I Feel Like I Want A Do-Over…

I was so looking forward to getting away “Up North” last weekend for a three-night camping trip. Though we had one good first night of camping, the rest of it was pretty much…ripped away. Heavy rains started soaking practically the whole upper half of the state the following night and the entire next day. The lower half of the state got a nice soaking, too. I read someplace that maybe 800,000 or so customers in the state lost power during this storm (which thankfully didn’t happen to us).

On Memorial Weekend, we “had” to drive 10 hours to go to family member’s open house in the U.P. In early July, we “had” to go to a family member’s wedding. And with an annoying car repair in June (bearing replacement) and replacing our key ($150 price tag), it’s starting to beat down on us a bit. Ever feel like you’re being filmed and people are laughing at the resulting reality show? We had a couple of good cabin/pop up trips in April and May, but what we want is a nice little summer getaway. Hell, even a good day trip to a Lake Michigan beach is fine. I know that asking for three f—ing days of decent weather when I’m away from home is asking for the world (rolls eyes)…. I mean, a little rain is fine. But did it have to be a flash flood? Why of COURSE it did! Don’t just make me put up a rain shelter, but drive me out of town, will ya, Mother Nature?

To top that off, we decided not to go to the beer festival this year (too many other expenses in May precluded us from buying the tickets when they went on sale in early May). We’re both feeling like we regret not being there. We’re both feeling a bit “let down” today.

Guess I’m just feeling the “summertime blues.” I’m not in the best mental state right now, though I know I’ve been far, far worse.

All I really want is to get into the water with my foam noodles or inflatable raft thingy – and let myself bob around on the waves a bit. Go out where it’s deep enough that I can’t touch the bottom (I’m a pretty tall person so it has to be pretty darn deep, way past the “kiddie” zone).  Just lose a bit of control. Let go of everything that’s been weighing me down as of late (even if just for a little while). But there’s always something in the way. This weekend, it’s the trivia semifinals Saturday, and I work Sunday morning.

Next weekend, I’m looking at YOU! Even if it’s just a day trip to Warren Dunes to bob around in those huge, huge Lake Michigan waves (even if it means dealing with all of those annoying tourists from Indiana and Chicago, lol). Maybe even a trip to the local water park will suffice (I do love the lazy river).

I need this…

Sorry if anything of this bummed y’all out! I’m certainly not trying to throw a pity party for myself. If nothing else can be salvaged from this weekend, maybe me and the trivia team I’ll be playing with Saturday will WIN A F—ing FINALS SPOT! I ran into one of the other players at a cruise night Thursday, and said to him, “Maybe winning a finals spot will be your birthday present.” He told me today that he’s on board with that plan – and that’s what he wants for his birthday.

Never stop hoping? Can a gal get a break already? Pretty please?

On an unrelated note, my husband and I are currently watching Enchanted. We had a question about this movie in a trivia game Wednesday that we missed because he wasn’t there to help answer it (go figure the one little random “princess” movie he actually likes and knows about would HAVE to be the movie they ask about at the precise moment he’s not there to answer the question about it #murphyslawoftrivia). Yes, that movie is a “guilty” pleasure for him (and no it’s not just because he thinks Amy Adams is hot). He just randomly started watching it late one night and became enthralled, or shall I say “enchanted” with it. I think it’s kind of cute! I think it would be hilarious if he sat down with someone else’s kid and watched this movie with them!


Don’t we all need a little magic in our lives? I wouldn’t mind living in a world where people randomly break into song and dance! Careful, this movie just might end up cheering me up a bit (especially that adorable squirrel…OMG)!

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