Update On The “Piracy…”

I still have about seven recaps saved as drafts from the More Beer Less Pants team which still need to be edited/posted, but that…dear readers –  will have to wait for another day! I will continue searching for other old recaps of theirs as well. It’s been a good thing to be exposed to so many different trivia questions, and read about the experiences of fellow trivia players. I miss the “old days” of competing fairly regularly against their team, though I realize that…life happens. I still get a little “taste” of the old competition at certain trivia spots, but since life has “happened” for me as well, I’m not able to get out to those games every week anymore. My new team’s focus has been to play when – and where – we can have the best chances of winning beer money – even if that doesn’t mean playing at the same place every week – and means we won’t qualify for any tournaments. The other players on my team all have their own limitations as to when/where they can play (in addition to “transportation issues), so this kind of strategy seems to be working well.

Unless Monday night’s weather is deemed to horrible to drive in, a couple of us plan to play at Powell’s Monday. A “second” spot is being eyed for next week too, (a Sporcle spot), and that will most likely be Saturday. Next Thursday won’t work for trivial pursuits. First Friday I’ve been scheduled to work in quite a while!

The following week of March 3, we hope to be able to fly within “orbit” of Original Gravity for a Thursday game (as always, weather permitting). I’ll have to see if we can get Dave out for this game. Always an adventure! Go Pods!

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