Minor Gripe About Trivia Prizes…

I don’t want to sound like I’m ungrateful or anything… Ever since I received a $10 gift certificate to Tape World for winning a spelling bee in 1984 (or 1985) and bought a cassette copy of Madonna’s Like a Virgin, I’ve come to really appreciate receiving prizes in exchange for winning knowledge-based contests. I really, really do. Though I am jealous of my great Uncle Homer (yes that was his name), who also won a spelling bee when he was around the same age as I was when I won the spelling bee. He received a world atlas with his name inscribed in it! I would have loved  receiving a world atlas with my name inscribed in it #dork

However, now that I’m old enough to legally buy and consume alcohol (for a couple of years now, lol), I REALLY appreciate being rewarded for knowledge contests with drinks. The joke on my trivia team is I don’t pay my players to eat – I pay them to drink! Unless trivia prizes are unusually large, they are only ever allowed to be used on drinks (and the cheapest possible, please). Just ask the player who absconded with one of our gift cards several years ago and bought an order of nachos with it if he ever got a cut of prize money again (grumble grumble)!

Turns out a “Name That Tune” spot Kim and I recently started playing games again does not allow its prizes to be used on alcoholic beverages. Only non-alcoholic beverages – or food. Also the prizes are paper certificates that can only be used all at once.

Here’s the problem…their food menu is pretty limited – and their food options are cheap. Also, I’m kind of a picky eater (don’t eat red meat, don’t like chicken wings). They don’t have a large selection of food, either.

I see a lot of “to go” orders of Grilled Cheese in my future! Are fries extra? Two orders of those, please! Does it cost extra to have grilled onions/mushrooms added to my sandwich? Pile ’em on! Maybe wash down with some “kiddie cocktails.” Will they make Shirley Temples or Roy Rogers drinks for me? I’m not going to waste my own hard-earned money like a sucker buying drinks at their bar if they’re not going to allow their prizes to be used on booze.


Hmmm, maybe I’m NOT sweet enough already! If this place doesn’t want me to booze it up on their dime, they can sugar me up…

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