Angry Mom Vents About Childless Disney Visitors…


My response: “I hate you too (says this childless woman)! But don’t worry, bitch – I won’t be going to Disney World anytime soon. And you know why? Because of all the damned kids! People like you with your mewling spoiled f— trophies think you rule the f—ing world as it is. Expect the rest of the world to deal with the kids you can’t be bothered to pay attention to half the time. You’re even taking over brewpubs and beer gardens. Give it a rest. Being a mother doesn’t make you a saint. And I’ll go to whichever theme park I want but will get a restraining order against you.”

For more about this, check out this blog I wrote describing Why I Wasn’t Happy At the Happiest Place On Earth.

Now I want to see the millennial in the slutty shorts! And also this raging bitch named her little boy Aiden. He is doomed…

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