trivia team, and a smaller one for the overflow or “B” team. Then she springs it on me. “One of our players can’t come tonight, so you’re going to be playing with my team.” She explained that she was not one of their stronger players and would be sitting at the “B” table with Mike. When Amy tells you what to do? You listen! “OK,” I said and decided I should probably talk to her team captain, Ryan. Chatted a bit about knowledge areas, yada yada, how did you meet Amy (won’t get into those details here). So I end up meeting Ryan, Michelle (who was in charge of scores/slips), Kenny, and John popped in later. Funny, we have a John on our team who is sometimes “fashionably late,” too. I found out that this team was in seventh place in the venue standings going into this venue tournament, and had played 9 out of 13 games. Speaking of games…Amy’s team “Betty Ford Rejects” finished with 117 points for the night and got a coveted spot in the Sporcle Live Pub Champions League Championship (east division). Or did I just bury the lede (some journalism slang there)? It was a tough slog…but I’ll get into more details about that in a bit. The questions…(which were projected on screen at this bar by host Jeff LeDuc). So, so nice!
Game One
1. Spices – What part of the cinnamon tree becomes the part used to make the spice? 10
2. Mountains – What Rocky Mountain peak was the inspiration behind Katherine Bates’ poem “America the Beautiful?” For nerd point, in which state is this located? Got both for 2.
3. Animals – What five-letter term descries an animal living in the wild that was found domesticated or was descended from a domesticated animal? Michelle knew this one quickly for 9.
4. Spice Girls – What is the maiden name of Victoria Beckham (aka Posh Spice)? Nope, our only miss of the round for 1.
5. Sports Rituals – What are sumo wrestlers known to sprinkle into the ring before they fight because they believe it has purifying power? Discussed a couple of different things that can be “sprinkled,” but went with the right guess for 3. My reasoning was it should not be something that would cause the gentlemen to slip in the ring too much…
6. ’70s Movies – Four years before “Star Wars” was released, what movie marked the very first time Harrison Ford appeared in a movie directed by George Lucas? My first big “hit” for 8. Funny that Mike and Amy were playing on a team called “Harrison Ford Rejects.”
7. Samples – Sir Mix-A-Lot’s “Baby Got Back” was heavily sampled for what 2014 single by Nicki Minaj? Michelle again for 7 (so happy she knew that one).
8. Smart Phones – Released in 2015, what is the code name of Android’s mobile operating system that followed KitKat annd Lollipop? The others were all over this (whew) not one I would have known! Anyone else hungry? got this for 1.
9. The Simpsons – On “The Simpsons,” what are the rhyming first names of Ned Flanders’ sons? Another “me” answer for 5.
10. Historic Firsts – In what state did the Wright Brothers make the first controlled powered airplane flights? 4
Mystery: Born on this Day
1. 1945 – Actress who won best actress for her role in “The Queen.”
2. 1973 – Actress who starred in Van Helsing, Contraband, and the Underworld Film Series
3. 1965 – Actor who played Ari Gold on HBO series “Entourage.”
4. 1959 – Actor who played Mickey Rosa, Lester Burnham, and Verbal Kint
An easy 8 points…
Standings: Seventeen teams, scores 25 to 67, with us and Hugh Jass tied for first.
Final Category: Book to Movie
Author Nicholas Sparks has had 11 of his romance novels adapted into film. Domestically, “The Notebook” was the highest grossing of those. Name one of the four next highest grossing films based on a Nicholas Sparks book. Not a strong category for me or others on this team…miss.
Did not write down the team names, but the top five scores after that final were 66, 70, 72, 85, and 89.
Game Two
1. Actresses – What actress won a Golden Globe for best actress in a comedy or musical for her role in the 1959 film “Some Like it Hot?” 10
2. Olympics – Timothy Goebel, Sasha Coen and Evan Lisacek are all athletes who have Olympics medals in the 21st century for the U.S. in what discipline? The name “Sasha Coen” made me think of actor Sacha Baron Cohen, lol…fortunately my brain was not needed for this correct answer! Nice work for 9.
3. Car Commercials – The first televised ad to use a Twitter hashtag was released in 2011 by what car company launching a contest with #progressIs, a reference to their then new luxury line, “Luxury Has Progressed?” Wrote down lots of luxury lines of autos, but nope, did not get this, miss for 1.
4. U.S. Presidents – Who is the only president to have killed someone in a duel, doing so in 1806, more than 20 years prior to his election? Me for 8. I remembered this fact well because of the “Hottest Heads of State” web site with pictures of presidents when they were young. The commentary with this president says; “If your boyfriend has never challenged anyone to a duel to defend your honor, then your boyfriend is no (blank). Be sure to point this out while you’re breaking up with him.” I am such a dork…When this category was read, I started writing down presidents’ names, and was kind of bummed that my list was not needed for this question. SPOILER: It would be greatly needed later!
5. Country Music – What band released 21 consecutive singles that hit #1 on the Hot Country Billboard charts beginning in 1980 with “Tennessee River” and ending in 1987 with ‘You’ve Got the Touch?” Michelle the star here for 7 (whew, thank goodness!).
6. Extinction – In June, 2016, scientist declared that the Bramble Cay Melomys rat was probably the first mammal to go extinct as a result of climate change. This animal lived on what continent for which it was native/ Good guess 2.
7. Emmy Awards – What comedian, actress, and host is the first to win a Primetime Emmy for outstanding variety sketch series – first awarded in 2015? Me of all people came up with the right person? Me? Getting an Emmy question correct? I threw my guess in quite late after a couple of others had been discussed. Woot!
8. Candy – What notable holiday candy by Just Born was originally associated with Easter but has since expanded its product line to include others holidays? Got it, but for ??? points.
9. Board Games – In July, 2016, Hasbro announced that they would be adding a new character to “Clue” named “Dr. Orchid”, who would replace which character that was often portrayed as a housekeeper or cook? I started writing down “Clue” characters I could remember. I could only think of two women – one of them was correct, got this for 4.
10. Transportation – Name one of the two cities that have the busiest train systems in North America other than New York City? We obviously did not think of North America as a whole (neither did too many other teams), miss for 6.
Mystery – “Hold On.” Given a lyric and a year of a top 40 song, name the artist who recorded a song called “Hold On.”
1. “Someday somebody’s gonna turn around and say goodbye.” 1990
2. “Don’t waste your time fighting blind minded thoughts of despair.” 1990
3. “Hold on…Nothing ‘s the same, tell me why I feel this way, life wouldn’t be worth living without you.” 1980
4. Hold on baby hold on, ’cause you’re closer than you think, and you’re standing on the brink,” 1980.
Missed 2, 3, 4
Standings: Sixteen teams, scores 29 to 52, with Hugh Jass in the top spot. We were in second tied with another team with 50 points.
Final Category: Where the Presidents Aren’t
Name two of the three most populous states that were not birthplaces of presidents.
Got it! Very, very fun playing with this team. Nice to meet all y’all! Good luck to you in the finals Aug. 7, I’d love to say “I’ll see you there,” but I won’t…my team will be in the “west” division finals. Until next time…which will be our “regular” ‘Pods gig at the The Wurst Bar. Go Pods! Go Betty Ford Rejects!

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5 thoughts on “Trivia Recap – July 27, 2016 – Patrick J’s, Berkley – Venue Tournament

  1. Apparently, while I was away, the pub blog started back up, now new and improved with trivia! lol Hope you’ve been well. It’s nice to see you posting. Say hi to Mike for me. Meanwhile, I’ll try and dust off my old blog here. Seems a lot has changed, and I ned to figure out how this site works again.

    1. Good to hear from you, Teri! Too bad you are no longer on FB, we made a FB page dedicated to our trivia team – and Cthulhu/Lovecraft – called Miskatonic University Fighting Cephalopods. I post recaps of all of our pub trivia games on the page, and last December moved them all to this site. It was tedious, but helped breathe life into this lonely, lonely blog!

  2. Teri! You speak! 🙂 We’ve been playing trivia games for a few years now, and I post recaps of the games on our FB page for the team (Miskatonic University Fighting Cephalopods). Last December I had the brilliant idea to move ALL of those recaps to this blog site. It was tedious and time-consuming, but it really helped pump life into this lonely little blog! Still miss chatting with you in Farmtown, lol. Hope you are well!

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