Some More “Writer’s Choice” Suggestions – Also “My Most Popular Blogs of 2018” Update

It’s looking like a fight for first place among my most-viewed blogs of 2018! The “Dreamworks” blog remains in the top spot at 84 views, with the state borders blog closing in at 80 views. Waiting in the wings in third place is my Cheboygan State Park cabin trip blog with 71 views; a recap of the April 18, 2016 Sporcle Live League Championship is in fourth with 64 views, my “cabins you can rent from Michigan’s State Parks” blog is in fifth with 47 views and Wild West gunfighter “Doc” Holliday’s blog  is making a push for the top five and is in sixth place with 42 views. Now excuse me while I queue up the Eagles song Desperado! It’s the closest thing to a “theme” song that there is for this Wild West legend (IMHO).


The Eagles’ 1973 album Desperado yielded two singles – Tequila Sunrise, which peaked at #64 on the Billboard Hot 100; and Outlaw Man, which peaked at #59. The song Desperado was never released as a single, but ranks at #494 on Rolling Stone’s 2004 list of Greatest Rock Songs of All Time. The album reached #41 on the charts and was certified platinum as of 2001. I’ve always thought that the song Desperado SHOULD be sung by a woman. And for some reason, I think that woman needs to be Susanna Hoffs (former lead singer of The Bangles). I’m seeing her in some kind of saloon girl outfit and singing it from the point of view as a woman (who’s been around the block), singing mournfully about her “Desperado.” Yes, I have some crazy ideas! Seriously…I should be working in the entertainment biz 🙂

So how about some more suggestions for “writer’s picks?” Maybe some blogs that haven’t gotten as much “love” as the others – though I still had fun writing ’em? Here goes!

  • Learn all about the blue-ringed octopus (including its very kinky sex life) in this blog
  • Very riveting commentary about powdered wigs, beards, mutton chops, pompadours and more in this  blog I wrote about hairstyles of the U.S. presidents (I even go on a tangent about the old Dolly Madison ads they used to run during Peanuts specials)
  • Are you a presidential trivia nerd? Then you HAVE to read this blog! What baseball team would James Buchanan root for? How about Millard Fillmore? Jimmy Carter? Learn about sports stadiums, presidential birthplaces and geography in this one-stop shopping blog.
  • Ever wonder what it would be like if I took a stab at writing horoscopes? Sorry, I’ve never written any horoscopes. Well, I did do some “fake” ones for fun a while back.  But I did write this blog about “profiles” of women with the most popular Gen-X baby girl names (it’s just about as much BS as horoscopes, so have FUN with this one)!
  • If you want another dose of “silly,” here’s a fake “Help Wanted” blog I wrote about my trivia team seeking an expert in “doctor/cop/lawyer” TV shows after we flunked a question about Law & Order actress Mariska Hargitay.


Harry Hamlin is clearly angry at me for having never watched a single episode of L.A. Law.

Feel free to rummage around for any other blogs on here you might have missed! Not that you were missing anything (LOL)! Thanks as always for stopping by…

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