(STOLEN RECAP) – Aug. 9, 2014 – Ann Arbor Country Club (MTL Semifinals, MBLP)

Editor’s note: Recap of More Beer Less Pants game from August, 2014 at the Ann Arbor Country Club, which used to offer trivia nights in both the Sporcle and MTL trivia leagues, but alas, no longer. My attempts to answer will be denoted in this color.

August 9, 2014Ypsilanti, MI

MBLP ventured out to one of the oddest venues for trivia today, to take part in the My Trivia Live semi-final round. The venue is Max & Bella’s at the Ann Arbor Country Club, which is located in the middle of a sub-division on the outskirts of Ann Arbor. It seemed a bit too much like playing trivia at someone’s wedding reception.

In the end though, we accomplished the goal for this week and qualified for the finals next week in Canton.

1)What 1950’s invention caused advertisers to stop putting commercials between programs and instead run them during the shows? My guess would be remote control. 

2)What is the name of the radio show that evolved into an annual show at the Ryman Auditorium in Nashville, TN.
-This was an oddly worded question. We got it right, but the way it was stated, it made it sound like the show only happens once a year now.

My guess Grand Ole Opry.

3)What team beat the Baltimore Orioles 30-3 in 2007, setting the current MLB record for most runs in a game? Not my ballpark…

4)What is the first and last name of Ronald Reagan’s press secretary hat was wounded in the 1981 assassination attempt? James Brady.

5)What Ivy League school did Matt Damon drop out of to pursue his acting career? I would guess Harvard because of Good Will Hunting, which was written by him. 

6)Who was John Kerry’s running mate in the 2004 presidential election? Edwards. 

7)What actor promoted the Chrysler Cordoba’s “Corinthian Leather” in the 1970’s? Ha ha, just watched a movie with him in it not too long ago…Ricardo Montalban. 

8)What board game was the first to feature the “Pop-o-Matic” dice-rolling device? Life? 

9)If someone suffers from syncope what do they do without warning?
-This was our first miss of the day.


Halftime – Name the celebrity that voices the following
a)Voice of the grown up Kevin Arnold on the Wonder Years TV show? I would have stumbled here and guessed Richard Dreyfuss…who narrated Stand By Me
b)Voice of the original guy to say “You are watching CNN”? James Earl Jones?
c)Current voice for Pizza Hut ads? ???
d)Voice of Geico, Honey Nut Cheerios, Lexus and the Disneyland 50th Anniversary
-Missed C & D. None of us could remember the last time we saw a Pizza Hut commercial, and the other one was tough since the person they were looking for only appeared in a handful of commercials for each.

I would guess Billy West for #3 just because he’s a prominent voice actor. 

At halftime we were in a three-way tie for first. Since there were 5 teams qualifying for the finals out of this venue, we were in a good position as long as we kept playing the way we started off.

10)What US state is the first, and only, state to have an element named for it, in the 1950’s? California.

11) If you have “Epistemophobia”, what are you afraid of?
– One of the non-MBLP players on our team pulled this one out of thin air, based on some roundabout, back door reasoning. Excellent work on his part, I look forward to next Saturday with him on our team!

Fittingly, I am a big duh on this one…

12)In a recent interview, what did Rob Reiner say was favorite movie that he directed?
-Over thought this one. Had two answers written down – one correct, one not. We picked the wrong one.

Wow…I would guess This is Spinal Tap. I would NOT guess Princess Bride because of him complaining about having hung-over actors during its production (due to them partying with Andre the Giant every night) and would NOT guess When Harry Met Sally because Billy Crystal is in it, and I’ve read about so many people complaining about him being an asshole. Let’s see what Google says…Nope. But interesting I just mentioned the correct movie a few questions back! 

13) Based on results from studies, Forbes Magazine listed advertising where as being a waste of money because 4 of 5 users do not buy anything?
-This question was an example of a question that wasn’t properly vetted, but comes up at least once in a typical MTL tournament. They were looking for a specific answer, but that was not clear in the question. We gave a generic term for type of company, but there wanted a specific company.

My brain hurts. 

14)What is the world’s #1 dancing style with varieties like Cali and Casino style? Ballet dropout here. 

15)What is the only South American country that sits on both the Pacific and Caribbean sea?

16)What appliance company got its obvious name in 1905 by improving the heating element at the tip of an iron? Hotpoint. 

17) According to Hotels.com, what is the most common item stolen from hotel rooms?
– Again… two answers. Wrong one. Bah! Towels? Gideon’s Bible? 

18) Contrary to popular belief, what man-made structure would take a viewer with 8X normal acuity to view from space? Great Wall of China? 

We lost a little ground after the 2nd half, down by 2 points, in a tie for 2nd place. But then we were blessed with a final that was right up our alley.

What was the first singer to release an album on CD, in Japan 1982, and what was the title of that album.

Nope. But I will be sure to try committing this factoid to memory, since I’ve seen variations on this question before!

When the runner came by to pick up our answer slip, he said to us “Has that question come up before?” We replied, “Yes”. Not sure where it was asked before, but it was asked before, but in a different form. We were the only team to get it right and wager points. Sometimes it pays to have been playing for as long as we do. Hopefully we will get another repeat next week and walk home with some money. Although I hear that The Moops have also qualified, so we will definitely have our work cut out for us.

Fear the Beer!

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