Trivia Recap – January 3, 2019 – Corner Brewery

Answers in the comments.
It was back to “business as usual” at Arbor Brewing Company (Ypsilanti) for the Wednesday Sporcle Live trivia night hosted by Sporcle With Tim, after the holiday week where the trivia crowds were lighter than usual. We arrived about an hour before game time to begin the “table sitting” process – and subsequent chair guarding process! Empty chairs start to get eyeballed as greedily as a succulent plate of…fried shrimp? Barbecue ribs? Does that work for ya? Thick cut french fries with herbs and sea salt? Fried chicken? I don’t know what all of you readers consider delicious (I’m kind of a sucker for some nice crispy fries myself)! And indeed, our empty chairs, which we were saving for ALL of our players, were… inquired about. It’s all part of the quirky Corner Brewery scene! Arrive early, keep a keen eye on your chairs, and most importantly DO NOT FOLD YOUR ANSWER SLIPS!
Empty chairs on trivia nights at Corner Brewery are eyeballed as greedily as someone eyeballing this plate of fried shrimp (I am not even remotely tempted, BTW, shrimp isn’t my thing…more for YOU)!
We finished in first for the night with 123 points (go figure, it’s the off season and scores aren’t being recorded) and won a $5/third place prize in game one. We had our “core four” of ‘Pods plus guests Kimberly and E (Evan) so SIX players! IKR? Our team was still only about half the size of some of the other teams in the room (seriously…how did that team sitting next to us manage to fit 11 people around a table the same size as ours)? It was quite a feat of physics to behold! Those little clown cars with a huge number of clowns getting out of them always come to my mind when I see an overcrowded trivia table. As anyone who plays trivia knows too well…do NOT judge a trivia team by its size! A team of 12 people will not necessarily win – and a team of one could very well kick the asses of all of the other teams in the room (I’ve definitely seen both such scenarios). As Archie would say, “It all comes down to what they ask..” Speaking of things that were “asked” about…
Game One
1. Exercise – Beginning in the 1990s, Suzanne Somers appeared in advertisements for a piece of exercise equipment that, according to its name, works what part of the body? 10
2. Universities – The easternmost full member school in the Mid American Conference is located in which U.S. state? Brad with his first big “hit” of the night for 3.
3. Lost and Found – In 1999, what musician accidentally left his cello in the trunk of a taxi in New York City – with police tracking it down hours later in time for a scheduled concert? 9
4. Book to Movie – What 1880 novel by Lew Wallace featuring the main character becoming a successful chariot driver was adapted into a successful 1959 film? For a “nerd” bonus point, who played the lead role in that film? 8
5. Military Operations – “Operation Rolling Thunder” was an ongoing aerial bombardment campaign carried out by the U.S. during what war? The correct war was discussed, but not written on the slip, miss for 2.
6. Marine Animals – Giant arm hook, flying and glass are all types of what marine animal? We ALMOST overthought this, but thankfully we did not (Go ‘Pods), got this for 4.
7. TV Stars – What reality TV series starring Jon Taffer has aired six seasons since it debuted in 2011? We no longer get the cable channel this show is on (god I miss it…seeing Jon Taffer yell at people is a joy to behold), 7.
I just love seeing Jon Taffer lose his shit!
8. NBA Players – Name one of the two NBA players who have won NBA finals MVP awards for more than one team. David and Evan teamed up on this for success, 5.
9. Games – What is the namesake of a board game by Milton Bradley released in 1989 and is subtitled The Game? For some strange reason…I knew this one, 1.
10. Foreign Currency – What five-letter named currency is used by the countries of Egypt, Lebanon, Syria and the UK and is also used on the Isle of Man? 6
Mystery – Current Events
M1 – Within one, how many pounds was the baby who was born recently at an Arlington, TX hospital who is thought to be the world’s heaviest baby?
M2 – A clip of what Sesame Street character went viral when it sounded to some like he dropped an “f” bomb?
M3 – What couple revealed that they were married in a small ceremony almost 10 years after meeting on the set of The Last Song?
M4 – What Asian country announced that they are leaving the International Whaling Commission?
Got all of these. Wait…they still have an International Whaling Commission? People still go out and slaughter whales? 😟
Scores: 17 teams…only six points dividing the top six teams, Macho Nachos were in first with 67 points – we were in third with 65 points.
Final Category – Literary Characters
What literary character, who has also appeared in other media, lives in a house with the name “Mr. Sanders” above the door, which may refer to a previous owner?
Wagered 20 and got it, but so did the teams ahead of us…
Standings: ‘Pods, 85; There’s Always Money in the Banana Stand, 86 and Macho Nachos, 87.
Game Two
1. Comedies – What 2009 comedy film used a poster that pictured both Kate Hudson and Anne Hathaway in wedding dresses? Thank GOODNESS this was the FB clue I have no clue this movie even existed, 10.
Kate Hudson in the 2000 film Almost Famous. My trivia teammate Brad has a HUGE crush on this movie character. I really, really tried to like this movie, but I just…didn’t. For some reason, I can’t bring myself to like ANY movies directed by Cameron Crowe. It really is a Scooby mystery!
2. Pasta – What type of pasta, commonly called “bowtie,” has a name derived from the Italian word for “butterfly?” Yay me for 9.
3. MLB Managers (I said when I heard this category that if the answer isn’t Sparky Anderson or Billy Beane I probably would not know it…or maybe also George Steinbrenner and thus ends the very, very short list of baseball managers I can name) – In 2018, what Boston Red Sox manager became the fifth manager in MLB history to win the World Series in his first season? LOL Billy Beane turned down a job offer to be this team’s GM! We did not get this, miss for 1.Speaking of questions we will not get right (ahem)…
4. Luxury Cars – Founded in 2015, Genesis Motors is the luxury vehicle division of what S. Korean manufacturer? This miss was totally on me. I did not catch the “2015” qualifier until after we handed in our answer. I thought this was a really recent development, so we went with the “other” S. Korean car manufacturer. Miss for 5 (so sorry guys…you totally had this one, Dave)! 😔
5. Bones (Mike wrote “boners” on the category sheet…tsk, tsk…) – What is the term used to describe the first seven neck vertebrae? 8
6. Mashups – Audio clue – mashup of a song was played, we had to ID both artists. Evan worked really, really hard on this one…and it paid off because we got it for 2 (nicely played)!
7. Cartoons – Jaga, Lion-O, Tygra and Cheetaia are among the title heroes on what animated series that ran from 1985 to 1989? Mike all over this one like a very hungry… person attacking a plate of fried shrimp (which he would totally do…he was a baleen whale in a previous life)…7.
8 Bodies of Water – The cities of Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Doha and Kuwait City are all on what body of water?
9. Shampoo – In 1987, Pert shampoo was relaunched under what name – which emphasized that it was a two-in-one shampoo? And Kim was just saying how she wasn’t contributing to the game (I knew she would know this one) Dave also knew this, 4.
10. American Currency – Name one of the three items on the reverse side of a Wisconsin quarter. Name two for a bonus point. Remember how I said it’s good not to overthink a trivia question? Yep! “Brett Favre” is NOT one of the answers! Got this for 3.
Visual mystery –
Got all of these.
Scores: 17 teams…”Lager..I Barely Knew Her” was in first with 62. We were in fifth with 58.
Final Category – NFL Teams
Name two of the three NFL franchises that moved from one major metro area to another during the decade of the 1980s.
Our  bar had  to  name all  three teams.
We managed to get two correct (nice try, guys)! I don’t care that we wagered 20 and missed…it’s almost impossible to win in this trivia spot with zero bets!
Game winners: Banana Stand, Lager, and Chair Thieves (did not write down their scores).
Well, that’s it for our trivial pursuits for this week! We will be back in the “saddle” next Tuesday at Tower Inn Cafe (we have not visited this place for about three weeks or so). As always, Go ‘Pods, and stay classy, Kate Hudson as “Penny Lane” in Almost Famous.

One thought on “Trivia Recap – January 3, 2019 – Corner Brewery

  1. Game one
    1. Thigh
    2. New York
    3. Yo Yo Ma
    4. Ben Hur
    5. Vietnam
    6. Squid
    7. Bar Rescue
    8. LeBron James, Kareem Abdul Jabbar
    9. Trump
    10. Pound

    M1 – 15 pounds
    M2 – Grover
    M3 – Miley Cyrus/Liam Hemsworth
    M4 – Japan

    Final 1: Winnie the Pooh

    Game Two

    1. Bride Wars
    2. Farfalle
    3. Alex Cora
    4. Hyundai
    5. Cervical
    6. Ed Sheeran/Disturbed
    7. Thundercats
    8. Persian Gulf
    9. Pert Plus
    10. Cheese, cow, corn

    M1: Kylie Jenner
    M2 – Chrissie Teigen/John Legend
    M3 – Kate Upton
    M4 – Andy Riddick/Brooklyn Decker

    Final 2:
    Raiders, Colts, Cardinals

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