(STOLEN RECAP) – Nov. 5, 2015 – Powell’s Pub (MBLP)

Editor’s note: Recap of More Beer Less Pants game at Powell’s, November, 2015. Recap writer Scott mentions the bar needing to invest in renovations – at last check, there is still NO door in the men’s bathroom stall at this bar. My husband had such anxiety about playing in a trivia tournament here in February, 2018 that I had to agree to guarding the outside door for him if…”nature” called…Also, I pointed out the peeling formica top of one of the tables to the bar owner, Tony, while he was visiting here, and the next week…it was duct taped. The tables were eventually replaced! I was SHOCKED! 

My guesses for answers will be in this color

November 5, 2015

Last Monday, a trio from MBLP visited Powell’s Pub to see what kind of mischief we could cause while playing My Trivia Live with My Trivia George.

One interesting observation about the venue, was the addition of a new security system. While this is normal for any business to have, I think they should have first spent a little bit of money on some renovations and decorations. No sense in protecting the money, when you’re not bringing any money in to begin with, right? However, I think they did finally upgrade the cooler where the kegs are located. The beer was cold! That’s something you never hear out of that place. Anyway, I digress. On to the questions:

1)What Australian born photographer is famous for her depictions of babies dressed as fairies, flowers and small animals?
– Sixth Man pulled this on straight out of his rectum. Way to go!


2)What bird lays the largest egg of any living animal?
– I assume this was a case of free points for everyone, but George didn’t indicate it was a social.


3)What wise animal is associated with the Greek goddess of wisdom?
-“who” or what could this question be referring to? Social! Owl…

4)What brand name was used most often as a generic name for any instant photograph? Polaroid. 

5)Due to her nine children marrying across Europe, what long ruling queen was nicknamed the “Grandmother of Europe”? British royalty not my wheelhouse…

6)What children’s author wrote about a pachyderm that hears a Who and hatches an egg?
– Not separating the pack on this one…


Bonus – What 1980’s Jim Henson TV production followed the lives of characters Red, Wembly and Milger?
– That helped. We were “dancing our cares away” after that. Fraggle Rock, aka Muppets on acid? No idea. 

7)Cotton makes up 75% of us paper currency stock. What other material makes up the remaining 25%?
– First miss of the night. One player suggested the correct answer but was shot down by me. I was sure that material was also cotton. Now I know, and knowing is half the battle. Go Joe!

Flax/linen? Which I only am guessing because I need flax to make currency in Farm Town…

8)Returning to the original name in 1991, what Russian city is known as the “Window to Europe”? This would be a Mike or Brad category…Mike’s guess is St. Petersburg.

9)What is the name of the all-female a capella group in the 2012 film Pitch Perfect?
– We had absolutely no idea

This is something Kim would know!

Halftime – I “mustache” you a question.
Match the mustache type to the famous person.
We felt this question round was kind of lame. Really, what is the difference between some of these mustache types?

Famous people:
a)Tom Selleck plumber? 
b)Adolf Hitler toothbrush
c)Yosemite Sam handlebar
d)Geraldo Rivera walrus?

c)Fu Manchu

Got 4pts out of a possible 10. Ouch!

Terrible category…

We were down 10 points, sitting in 4th after halftime.

10) When T. Roosevelt left office, toy manufacturers created a new stuffed toy to replace the Teddy Bear, based on a meal from President Taft. What was that toy: Willy Duck, Billy Possum or Billy Chicken? chicken would be my guess. 

11)American singer/songwriter Stacy Ann Ferguson goes by what well-known stage name?  Fergie? 

12) What criminal did Pontius Pilate release at Passover, instead of Jesus? A straight up bible question? No idea. 

13) Both the Skor and Heath toffee bars are sold by what company? My guess is Nestle, not that I work in a convenience store or anything (wink-wink)! 

14) Most closely associated with John Smith, who did Pocahontas marry in 1619? I thought she married John Smith? Confused…

15) Within 10 years, the MLB World Series “Crosstown Matchup” between the Cubs and White Sox happened in what year? Nope. 
– 10 year range seemed a bit excessive, since the White Sox had a really long drought that started after winning the 1917 series. As Sixth Man pointed out to me (the non-baseball guy), the WS didn’t exist until 1903. Double nope. 

16) Who was the host and creator of the TV series “Twilight Zone”? Rod Serling. 

17)Mitochondria, ribosomes and nucleus are all cellular subunits. Collectively they are also known as what? I’m guessing organelles, but I’m not the team’s “scientist.” 

18)What white flower with a yellow center is most often used to play “he loves me, he loves me not”?
– Is this really a question? It was that night, giving us points, but still not a real question in our opinion.


Going into the final, we made up some points but were still in 4th place down by 6.

Final – Weapons

What specific weapon (should have been labeled “firearm”) is the most widely distributed weapon in the world…. We had it at this point, but the rest of the question made it a gimme…. And is featured on the flag of Mozambique?

My husband’s guess is AK-47. 

Again, we finished where we started. But this time we were locked out of the money.

Oh well, during this period, the games are really for fun anyway, right? In January, we’ll be playing the MTL tournament again and the Pub Champions league will be starting up again.

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