28 Days Later, We Are Back For Live Trivia!

In the 2007 movie 28 Days Later, a bicycle courier named Jim (played by the cute, blue-eyed Cillian Murphy), awakens from a coma to learn that London and the surrounding areas have gone post-apocalyptic thanks to the “Rage” virus, which was spread rapidly thanks to an infected monkey. Isn’t it interesting how we like to blame animals for diseases? Those poor pangolins! I digress…monkeys and other animals are easy targets though, aren’t they? Maybe we shouldn’t hire them to be writers, as Mr. Burns learned the hard way:

Over the past 28 days, I’ve gotten my trivia “fix” by playing in one virtual trivia game, watching a final Jeopardy question once, and most recently, being in the audience for a live trivia event called Last Fan Standing, which was piggy-backed with a movie showing at a Bruce Campbell fan event called Bruce ‘o Rama event. I didn’t participate officially in the event since I didn’t bring a smart phone, but it was fun to be a part of it!

Tonight we’ll be joined by a couple of longtime friends and teammates. As always, we’ll see how we stack up in a very competitive trivia place!

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