What Does Your Gen-X Baby Girl Name Say About You?

Were you born in the 1970s?  If so, maybe you have a first name that was kind of popular around when you were born, but people just kind of stopped naming their babies that name after a while. My first name happens to be “Heather,” so my name is one of those “dying” names! It ranked at #8 for the decade of the 1970s, according to the Social Security Index, but now sits at a miserable ranking of #983! If your name is “Elizabeth,” congratulations – your name is just about as popular now as it was when you were born! Kudos to your parents for picking such a “timeless” name!

But what does your ’80s Gen-X first name REALLY say about you? Keep in mind, this is JUST FOR FUN! It’s not based on any kind of science – or research – at all! I’m basing ALL of this on my own experiences with girls who had popular baby names from the 1970s and am even including pictures of famous Gen-X girls with the same names! I am going to give a “profile” of each of the top 10 baby girl names from the 1970s, starting with #10, which is…

Nicole (#10)


Nicole Richie, aka “Ballerina Girl,” who was born in 1981

If your name is Nicole, you are likely a focused and driven individual. You know what you want, and how to go about getting it. Whatever you decided to get “into,” you tend to be very, very good at it – whether that be reality TV, sports such as co-ed hockey where you are the only female team member, civil engineering, being a socialite or some kind of awesome hobby. You may have a thing for “brawny” guys who are bullying and not that bright, and may be a bit too keen to let them take charge of your life – even if you are more than capable of doing that yourself.

Stephanie (#9)


Stephanie Seymour,  (b. 1968) who made the mistake of getting involved with Axl Rose…

Girls named Stephanie tend to be known for their quirks – for good or for bad. You may be known for having a goofy sense of humor, or for being a bit too…easy with those guys you  meet on the Internet. Your judgment isn’t always the hottest, and you tend to make decisions based on your heart – rather than your brain. You have an addictive personality, which may make you prone to substance abuse, dating rock stars,  or unwanted pregnancies. Despite all of this, girls named Stephanie still do tend to have a bit of “allure” about them, which can make them fascinating to talk to. And when push comes to shove, they’ll generally not let you down.

Heather (#8)


Heather Graham (b. 1970) in Boogie Nights.

Heathers tend to be complicated individuals who can be difficult to read. Though it can be a challenge to win the heart of a “Heather,” if you do so, she’ll never want it back – it’s yours forever! Heathers can come off as aloof and uncaring, and may have a tendency to get lost in their own little worlds, but do not be fooled! They know what’s going on far more than they let on – and they care more about other humans than they will let on. Be careful not to startle a Heather, whether she is doing dishes,  playing a solo trivia game, or engrossed in whatever other task she’s chosen to undertake – chances are she will not immediately notice you and gasp when she becomes aware of your presence. When they are at their best, they are fun-loving, and love nothing more than a good laugh, whether it be the result of a silly pun, a funny road sign, or a great joke.  They tend to be very loyal to their friends, even if it is just a very close-knit circle of friends, rather than a big throng. They are obsessive by nature, and may spend way too much time mulling over things in their insatiably curious, ever-active minds. Or spend way too much time writing silly blogs about baby names!

Angela (#7)


Angelina Jolie (close enough to Angela, lol), born in 1975. Here she is in Gia.

Most Angelas (or Angelinas, Angies, Angs you get the drift) are goal-oriented and tend to have strong personalities. They like to have their own way, and in most cases,  know how to charm the pants off you so as to get it! Their “girl next door” appeal and winning personalities make it easy for them to dominate conversations, and they love to say what’s on their minds. Sometimes they may get a little too caught up in the whole “woman power” thing and lose sight of the things that make the opposite sex appealing, and because of their magnetic personalities, it can be easy to get caught up in it. Most Angelas tend to be warm-hearted by nature and can embrace the quirks and differences of others with ease.

Lisa (#6)


Lisa Bonet (born 1967) in Angel Heart.

Girls named Lisa tend to possess both “girl next door” appeal and tomboyishness. They tend to be pretty easygoing by nature, but are tough at their cores. They are natural flirts, and can usually win over people very easily – romantically – or potential friends, especially Lenny Kravitz. They are born storytellers, and love nothing more than turning even the most mundane occurrence into a virtual epic poem. Sometimes they are a bit too prone to drama and will exaggerate things.

Kimberly (#5)


Kim Kardashian West, born 1980. This was one of the only photos I found that didn’t look TOO PhotoShopped!

Girls named Kimberly tend to make friends easily. Their circle of friends tends to be very large, and they count among their friends people from virtually all walks of life. They love getting wrapped up in the details of just about everything in which they choose to take an interest. With them, “the devil is in the details!” They also love nothing more than an opportunity to win, whether that be a raffle basket at a charity event, winning money at a casino, or prize money in a trivia game. It’s all about the game if your name is Kimberly! Their natural ease of getting along easily with others tends to make them good scout leaders and teachers. Their seemingly endless stores of patience also serves them well in everything they do.

Michelle (#4)


Michelle Williams (born 1980) in the movie Dick, which is NOT about what you think it’s about (seriously…get your mind out of the gutter)!

If your name is Michelle, you are probably a very hard worker –  whether that be as a student, or working in your chosen profession. Your flexibility has made you a natural at acquiring a good deal of job skills, whether that be from teaching, managing an outlet store, selling real estate, or working for a sex toy company. You wear a lot of hats, and you tend to wear them all very, very well! The down side to all of this is sometimes you do need quite a lot of “crash” time. You give a lot to the world, and sometimes you just need to have those “do nothing” days to recharge your batteries.

Melissa (#3)


Melissa McCarthy (born 1970), who recently lost some weight and is showing off that fact!

You literally could be ANYBODY if your name is Melissa. You could be a comedian, butch softball/basketball player in high school, a member of a township board of trustees, a fun-loving individual who enjoys singing Wham! songs in school hallways or that girl who was sidelined all summer in 1980 after breaking her leg. That’ll teach you to play in traffic! You might also be named for an Allman Brothers song for all I know….

Amy (#2)


Amy Adams (born 1974) in Enchanted.

If your name is Amy, you are probably a natural flirt and a woman that other women  – and men – admire. You play the “long game” with people you meet, and nine times out of ten, you will win over new friends, even if they initially think they don’t like you. Success usually comes easy for you if your name is Amy, but you may have a tendency to be a workaholic.

Jennifer (#1)


Jennifer Aniston (born 1969) in Leprechaun.

People tend to be intimidated by you because of your sheer power – whether that be because of your musical prowess, your six-figure career as an accountant, your fabulous hairstyle or even your ability to spin lies. You tend to be a bit on the vain side, and put a bit too much emphasis on appearances, whether it be your own appearance, or the appearances of others (both of which you tend to be a harsh critic). You are used to having your own way, but lack the finesse to go about getting it in the right way, instead resorting to pouting or throwing breakable items at a wall. On the up side, when you do go out seeking fun, you usually find it, even if you have to put three sheets to the wind to do it! You love nothing more than being out on the town and being seen while you are doing it.




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