Random Star Trek Fact I Uncovered Today…

I was doing a bit of “studying” earlier today about various Star Trek things – box office grosses of the films. the various captains and the ages of the actors when they became captains, series run dates, etc.

While innocently perusing the imdb page for Star Trek: The Motion Picture – I learned that the two twin sons of actor James Doohan – Montgomery and Christopher – both played “extras” in the film! James Doohan portrayed Chief Engineer Montgomery Scott in the original series and several of the subsequent films.

There was a push for both brothers to also be in the 2009 film Star Trek, but only one of them (Christopher) wound up getting any film time.

Christopher Doohan portrayed Montgomery Scott in the web series Star Trek Continues and had a credited speaking role as a transport officer in Star Trek Into Darkness.


James Doohan’s son Christopher Doohan (left) and Simon Pegg (right) in Star Trek (2009).


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