Trivia Recap – August 30, 2019 – Sticks

Thursday marked the 29th time we’ve played a trivia night at Sticks in 2019 – and was also the last “cruise night” of the summer in Ypsilanti’s Depot Town. Sadly, we didn’t win the $350 up for grabs in the 50/50 raffle, but we did win two $10 prizes in the trivia game after the cruise was over! Here are a few cruise night pics:




Two comments about these cars…Re: the DeLorean – do not buy a DeLorean unless you already know that “OUTTATIME” is available to use on your vanity plate! Also, if Bumblebee from the Transformers wanted to assimilate a 1950s car, THIS would be the car! One more thing…wouldn’t it cool if there were an app for turning pictures of cars into Transformers? It could be called “Botify!” All right, back to the trivia game…

We figured we were shut out of prizes after blowing nine points on a princess question (the princess’ “real” name, not the name you would know if you were a Disney junkie). More about that epic flub if you read on!

And the questions…assume they will be reasonable facsimiles of/abbreviated versions of the questions that were asked during the game, assume they were NOT written down word for word, and assume that there may be additional qualifiers for some of the questions that were not written down. Now let’s go to last night’s trivia game!

Game One

1. Song Lyrics – Who/what attempts to contact Major Tom repeatedly in the 1969 David Bowie song Space Oddity?

2. Fairy Tales – The Grimm Brothers fairy tale Little Briar Rose is a variant of a story also commonly known by what name? We put down a story where the protagonist had a sister with Rose in her name (in the Grimm tale). Oops for 9.

3. Animals – What type of crab gets its name from the movement of its smaller of two claws made while feeding? If this crab were in a stage musical, it would sing “If I were a rich crab..” (some of you might get this reference).

4. Movie Nicknames – Name any one of the characters from the 2009 film Zombieland whom were named after capital cities of states.

5. Sports – The Invictus Games and the Warrior Games are multi-sport events featuring contestants who most notably share what distinction? For an additional point, who created the Invictus Games in 2014? Got this but missed the bonus. .

6. Holidays – What unofficial holiday got its start in September, 1995 and was created by John Baur and Mark Summers? It is referred to in social media circles as “Talk like a (blank) day.”

7. Audio clue of a sporty theme song, miss.

8. Lakes – Lake Seminole is a reservoir sitting on the border of what two states? We knew from the word “Seminole” that one of the states only borders two other states, so luckily we picked the right one…

9. ’80s Songs – The 1989 single Black Velvet by Alannah Myles was written as a tribute to what singer?


Canadian one-hit wonder artist Alannah Myles

10. Newspapers – From 1859 to 2009, the Rocky Mountain News was a newspaper in what city?

Mystery – High-Grossing Actresses

Put the following actresses in order according to the total domestic grosses of all of their movies from most to least.

Zoe Saldana, Scarlett Johansson, Sally Field, Elizabeth Banks.

Meh. I guess we “really liked” Sally Field a bit too much… Only got four points out of this round.

Scores – Eight teams, scores 41 to 60, with Jet Fuel Can’t Melt Steel Beams in first. We were in third with 50 points.

Final Category – TV Competitions

Six shows were nominated for the 2019 Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Competition Program, one of which was nominated in this category for the very first time. Name that show, which has aired three seasons on Netflix since 2018.
No teams got this correct. 
Final scores: ‘Pods, 50, Dirty Mike and the Boys, 54. 
Game Two
1. Mobile Games – Who is the subject of the 2014 mobile game subtitled Hollywood in which the goal is to gain fame and reputation and move from the E list to the A list? We discussed the correct person, but went with one who would have been the subject of the game about a decade earlier, miss.
2. Musicians – Pete Best is best known for playing what instrument? 
3. Engines – In a reciprocating engine, the connecting rod connects the crankshaft to what other engine component? 
4. MVPs – Name one of the two players who won the Associated Press NFL MVP Award twice in the decade of the 2010s – name both for an additional point. Got one correct but missed the bonus. 
5. Games – Of the nine letters in the middle row of a standard keyboard, which one has the highest Scrabble value? 
6. City Names – From 1924 to 1991, what Russian city was known as Leningrad before reverting to its original name? 
7. TV Productions – other than ABC Studios, what production company has produced Private Practice, How to Get Away With Murder, and Station 19 – among other series? Evan was on the right track here – and even knew the person’s name – but we didn’t know the name of the company…
8. 90s Movies – The plot of what 1997 Tim Allen film involves Allen playing a New York City broker who discovers he has a son living in Venezuela? Glad Evan remembered that movie!

9. Battles – Trafalgar Square in London commemorates a British naval victory off the coast of what country in 1805? 
10. Books – The 2009 book How to Drink by Victoria Moore describes what mixed drink, served hot, as being commonly used to relieve colds and flu? 
Visual Mystery – 
Missed #2 and #3. 
Scores – 
Nine teams, 30 points to 62 with Jet Fuel in first. We were in third (again) with 56 points. 
Final Category – Government Positions
Fred M. Vinson, who passed away in 1953, is the most recent individual to have held what position in government for fewer than ten years? Each person who has held this position since has spent more than ten years in the office.
Got it…but so did one team ahead of us. 
Scores – ‘Pods, 76, Jet Fuel, 82. 
That’s it for this week’s trivial pursuits! We probably won’t be in the trivia trenches again until next Wednesday since our Monday game will be canceled for the holiday. Speaking of, have a nice holiday weekend, everyone! Don’t think of this as the end of summer – think of it as the beginning of fall (which is the most wonderful time of the year)! As always, Go Pods and stay classy, Kim Kardashian! 

One thought on “Trivia Recap – August 30, 2019 – Sticks

  1. Game one

    1. ground control

    2. sleeping beauty

    3. fiddler

    4. tallahassee, wichita, columbus, little rock

    5. wounded/disabled, prince harry

    6. talk like a pirate day

    7. NBC

    8. GA, FL

    9. Elvis

    10. Denver

    mystery – scarjo, zoe, banks, field

    final answer: nailed it!

    game two

    1. Kim Kardashian West

    2. drums

    3. piston

    4. tom brady, aaron rodgers

    5. J

    6. st. petersburg

    7. Shondaland

    8. jungle 2 Jungle

    9. spain

    10. hot toddy

    visual: office space, gone with the wind, pan’s labyrinth, mulan

    final answer: chief justice of supreme court

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