(STOLEN RECAP) – Aug. 25, 2015 – Powell’s Pub (MBLP)

August 25, 2015Ypsilanti, MI

Your trusty question writer has been very busy at work lately and hasn’t had time to recap last week’s Sporcle Live Trivia with Kuma game at Johnny’s Grill. I may or may not post that at a later date, but in the meantime we decided to venture back to Powell’s Pub last night. Our usual duo had some business to take care of with another team, regarding a tournament bid this weekend playing Team Trivia of Michigan.

Anyway, on to the game of My Trivia Live:

1)What king wielded the sword Excaliber? King Arthur

2)What southern dish is traditionally made with a pig’s small intestine? Chitterlings, aka “chitlins.” 

3)What was calculated out to over 13 Trillion places in 2014? Pi

4)What name refers to a sub-genre of science fiction or fantasy, incorporating the aesthetic and designs from the 19th century? Husband gave a lifeline here with “steampunk.” 

5)Into what body of water does the Colorado River empty? We are shitty at rivers questions, my husband says Gulf of Mexico, which is wrong...

6)What US president pardoned Iva Toguri, aka “Tokyo Rose”? Nope…
Bonus – And more WWII… Mildred Elizabeth Gillers and Rita Zucca, the German counterparts to Tokyo Rose, were known by what name? Mata Hari? No idea. 

7)What were known at “Doped” cards to an old west poker player? Hold on while I ask Doc Holliday…

8)What was a known as a “Chicago Piano” in the 1920’s and 30’s? I’m gonna guess a Tommy gun…

9)First used at the intersection of 8 Mile and Livernois, what is a “Michigan Left”?
-The host had instructions to “be strict with the answers, they must be exact”. This resulted in a number of teams missing this question, since the answer given was “A left turn made by making a U-turn followed by a right hand turn”. I’ve driven through that intersection, and you know what? That procedure is only accurate if you are going from 8 Mile to Livernois, NOT from Livernois to 8 Mile. Terrible question, no doubt about it.

I know how to DO one, but explain how to do one? Uhhh…

Halftime – Famous Celebrity Plane Crashes
a)Actress/R&B singer that died in a twin-engine Sessna, August 2001 in the Bahamas. Aaliyah
b)Rock guitarist that died in March 1982 while buzzing a tour bus? Randy Rhoads
c)American singer/songwriter, died when the plane clipped a pecan tree in Louisiana, Sept. 1973. Jim Croce
d)Big band leader and musician, plane disappeared between England and Paris in Dec. 1944. Glenn Miller.

Got them all for the bonus 2points.

At the half, MBLP was up by 2 over 2nd place. A new team plays there, called Liquor Kitty, that has proven to be quality competition.

10)Colonial Creek Falls, the tallest waterfall in the US, is located in which state: Idaho, Alaska, Washington or Wyoming?

Never heard of ’em. But this is the newsletter answer, so would’ve been a “gimme.”

11)What 1969 film is the only X-Rated film to win the Best Picture Oscar? I’m walkin’ here! 


12) According to rumor, what singer and actor died while reading “The Scientific Search for the Face of Jesus”, although some say it was “The Shroud”?

13)Which city is further north: Helsinki, Oslo or Stockholm?

14)Occurring when multiple eggs are released during a single cycle, heteropaternal superfecundation twins are unique in what way?
– This was incredibly difficult for the host to read. Easy enough question though, when you can see the spelling of the word. We asked him to spell it for us.


15)What are the only known marine birds to reflect UV light from their bills? Must be specific.
– Correct answer was discussed, but not picked because there are so many species of this type of bird.

I would guess Emperor Penguin. No idea. Our team’s “zoologist” might have a better shot at this one.

16)Beginning in the 1984 season, the winner of the NFC Championship game has won what trophy?

I would guess Vince Lombardi trophy only because I know it’s a NFC team. But that doesn’t really narrow it down. I’m not really the person on my team for this kind of question.

17)What American TV series, hosted by Robert Stack and later Dennis Farina, centered on missing persons and unexplained phenomenon?
– Easy question if you were watching early 90’s prime time, true crime shows. If you were watching Rugrats, probably not so much.

UNSOLVED MYSTERIES! Loved that show.

18)What current member of the America’s Got Talent judges was a member of the Spice Girls? Victoria Beckham? 
Bonus – What was her stage name while with the Spice Girls? If Victoria Beckham correct, that would be Posh Spice. I try not to watch shows with grammatically incorrect titles LOL. AMERICA HAS TALENT. 

Going into the final, we were still up by two over Liquor Kitty. Then we were hit by a common issue with MTL: Questions skewed to people 5-10 years older than us. It’s like playing Trivial Pursuit Genus I and getting a question about a one hit wonder from 1975. Ugh.

Final – Journalism
What newspaper did Janet Cooke work for when she published the 1980 article, “Jimmy’s World”, a profile of an eight year old heroin addict? The story won the Pulitzer prize in 1981, but later was returned when the story was discovered to be made up.

I’m going to guess San Francisco Examiner, but would not wager points on this. I was 9 when this occurred…

Somehow, the statement at the end was supposed to be a clue. We didn’t have enough confidence in our answer to wager more than a sucker’s bet. And it once again proved to be just that, a sucker’s bet – we got it right, but for zero points.

I believe that only two other teams got that question right, leaving MBLP in 3rd. The winner of the game ended up being One is the Loneliest Number, who missed half of the game because he was playing the first game of Sporcle Live with Rachel Sue over at MAIZ Mexican Cantina.

OLN couldn’t understand why we didn’t get it right, until we reminded him that we were just learning how to read “The Cat in the Hat” in 1980, not a major American newspaper.

Oh well, sometimes you gotta let the other teams win. But they better not forget to FEAR THE BEER!

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