Bruce ‘o Rama Tonight! I’m So Geeked!

I can’t remember the last time I attended a ticketed event that wasn’t a beer festival, but tonight I will be attending a ticketed event! My husband and I will be attending “Bruce ‘o Rama” at the Royal Oak Music Theater in metro Detroit, MI. We have been fans of the actor since we were young enough to rent Army of Darkness on VHS from video stores, which we are now old enough to remember and sometimes reminisce about. Wasn’t it kind of fun walking the aisles of a video store and trying to decide which movies to rent?

Special thanks to my husband Mike for buying the tickets for me as a belated birthday present!

Speaking of Army of Darkness, tonight’s events will include a viewing of the 1992 horror sci-fi film along with commentary from Mr. Campbell himself. And speaking of horror and sci-fi (among other such genres), a trivia contest involving these subjects will kick off tonight’s events! And yes, I am eyeing making the final 4 and winding up on stage (hey, a gal’s gotta dream, doesn’t she)? The name of the trivia event is “Last Fan Standing.” You get the drift!

I’m no slouch in these nerdy trivia areas for sure! Almost 10 years ago, I brought a team to a “sperheroes” themed trivia night and walked away with first place! I even won a Superman logo tank, among with other pieces of swag shared amongst my other teammates. I am considering wearing that tank top tonight, but since this is April…and Michigan – layering may be required!

In addition to knowing various trivial tidbits about superheroes, I’m also more than well-versed in Lord of the Rings lore, Star Trek, Star Wars (mainly episodes IV-VI), general sci-fi, fantasy and horror film knowledge – and of course – trivia about tonight’s host himself! I’ve read two of his biographies and even watched the entire series of both Ash vs. The Evil Dead AND Burn Notice at least three times each! I even recently watched a film directed by Bruce Campbell and filmed in Bulgaria called The Man With the Screaming Brain! Sure, it was certainly no Bubba Ho-Tep, but it had its entertaining moments!

Whether I’m allowed to compete among the finalists for nerdy knowledge supremacy tonight – and a chance to be within feet of an icon – I’m sure I’ll have a blast!

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