January, 2019 Summary – My Most-Viewed Blogs

The first month of 2019 is HISTORY! How did things shake out for me on this blog site? No major surprises, the trivia recaps are the most popular things on here, though some of my “travel” blogs still get some attention. Read on to learn more!

fasttimesridgemonthighbikiniA “what if” blog I posted about what a Fast Times at Miskatonic High movie would be like continues to be one of my most-viewed blogs. I’ve gotta feeling…that this photo is a good part of the reason for this blog’s popularity! Here is Phoebe Cates, who played Linda in Fast Times at Ridgemont High.

January, 2019 Blog Stats:

  • Total blog views: 1,454
  • Total blog visitors: 451
  • Total number likes: 57
  • Total followers: 93


As a means of keeping track of my “fitness” goals and my New Year’s resolution to take more walks, I started posting “recaps” of my walks and hikes. One of those, which I posted on January 25, received 13 views!

Most-Viewed Blogs (January, 2019)

  1. captain’s log, 32 views
  2. Cheboygan State Park cabin trip blog, 22 views
  3. Trivia recap, Jan. 3, 2019 – Corner Brewery, 21 views
  4. Fast Times at Miskatonic High (what-if blog), 20 views
  5. Trivia recap, Jan. 11, 2019, Original Gravity, 18 views
  6. Trivia recap, Jan. 16, 2019, Tower Inn, 14 views
  7. “Fitness” recap, Jan. 25, 2019, 13 views
  8. Trivia recap, Jan. 25, 2019, Original Gravity, 9 views
  9. Trivia recap, ’90s Music Theme Night, Jan. 28, 2019, 9 views
  10. Vegas or Bust, how will “TriviaCon” play out (opinion blog ), 9 views

Thanks, as always, for continuing to visit this site! It’s been..therapeutic for me.

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