Squirrels, and Swans, and Raptors – Oh My! Scenes From Today’s Walk (Feb. 9, 2019)

The scene of today’s walk was Ann Arbor’s Gallup Park. My husband and I did a 3.8 mile loop that took just under 90 minutes. Which included a couple of short rest breaks and time for me to be a “shutterbug,” as my husband called me!


The Huron River in Ann Arbor was thawed out enough in some places today for swans to be taking a leisurely dip in the chilly waters – and for geese to walk around on the thin icy sections as if they were in the 1969 movie Midnight Cowboy

I’m walkin’ here!


Who needs to swim in the water when you walk right on top of it?

We were able to do a “full loop” at Gallup Park today, since this was the first time all of the pathways in the park have been fully cleared of snow for…some time! It almost felt exciting to be able to cross the bridge and go where…we hadn’t gone for a long time!


You got to keep the loonies on the path…this section of path was only mildly muddy in sections.

It wouldn’t be a walk at Gallup Park if I didn’t snap a picture of a squirrel!


This was the only shot I was able to get of a squirrel today…

High up in some branches, my husband spotted a creature that would probably very much like to make a meal of that squirrel – if it had the chance. I had to really, really zoom in to get the shots, so I will include more than one…




I believe this is a cooper’s hawk, which will feast upon squirrels – and other birds, snakes, etc.

I’ll be completely vain here and post a selfie from today to close out this blog:


I really was this happy to get outside today! The sun was shining, wind was minimal…

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