Today’s Descent Into the Polar Vortex (Jan. 25, 2019)

I went to a pizza joint with my husband earlier called Aubree’s and we both got the pizza buffet. I decided after we ran some errands and got home, that I’d make my best effort to burn off some of the “carb fuel” and face Old Man Winter head on! Challenge accepted! What was that show where a character always said that? How I Met Your Mother? Yes I got this trivia question correct! And I’ve only seen maybe two episodes of that show!


Today’s “challenge” was to bear the bracing cold and winds and complete a two-mile walk in as short a time as possible. The still icy patches on the roads and heavier layers/footwear slowed me down a bit from my awesome “mall” pace Thursday of about 4 miles an hour, but I still completed the two-mile walk in 40 minutes. I managed to get a little sweaty on this frigid walk! What would C+C Music Factory say about that?

Gonna make you sweat…


So how cold WAS it? Let this screen capture tell you!

So what was today’s “soundtrack?” A couple of songs from Michigan-based musicians were picked randomly today, as well as some songs about prostitutes, groupies and possibly…Winona Ryder. Whom, as much as I am a little jealous of my husband’s unending crush on her, I don’t think she has ever been a prostitute or groupie (even if she did date David Pirner from Soul Asylum). And I actually kind of like her, too!



Winona Ryder in Reality Bites.

Today’s “soundtrack:”

  1. Already Gone, The Eagles
  2. Simply Irresistible, Robert Palmer
  3. I Have The Touch, Peter Gabriel
  4. Drop Dead Legs, Van Halen
  5. Annabelle, Paul’s Big Radio (they recorded this album in the Ann Arbor, MI area in the early 2000s, my husband Mike did their CD cover art)
  6. Girlfriend, Matthew Sweet (I think this one is about Winona Ryder – he also recorded a song on the same album called Winona and it essentially talks about his obsession with her)
  7. Rag and Bone, White Stripes
  8. Cocaine, Eric Clapton

Here’s the artwork for the Paul’s Big Radio album Two Rooms, which was done by my husband Mike Robinson:


Cover art


Reverse side of CD


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