You Drive A “Hard” Bargain, Anheuser-Busch!

We did some grocery shopping today and wanted to pick up some booze because…it’s a holiday weekend! Also, we plan to stay in tonight and enjoy a chance to have some drinks on our deck overlooking the woods while the weather is SO lovely!


Today in the booze aisle, these caught my eye ⇓:


These cost $10.99 a 12-pack! Hard seltzers usually cost between $12.99-$14.99 – when they’re on sale. Hard seltzers are usually only 5 percent ABV…or lower. So the 6 percent ABV helped seal the deal! I wouldn’t call these “light” at all.

I live in Michigan, where “craft” beer is a pretty big deal. In fact, for some, it’s essentially a religion – and people who say they drink anything but locally made beer might as well be handed nails – and crucifixes – so they can crucify themselves. Maybe I’m exaggerating a little bit, but mention hard seltzers (or any “macrobrew”) to a craft brewer – or on a craft beer enthusiast board on Facebook – and it’s going to be uproar city!

The “talk of the town” right now is Bell’s recent addition of its Double Two Hearted, which is 11 percent ABV compared to its regular Two Hearted, which is only 7 percent. Pass…7 percent is quite strong enough for me! If you need a beer that strong, you might as well just add bourbon and make it a boilermaker. Or just drink wine. I have zero interest in “chasing” this beer, as some beer fans are apparently doing.

I love craft beer, too – and Bell’s Two Hearted is one of my favorites. I felt like a kid at a candy store when I attended a family member’s wedding in July at Bell’s Brewery in Kalamazoo – which makes among the most beloved craft beers in the entire state. But I also enjoy Labatt Blue  – and occasionally Miller Lite, too. I’m completely comfortable with being a “booze whore.” I’m not obliged to be “monogamous” when it comes to drinking. I’m not cheating on craft beer when I decide I want to buy some hard seltzers, or pitchers of Labatt for a Powell’s trivia night (at $7 a pitcher it’s a pretty good deal)! If it will get me a buzz, taste good and not break the bank too much? Into the mouth you go!

This peach/mango Natty Light hard seltzer isn’t “quite” cold enough yet even after I stuck it in the freezer- but I am liking it (I’ve always liked peach flavored things). I kind of thought the peach flavor had gone out of style. be

Funny hard seltzer story…last night at trivia, my 31-year old male teammate said he went on a “quest” to get black cherry White Claw hard seltzer – and had to go to three different stores to find it. This kind of dispels the silly notion that hard seltzers are a “white girl” thing like countless memes try to prove:


One of many White Claw memes out there…

Don’t you worry, local craft beer industry! I still plan to give you some love, too! I have a lot of love to give to booze – more than enough to go around (blows kiss)! 😉

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