Finally! Some “Me” Time…

I decided I didn’t  feel like “going  out” tonight. I’m  absolutely  not feeling social, and feeling  even less like driving into my town crowded with beer festers. And Mike and I are both needing  to do our own things.

It’s  a good thing! There comes a point  with all couples  where it really is best to have some time apart. We’ve  both been kind of edgy this  past week, and have  had quite enough  “together ” time. And the road trip last weekend  didn’t  help things. He walked  out of our  trivia  game for a short time on Wednesday. We all have  our moments when our “cups” runneth  over, and  that was his. He needed  some space.

Now I’m  having  an Angry Orchard and watching  Nobody’s  Fool. A drama I’d never  get  to watch  if Mike were here. Must look up who  the little  boys are in that movie! On that  note, how did I ever  watch  movies before imdb?

This is just what  I needed! And I’ll  bet  it’s  what  he needed, too.

Now  don’t get  jealous  of my super exciting  Friday  night!

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