I Won’t Be Tuning In To Tonight’s Oscar Ceremony…But Here’s to Sam Elliott Winning His First Nomination This Year!

If one of the two Oscars that I predict will go to the movie A Star Is Born, I hope one of those goes to Sam Elliott. I’ve enjoyed watching him in movies over the years – Tombstone, The Big Lebowski and Mask, to name some. I even liked him in that awful, awful movie Road House. Ever play the Road House drinking game? Take a drink whenever someone in the movie throws a punch! Careful, you’ll be three sheets to the wind by the time Patrick Swayze and Kelly Lynch have their sex scene in the loft – and sex scenes are the other reasons to take a drink while watching this one! It’s definitely NOT a movie to watch while sober.

roadhouse (1).jpg

Take a sip of your drink if you see something like this in the Road House drinking game!

Sam Elliott plays an older bouncer in Road House (you also have to take a drink when he shows off his abdominal scar…and the things underneath). Sam Elliott’s main claim to fame, in addition to his legendary mustache – is his absolutely amazing baritone voice…and presence. He reminds me – just a little bit – of my father in law. It’s almost as though Sam Elliott was born in the wrong time – and should be living in the “Wild West!”


Sam Elliott and Cher in Mask.


Sam Elliott in Road House.


Sam Elliott and Kirstie Alley in Sibling Rivalry. They sleep together in this movie…


Sam Elliott as Virgil Earp (Wyatt Earp’s older brother) in Tombstone


Sam Elliott in The Big Lebowski


Bradley Cooper and Sam Elliott in A Star is Born.

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