Trivia Recap – Jan. 25, 2019 – Original Gravity Brewing Co.

Answers will be in the comments, also possibly some additional commentary.
It was “just the two of us” Thursday for a Sporcle Live trivia night at Original Gravity Brewing Company. Though we have done well as a duo before, and like Hall & Oates (the most successful music duo in history…sorry Simon and Garfunkel), OCCASIONALLY get a “hit” or two. Well…let’s just say Thursday was NOT a night for us to get a “hit” like Kiss on My List, Private Eyes or I Can’t Go For That (No Can Do) (all number one hits)! It was more like a...Sara Smile night, since we finished in fourth for the night, and like that 1976 tune (which is about Daryl Hall’s longtime girlfriend) also only managed6 to hit #4. More accurately, though – I would compare our performance more to the Hall & Oates 1984 hit song Adult Education (peaked at #8), since CLEARLY we need to go back to school! I mean, come on…Geneva? Really? More about that flub if you read on!
Daryl Hall and longtime girlfriend Sara Allen, whom was also a co-writer of many of Hall & Oates songs (in addition to being an inspiration for some of them)! I’ve always liked this photo! I can see why her smile would inspire a #4 hit song!
Yes, there were a couple of frustrating moments and we didn’t win any prizes, but, without burying the lede any further – WE GOT A COACHES QUESTION CORRECT FOR BIG POINTS! When the category was read, I made the comment, “Nobody on our team is going to know this one unless we get lucky and it’s about (blank) coaches.” And guess what? My “prayer” was answered! Too bad I had to pay back that little favor (vis a vis “The Geneva Incident”). Wouldn’t “The Geneva Incident” be a fantastic movie title? I could revolve a whole script around that title alone! Hmmmm….Diane Kruger would have to be in it, and possibly Daniel Craig and DEFINITELY Ian McShane. Yes, after seeing him in Deadwood I have to say I’m kind of smitten with him (I love a good evil character, what can I say – and…THAT VOICE)!
Diane Kruger in Inglourious Basterds.
Speaking of “burying the lede…” How about I type up some questions? 🙂
1. Novels – What 1998 novel by Louis Sachar was primarily set at a juvenile correctional facility and involved having to dig “things” that were five feet wide and five feet long? 10
2. Sequels – The 2019 film Glass is the sequel to what two films? For a bonus point, spell the director’s last name correctly. We missed this for 3 points, but were the only team in the bar spelling the director’s name correctly (this was all Mike, he added a necessary vowel to my spelling), so we got the bonus point at least. And in this game (spoiler alert) EVERY point will matter!
3. Families – The Medici family ruled what Italian city from 1434 to 1737? Another “hit” for Mike, but for only 4. I asked him, “Were they like the Mafia?”
4. Video Games – What video game series, launched in 1986, was the first to receive a live action ballet? There was more to this question…miss for 5.
5. Coaches – Jürgen Klinsmann was the coach from 2011 to 2016 for what men’s national team? 9 points (from what Sporcle Live with Lauren said on the mic, a lot of teams missed this one). This was truly a celebratory moment for us, as we don’t usually get questions correct in this category – even if we have a player or two who actually know some “sportsball” stuff! GOOOAAAALLLL!
Hey Jürgen….Leif Garrett called – he said he wants his hair back. Klinsmann played for West Germany’s national team when it won the World Cup in 1990.
6. 2000s TV – What ABC TV series ran from 2007 to 2009 and starred Lee Pace as a piemaker and also Chi McBride, Anna Friel and Kristin Chenoweth? Clearly we focused too much on “piemaker” and went in a complete wrong direction, miss for 2.
7. Art – What artistic technique involves the gradual transition from one shade to another? The answer we put down was not quite “technical” enough to be considered correct. See? I said that getting that soccer question for big points would cost us later (though we have yet to “really” pay the piper, that will happen in the next question. Miss for 6.
8. Headquarters – The headquarters for the United Nations is located in international territory in what major world city? We picked a foreign city that also happens to house the headquarters for many agencies of the UN, just not the UN itself (OK so maybe I wasn’t TOTALLY stupid on this one). Miss for EIGHT. Curse you, Jürgen Klinsmann! This is all your fault! OK, maybe not…
9. Space – In 1990, the Magellan became the first spacecraft to make a global map of the surface of what planet? Facebook clue, 7.
10. Bands – John Deacon, Brian May and Roger Taylor were three of the four members of what rock band active between 1973 and 1995? Nice softball to end the game, too bad we only got this for 2…
Mystery – This Day In History
On January 24 on this day in history:
M1. 1935 – The Gottfried Krueger Brewing company became the first company to sell beer in what type of container?
M2 – 1967 – What artist recorded an album titled “I never loved a man the way I love you?”
M3 -1981, Mike Bossy became the second player in NHL history to score 50 goals in the first 50 games of the season while playing for what team?
M4 – 2006 – Disney purchased what film studio for $7.4 billion?
Only managed to get #1 correct…
Scores: Twelve teams – scores 30 to 62 with Mind the Gap in first. We were in seventh with 38 points playing under the name Fast Time At Miskatonic High (and what a Jeff Spicoli game THAT turned out to be)!
Final Category – TV Hosts
Alicia Keys will be only the fifth woman to ever host the Grammy Awards. Name two of the other four women who have hosted the Grammy Awards.
Wagered zero, no teams got this correct. But our “strategic” wager was not enough to land us in the prize zone.
Game winners: Orion, 43 (won a tiebreaker with another team whose name I didn’t catch), Mind the Gap, 47.

Game Two

1. Title Characters – Michael Symon, Jose Garces, Geoffrey Zackarian and Alexandra Guarnaschelli have all appeared on what Food Network series since 2005? This question is re-worded, but I checked the names via Wikipedia….got for 4.

2. NBA Teams – The NBA team Sacramento Kings moved from what city in 1985? For an additional point, in what city did this team first play in the NBA?

3. Words – What eight-letter word is defined by Merriam Webster as meaning to spend extravagantly and foolishly? Another “hit” for Mike, it looked as though a lot of teams took a lot of time handing in their answers for this one (Mike is truly a “Crosswords God,” gotta love him)! The words he pulls from his head during trivia games never ceases to amaze me (are you reading this)? 10

4. South America – What South American country is the farthest south to not also border Argentina? Lost on a coin toss here for 5.

5. Banks – What bank started offering Peet’s Coffee at their branches in 2017, touted as places to plan financial journeys, engage in the community and bank – among other things? Miss for 2.

6. Recent Music (YIKES COULD THIS TRIVIA NIGHT GET ANY WORSE….I’m OUTTA HERE!) – What singer released singles reaching the top 10 including Without Me, East Side, and Bad At Love?

7. Movies – Audio clue of movie involving some woman talking about RSVPs, missed for 6.

Speaking of “I’m outta here,” Mike briefly left me in control of the “con” for this next question, which I thankfully knew (though he would have been back in time to help answer it if necessary).

8. Memoirs – What comedian’s memoirs was titled Born Standing Up and featured a photograph of him wearing a white suit with bunny ears? 9

9. Headlines – What word completes the headline from a 1954 edition of the New York Times – “High Court Bans School (Blank)?” 8

10. Food – The traditional Greek dish baklava features a syrup made of lemon juice, cinnamon, water, sugar and what other ingredient? Mike again for the points (so glad I didn’t try to play this game by myself it would have been even MORE disastrous)! 7

Visual Mystery –


Missed #2.

Scores – Eight teams, scores ??? to 55 with This Is Sparta in first. We were in fifth with 44, just four points behind Mind The Gap who had 48 points.

Final Category – Space

The launch facilities that send spacecraft to the International Space Station are located in four different locations, each of which belongs to a different country. One of those countries is the United States. Name one of the other three nations.

We were “lost in space” on this one (clearly this was just not our night)…

Our next trivia outing will be Sunday at Arbor Brewing Company, where I will be playing with what Kimberly has dubbed a “dream team” for the ’90s music theme night! Here’s hoping! Still trying to come up with a punchy ’90s music themed name! My suggestion of “My Fart Will Go On” was soundly rejected! As always, Go Pods, and stay classy, Alicia Silverstone!

One thought on “Trivia Recap – Jan. 25, 2019 – Original Gravity Brewing Co.

  1. Game one:

    1. Holes
    2. Split, Shyamalan
    3. Florence
    4. Dragonquest
    5. U.S.
    6. Pushing Daisies
    7. Gradient or gradiation
    8. New York City
    9. Venus
    10. Queen

    1. Can
    2. Aretha Franklin
    3. New York Islanders
    4. Pixar

    Final: Whoopi Goldberg, Ellen Degeneres, Rosie ODonnell Queen Latifah

    Game Two

    1. Iron Chef
    2. Kansas City, Rochester, NY
    3. squander
    4 Peru
    5. Capital One
    6. Halsey
    7. Clueless
    8. STeve Martin
    9. Segregation
    10. honey

    mystery – stairway to heaven, walk this way, hotel california, smoke on the water

    final: Japan, France, Kazakhstan

    Comment: Glad you showed up to play! Wouldn’t have been a game without you there. Makes it more worthwhile when we’re lucky enough to kick your ass! Well played…well played (you win this round)! Hats off to ya!

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