Sporcle Live Announces 2019 Changes

Here, read all about Sporcle Live’s big changes for 2019…

I haven’t digested all of this yet. It’s not clear whether the “TriviaCon” April 3 in Vegas is a pay-to-play deal or not. I can’t imagine any event in Vegas being free.

Too early to tell how my team can possibly fit into this new scheme of things. A couple of observations – counting the 12 best scores out of a 21 week season will most likely:

  • Favor “megateams”
  • Probably encourage more teams to try to cheat (is there no honor among thieves…sigh).

Dangling a Vegas tournament in front of me is NOT an enticement. You have to pay to get there, and I certainly don’t have any players on my team who’d be “dedicated” enough to even try for it.

On the up side, in the “RSVP” section there are words (which I will highlight in bold) that may wind up benefiting a team such as mine:

RSVP Process

Teams may RSVP for any event they wish as long as there is still space available. If a state has Semi-Final games, teams must RSVP for one of those first and then earn their spot in the State Championships. In states without Semi-Final Games, teams may RSVP directly to the State Championship.

After all shows have been completed on the final day of the regular season (always a Sunday), RSVP’s will open at 10am local time the following Monday. Each team will be notified via email as to when they are allowed to RSVP.

Monday RSVP window: Any regular-season venue champion

Tuesday RSVP window: Any regular-season venue champion or team that has played at least fifteen games at any combination of venues throughout the season

Wednesday RSVP window: Any regular-season champion and any team that has played a minimum of eight games at any combination of venues throughout the season.

There is no guarantee that space will be available for events, so RSVP’ing as soon as you’re eligible is highly recommended.

I’m still very, very curious about this “TriviaCon.” Even if it’s NOT a pay-to-play deal (which would be really, really surprising if it WEREN’T a pay to play deal) – does Sporcle Live really think there will be enough teams clamoring to play in this event – AND have players who can travel to an event like this?

Not to ignore the elephant in the room…I don’t think I’d be a good flier. I’d be like this woman from Airplane!


After Dr. Rumack (played by my hero Leslie Nielsen) tells this woman to “Get a hold of yourself,” people line up behind him brandishing different weapons/implements of violence. Can you name at least two of those items?





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