’90s Music Theme Trivia Night – Jan. 28, 2018 – Corner Brewery

Answers I wrote down or remember will be in the comments.
We assembled a Meat Loaf-inspired team called “We Would Do Anything For Trivia – But We Won’t Do That” and played in a ’90s music theme night Sunday at Arbor Brewing Company (Ypsilanti). We couldn’t quite pull off the record sales to score a #1 hit, though we did wind up among the top finishers of the game! It was a pretty tightly competitive game, and the “lounge” area at the brewery was quite packed on this cold Sunday evening! There were quite a lot of plaid flannel shirts in this crowd, if I didn’t know better, I could’ve sworn it was a lumberjack convention of some sort!
The “stars” of the game were clearly Scott and Kimberly, who were quite the “power duo!” I was beginning to question my purpose for being part of this team, as my help with the questions was really…not needed much at all! Ironically enough, I did remember the name of a female Grammy winner from my “studying” efforts – and even though her name was correct – we didn’t put her down as our answer (we just weren’t 100 percent sure on what year this occurred).  Though, since I did manage to write down all of the questions and typed them up so that a bunch of people can read them, well…there’s that! As someone said in Shaun of the Dead, “How’s that for a slice of fried gold?” I’ve always liked that quote! All of that said…the game “MVP” honors definitely goes out to this powerhouse duo of Scott and Kim! I tip my hat to you two! Wait…I don’t have a hat…so I guess I’ll waft my heavyweight plaid flannel shirt at you! That I borrowed!
A “file photo” of me tipping a hat. Sorry…that’s the best I can do!
And here are the questions, which Josh has indicated he is very, very interested to see! A trivia host named Josh M. messaged me after the game, indicating that he had actually written some of the questions for this event – and wanted to know which of his questions were used. Turns out that questions 2, 6, 8 and 10 in game one were written by Josh – as well as the game one mystery round. In game two, he did 1, 8, 9 and the final question. I joked with him about maybe we should have recruited him to play in this game (joke of course). He says Sporcle hosts can’t play theme nights – if they do, they can’t win.
Note – some of these questions will be abbreviated.
Game One
1. Where Credit Is Due – Keith Richards and Mick Jagger share writing credits on what 1997 song due to the song’s use of an orchestral cover of the Rolling Stones song The Last Time? Scott all over this – and this won’t be “the last time” he kills it on answering questions in this game! 10
2. Also A Dance – What group had a hit in 1992 with the single Rump Shaker which led to a dance move of the same name? Kim knocked this one out of the park for 9.
3. DJs – DJ Lethal found success in the early ’90s as a member of House of Pain and in the late ’90s as a member of what nu metal band? And I didn’t even known “nu metal” was a thing (one of many ways I was kind of clueless on this trivia night), we missed for 2.
4. 3 Hit Wonders – Audio clue of three songs by a band – had to name at least two of the songs.
5. Records – At the Grammy Awards in 1998, what singer won five awards – a record for a woman at the time? I wrote down the woman’s name right away, but nobody  – including me – was really sure on whether it was the right year, so we missed for 3.
6. On MTV – Total Request Live debuted in September, 1998 and for the rest of the year, only two different groups had the #1 requested videos on any given day – name those two groups. 6
7. 3 Months On Top – During the 1990s, three songs spent at least 10 weeks at #1 on the modern rock charts. Name two of those three songs, which were by Red Hot Chili Peppers, Marcy Playground and Lit, respectively. 7
8. Grammy Winners – What rapper born Artis Leon Ivey Jr. won the Grammy Award for best solo performer in 1996 for a song featured on a soundtrack to a film starring Michelle Pfeiffer? This was the first question of the night I knew the answer to – unfortunately, this was also a question that EVERY team seemed to be able to answer right away, 5.
I was chatting with Scott during the game and said I’d use a photo of Michelle Pfeiffer with this game recap. He said he wanted Pfeiffer as Catwoman (aka Selina Kyle). You can call me “Genie” because I just granted you a wish (LOL)!
9. From England – In 1990, What English band recorded the album Reading, Writing and Arithmetic, which generated a song with these lyrics: “Oh I never should have said the books that you read…Were all I loved you for.” A stumper all around for our team. After the answer was revealed, I remembered the song title – and the melody (Mike used to listen to this in college). Dang! Miss for 1.
10. Big Albums – Ulf Ekberg and Jenny, Jonas and Linn Berggren were best known for being part of a band which released what 1993 album in North America – which spawned a number of hits? Yay this was the second question I knew the answer to!
Mystery – All audio (yay I don’t have to type this! This was a before-and-after round with two songs per question…But….just a little nod to another guy in my life whom I dearly love…here’s a picture of Chynna Phillips! There was a Wilson Phillips-related question in this mystery round!
My husband doesn’t regularly read these blogs, but this photo is still dedicated to him! Chynna Phillips of Wilson Phillips.
Game Two
1. It’s Britney, Bitch – Britney Spears had two singles reach the top 10 of the Billboard Hot 100 charts – her first and third single, respectively. Name both songs. Miss for 5.
2. Diamonds – In 2018, two albums that were released in the 1990s received Recording Industry Association of America diamond certification. One was released in 1997, the other in 1994 – one is by a band, the other a solo artist. Name either artist. Miss for SEVEN. Just point that diamond-tipped drill at my head – no – aim it at my jaw now – maybe the recording of my screams of terror will sell 10 million copies! 🙂
3. Opening Credits – What song was played in the opening credits of the 1992 TV series The Heights, which featured a fictional band of the same name? Kim and I both knew this one…
4. Metal – What was the title of a 1998 solo album by Rob Zombie, whch produced the hits Dragula and Living Dead Girl? Miss for 2.
5. Duos – What highly successful music duo originally stopped performing together in 1991 following a farewell tour due to a illness of one of the members although they have reunited several times since then? Scott all over this for 9. He said, “It’s weird, but I know a lot more about country music than I thought.” My comment was, “Maybe it’s osmosis because you previously lived in a redneck area?” He said something about having a cousin who really dug country music (again, osmosis). I’ve said this before, and I’ll say it again! It doesn’t matter HOW you know a trivia answer, all that matters is that you know it!
6. Song Lyrics – Audio clue, had to fill in lyrics blanked out in the clip.
7. The First – The video for Tina Turner’s cover of Missing You was the first to be featured on the first episode of what TV show that debuted in 1996?
8. Sporting Events – What woman performed at the halftime of two Super Bowls in the 1990s – first as part of a “Salute to the Olympics” and again Miami as part of a celebration of soul, salsa and swing? Kim slayed this one for 6.
9. Cameo Appearances – The video for Michael Jackson’s Remember the Time featured what NBA player? Scott, again.
10. Featured Artists – What rapper did Mariah Carey perform with on a duet – which was her last #1 single in the 1990s? Miss for 4, though I THINK the right guy’s name was batted around.
This other mystery round was also audio, so I can’t type up those questions. Kim wrote the right answers in the wrong spots on two of them, which cost us four points (d’oh)! That is actually an easy mistake to make, but this was far more disappointing to…Scott – than our seven point miss on diamond records! I honestly did not want to go that high, I was overruled…
Despite not being able to help much in the regular rounds, I was at least a “supporting player” on both of the mystery rounds. And..Oh ALL right! I guess sometimes it’s kind of fun to be involved in a trivia game where you’re a virtual spectator – and you can let the other players do the “heavy lifting!” Nice work, everyone but me! 🙂 If you don’t invite me to the next ’90s music theme night I will not be insulted!
Scores: There were 22 teams in contention – we wound up in seventh with 98 points going into the final. The top team had 112 points.
Final Category – Top 10 Hits
Madonna released four singles in the 1990s which reached the top 10 of the Billboard Hot 100 charts with one -word titles. Name two of those songs.
Got ’em, but…so did the teams ahead of us.
Sounds better coming out of Meat Loaf!
Oh well…as Meat Loaf, the guy who inspired our team name said -“Two out of three ain’t bad” (members of this ’90s music “dream team” won prize money the last two times they played). That’s OK – trivia will always “be our baby” (groan)!
As for “my” team, our next trivia outing will be Wednesday at Arbor Brewing Company (Ypsilanti). No Original Gravity game this week, though we may play there next week.  We’ll be “rotating” where we play each week, to keep things from getting too dull, keep us from getting bored, etc. As always, Go Pods, and stay classy, Living Dead Girl!

3 thoughts on “’90s Music Theme Trivia Night – Jan. 28, 2018 – Corner Brewery

  1. Game one –
    1. Bittersweet Symphony
    2. Wreckz and Effects
    3. Limp Bizkit
    4. Three different Toad the Wet Sprocket songs
    5. Lauryn Hill
    6. N’SYNC, Backdoor boys
    7. Scar Tissue only one I wrote down
    8. Coolio
    9. The Sundays
    10. The Sign

    Game two

    1. Baby One More Time and ???
    2. Hootie and the Blowfish, backdoor boys
    3. How do you talk to an angel
    4. Hellbilly Deluxe
    5. Judds
    6. Audio, do not recall the answer
    7. don’t remember this answer
    8. Gloria Estefan
    9. Magic Johnson
    10. Jay z

    Final answers: Erotica, Vogue, Frozen, Secret

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