(STOLEN RECAP) – Feb. 17, 2015 – Powell’s Pub (MBLP)

Editor’s note: Recap of More Beer Less Pants game from February, 2015 at Powell’s Pub. What was my team doing at the time? Still playing at Corner Brewery, and starting to dip our toes into the water at Maiz. We would not begin playing semi-regularly at Powell’s until a little more than a year later (in April, 2016). My guesses for answers will be in this color
February 17, 2015

Our usual duo from MBLP hit Powell’s Pub Monday night for some My Trivia Live. The night started off with a bang, when a new team got caught cheating on the FIRST QUESTION. The host initially banished him, but let him come back to the team under the condition that his phone was in his pocket at all times. It evidently worked, since they finished in 8th place. I thought a number of these questions skewed heavily to an older crowd, even by MTL standards.

1)Sometimes used in conjunction with dates, the work circa means what in Latin?

Someone had to CHEAT on this question? These people need to be knocked “around” a bit…

2)What number does every Mastercard begin with?
– Unless you have one of these in your wallet, I don’t know how you would know this. Luckily, we did.

5? No idea. 

3)What is the shortest distance in Olympic swimming events? Need Brad for this…

4)Which Italian phrase means “to the tooth” and refers to pasta that is firm to bite? Al dente. I like pasta cooked this way, and my husband prefers it a little more “mushy.” Sometimes I indulge him!

5)In what movie does Sylvester Stallone play an arm-wrestling truck driver? Over the Top. Which I have never seen. 

6)What US president was known for his “fireside chats”? FDR
BONUS: What US president had the shortest term in office? Really? And this was a bonus question and not a regular round question? 


7)What 90’s band had hits with the songs “End of the Road” and “On Bended Knee”?
– The host gave and extra hint of “not necessarily a rock band”, which we didn’t need, since we’re old and remember the early 90’s. Ugh, sadly I know this…

8)Debuting in 1946, and still on the air today, what is the longest running US television series? Meet the Press? No idea. 

9)Which metal is not magnetic: Iron, Nickel, Cobalt or Aluminum?That last one. 

Perfect game going into halftime

Halftime – States
Given the 2nd and 3rd largest cities, name the state:
a)Worchester/Springfield Massachusetts
b)Missoula/Great Falls Montana
c)Las Cruces/Rio Rancho New Mexico
d)Charleston/North Charleston West Virginia? Seems too obvious. Unsure of this one.

Talked ourselves out of the right state for D. Missing that 2-point question and the 2-point bonus for all four left us in a tie for 3rd going into the second half.

10)Newsletter – What product was advertised in the first American infomercial? Nope. 

11) What 2004 film used the tagline: “A romantic comedy with zombies”? Shaun of the Dead. 

12) Which state mines approximately 80% of US gold? Arkansas? No idea. 

13) U-Pick – Normally the host has teams vote for which of the U-Pick questions to ask, but this time he just gave us all three and we chose which one to answer.
a.Superhero Movies – What 1999 movie, starring Ben Stiller and Hank Azaria, centers on a group of superheroes with bizarre superpowers that have to save the Earth? MYSTERY MEN! 

b.Voice Overs – Which Seinfeld star was the voice of Hugo in the animated film, The Hunchback of Notre Dame? Who’s the guy who played George? Jason Alexander? No idea. 

c.Advertising – “A little dab will do ‘ya” was the catch phrase of what product for decades? We picked this one and got it right. Some kind of shaving cream…Barbasol? 

14) What singer was buried with a ukulele and six silk tulips? Tiny Tim. 

15) Since 1982, what NHL goaltender has won the Vezina Trophy the most times?
– There are really only 3 possible answers for this, unfortunately, we picked the #3 goalie. Nope. 

16) What company’s first item sold was a broken laser pointer for $14.83?
-Trivia 102 here… eBay? 

17) What two child stars, born in 1986, formed the Dual Star Entertainment Group?
-Trivia 103…Those twins…Olsen? 

18) Harvey Korman, Tim Conway and Vicki Lawrence were cast members on what show? Laugh In? Carol Burnett Show? One of those two. 

Going into the final, we were in 2nd place – having made up some ground, down by 5. Then we were hit with a good, but tough final about Music.

What American rock band won the first MTV Video of the Year award in 1984?

First of all, rock BAND, so that means MJ’s Thriller was not the winner. How is that possible?!? Second, we were torn between two bands that were big around that time. Unfortunately, neither was the right answer. We wagered big and lost it all. So did almost everyone else. Congrats to Mike from “One is the Loneliest” (he plays solo, hence the name) for being the only one to get it right and walking away with $30 of Powell’s money. At least we accomplished one goal, we used up some of our backstock of certificates.

I would guess The Cars. 

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