Meet Whitey the Squirrel!

About ten years ago, my husband and I paid a visit to my brother in Houghton, MI to check out the annual “Winter Carnival” put on by Michigan Technological University students, which involves making various snow sculptures, broomball, and other activities (presumably lots of drinking and pot smoking, LOL).

When we were just hanging out in his house, I spent a good deal of time looking out one of their larger windows to see if “Whitey” the albino squirrel would make an appearance! Their cats also enjoying watching the antics of “Whitey,” as well (but for completely different reasons). Alas, patience is a virtue, and it paid off…


Sadly, “Whitey” is most likely an ex-squirrel now! Also, his coloring probably made him extra vulnerable when there WASN’T snow on the ground – since he was probably a lot more visible to aerial predators, such as hawks and eagles. In humans, about one in 70 people carry a recessive gene for albinism, and about one in 20,000 humans are albinos. At least 300 species of animals in North America have albino individuals. It was the ultimate “I Spy” game to look for “Whitey!” RIP, Whitey…may you be eating all of the nuts that you desire in Squirrel Heaven!

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