What Pro Baseball Team Would James Buchanan root for?

We had a “presidents and sports” lightning round in a trivia tournament on Sunday. We had to identify which president was born closest to the following stadiums given – Madison Square Garden, Dodgers Stadium, Mercedes Benz Stadium, and Pepsi Center/Sports Authority at Mile High Stadium. It was one of the strangest trivia rounds I’d ever played, and we wound up “nearly” conquering it. We wound up second guessing ourselves on Madison Square Garden and went with a New Jersey-born president.

So all of that got me to thinking…and researching. I used Google Maps to type in dozens of locations of presidential birthplaces/historical sites and calculated the distance to the nearest professional sports venues just to see how far, say Ulysses Grant would have to travel to watch a pro football, hockey, baseball, soccer or basketball game.

But let’s get back to James Buchanan, shall we? Allow me to set the scene…you’re on a road trip with a spouse or with your family, and you decide to stop at Buchanan’s Birthplace State Park near Mercersburg, PA.


James Buchanan’s birthplace is listed as Cove Gap, PA

While you’re taking a break from the road, you just might take a load off by sitting at one of the picnic tables, after you’ve used the restrooms, of course. And since this park is in Pennsylvania, they take everything REALLY seriously, so perhaps the picnic table you sit down at to have some refreshments looks like this…


Don’t even THINK about stealing a picnic table from the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania!

Let’s pretend you run into James Buchanan’s ghost and he says he really, really wants to go to a baseball game. You’re in a quandary, of course – because Pennsylvania has TWO MLB teams! Which one is Mr. Buchanan most likely to want to watch?

Thanks to this blog, you don’t have to wonder anymore! I have done all of the work for you! This blog will list every U.S. president who was born in a U.S. state with professional sports teams and also list the least distance they would have to travel to watch a professional sport live!

Without further ado…let’s start with Pennsylvania!

Presidents Born In Pennsylvania


James Buchanan is best known for three things – one, he was the only bachelor president, two, he was the only one born in Pennsylvania, and three, he was “that guy who served before Lincoln.”

James Buchanan (1857-1861)

James Buchanan (b. April 23, 1791, d. June 1, 1868) was born in Cove Gap, PA, which means  he would most likely be a Pittsburgh Pirates/Pittsburgh Steelers fan for professional sports. As for collegiate sports, he might cheer on Dickinson College’s Red Devils, since he graduated from this school.

How far would you have to go to take James Buchanan to “the ball game?”

  • Distance to Heinz Field (Steelers): 148 miles
  • Distance to PPG Paints Arena (Penguins): 154 miles
  • Distance to PNC Park (Pirates): 148 miles

If Buchanan wanted to watch a pro soccer or basketball game, he’d have to travel to Philadelphia.

  • Distance to Wells Fargo Center (76ers): 190 miles
  • Distance to Union Talen Energy Stadium (Philadelphia Union): 183 miles

Presidents Born In Massachusetts


Second president John Adams

John Adams (1797-1801)

John Quincy Adams: (1825-1829)

John Adams, (b. October 19 1735 – d. July 4, 1826) and John Quincy Adams (b. July 11, 1767 –  d. February 23, 1848) are both being lumped together here because they were father and son and were both from Braintree, MA. This means they would most likely be fans of the Red Sox, Bruins, Celtics, Patriots (we’ll forgive them for that transgression) and also the New England Revolution. In fact, they probably really, really like the name of THAT team (especially the elder Adams). Let’s say papa and son want to go to check out some sports action…here’s how far they would have to go:

  • Distance to Gillette Stadium (Patriots, Revolution): 18.6 miles
  • Distance to TD Garden (Celtics, Bruins): 12.9 miles
  • Distance to Fenway Park (Red Sox): 11.1 miles

As for collegiate sports, both Adams men were graduates of Harvard, which is a NCAA Div. 1 school in the ivy league.

John F. Kennedy (1961-1963)


Your parents probably remember what they were doing when they learned that this guy died. Recently, I learned former First Lady Barbara Bush had died when they interrupted “Jeopardy!” on April 17! I hear the final question was about The Nutcracker. Like John and John Quincy Adams, Kennedy was also a Harvard graduate (transferred from Princeton).

President numero 34 John aka “Jack” Kennedy (b. May 29, 1917 –  d. November 22, 1963) would have a much shorter trip if he wanted to join his daddy Joe for some good old American baseball! From his birthplace in Brookline, MA, here’s how far the “major” sports spots would be:

  • Distance to Gillette Stadium (Patriots, Revolution): 27.8 miles
  • Distance to TD Garden (Bruins, Celtics): 4.4 Miles
  • Distance to Fenway Park (Red Sox): 1.8 miles (why they could pretty much walk!)

George H.W. Bush (1989-1993)


The Bushes at the most recent Super Bowl

From his birthplace in Milton, MA, 41st president (and Yale graduate) George H.W. Bush (born June 12, 1924) would only have a moderate trek to get to the sports games.

  • Distance to Gillette Stadium (Patriots, Revolution): 17.6 miles
  • Distance to TD Garden (Bruins, Celtics): 10 Miles
  • Distance to Fenway Park (Red Sox): 14.7 Miles

Presidents Born In Missouri

Harry S. Truman (1945-1953)


Harry S. Truman, aka Mr. “The Buck Stops Here.” He attended Spalding’s Commercial College , though he did not graduate.

Thirty-third president Harry S. Truman (b. May 8, 1884 –  d. December 26, 1972), born in Lamar, MO would have to make quite a hike to get to the nearest pro sports stadiums! Though he would have the choice of rooting for either a St. Louis team or a Kansas City team, Kansas City would be a much, much shorter haul.

  • Distance to Kauffman Stadium (Royals): 118 miles
  • Distance to Arrowhead Stadium (Chiefs): 118 miles
  • Distance to Children’s Mercy Park (Sporting KC, MLS): 135 miles

If Mr. “The Buck Stops Here” wants to check out some puck action, he would have to go to St. Louis for a Blues game.

  • Distance to Scottrade Center: 289 miles (now is a hockey game REALLY worth that much of a drive?). Where does the buck REALLY stop when it comes to sports fandom?

Presidents Born In New Jersey

Grover Cleveland (1885–1889 and 1893–1897)


Grover Cleveland would probably enjoy boxing, too – both betting on it – and watching it. I can tell just by LOOKING at him! He did not graduate from college, but MIGHT root for Princeton while “March Madness” is going on, lol…

Caldwell, N.J. born Grover Cleveland (b. March 18, 1837 – d. June 24, 1908) served as both the twenty-second and twenty-fourth president. Being a Jersey boy also means he could root for teams in both New Jersey and New York! If he doesn’t mind battling hellacious traffic, here’s how far he would have to travel to watch pro spots closest to his ‘hood:

  • Distance to Yankee Stadium: 26.5 miles
  • Distance to Prudential Center (Devils): 12.9 miles
  • Distance to Madison Square Garden (Knicks, Rangers): 24.4 miles
  • Distance to MetLife Stadium (Jets/Giants): 20.1 miles
  • Distance to Red Bull Arena (Red Bulls): 13.8 miles

Presidents Born In New York


Martin Van Buren, aka “Kinderhook”

Martin Van Buren (1837-1841)

Eighth president Martin Van Buren (b. December 5, 1782 – d. July 24, 1862) was born in Kinderhook, NY. Based on the location of his birthplace, his sports loyalties would most likely lie with “the big city.” He did not graduate from college, so I honestly can’t speculate what colleges he would put his money on in the bowl games.

  • Distance to MetLife Stadium (Giants/Jets): 128 miles
  • Distance to Yankee Stadium: 131 miles
  • Distance to Madison Square Garden (Knicks, Rangers): 126 miles
  • Distance to Red Bull Arena (NY Red Bulls): 138 miles

Millard Fillmore – (1850-1853)


Perhaps Fillmore would cheer on Syracuse University’s “Orangemen,” just to fit in at the local sports bar, though he did not graduate from any college.

Thirteenth president Millard Fillmore was a native of Upstate Summerhill, NY; which means he would most likely root for the Bills/Sabres. Here’s how far he would have to go for some pigskin/puck action:

  • Distance to New Era Stadium (Bills): 150 miles
  • Distance to Key Bank Center (Sabres): 147 miles

If Fillmore wanted to watch a baseball game, he would have to travel 238 miles to check out a Yankees Game, or 246 for a Mets game. Basketball? That would be 242 miles for a Knicks game at Madison Square Garden, or 235 miles to Barclay’s Center to watch the Nets. But if you ask me? Mr. Fillmore looks totally like an eternal optimist, which means he was an ideal Bills fan at heart! Hell, if you could manage to have to take over as VP when a president dies, weathering the early 1990s as a Bills fan is nothin’!

Theodore Roosevelt (1901-1909)


Teddy Roosevelt, known for his various acts of bad-assery, not the least of which was continuing to deliver a speech after someone put a bullet in him!

Let’s say Teddy Roosevelt (b. October 27, 1858 – January 6, 1919)  wants to watch a baseball game. In this case, his birthplace is closest to Yankee Stadium, though in the NCAA tournaments and bowl games he would probably say “Bully” if Harvard didn’t win, since his blood, like fellow Harvard grads Franklin Roosevelt, John F. Kennedy and both John Adams –  was crimson.

  • Distance to MetLife Stadium (Giants, Jets): 8.6 miles
  • Distance to Yankee Stadium: 9.7 miles
  • Distance to Madison Square Garden (Knicks, Rangers): .9 miles
  • Distance to Red Bull Arena (New York Red Bulls): 12.0 miles

Franklin Roosevelt (1933-1945)


Thirty-second president Franklin D. Roosevelt delivering his “Day that will live in infamy” speech

Franklin Roosevelt (b. January 30, 1882 – d. April 12, 1945) was born in Hyde Park, which is a bit farther from the “the city” than Theodore Roosevelt and Donald Trump (we’ll get to him in a bit). So if he wanted to watch some pro sports instead of just cheering on his alma mater Harvard, here’s how far he would have to take the presidential limo:

  • Distance to MetLife Stadium (Giants, Jets): 77.7 miles
  • Distance to Madison Square Garden (Knicks, Rangers): 86.3 miles
  • Distance to Yankee Stadium: 78.9 miles
  • Distance to Red Bull Arena (New York Red Bulls): 88.4 miles

Donald Trump (2016- )


Forty-fifth president Donald Trump (sorry there are not that many flattering photos of him out there, and I think he actually kind of proves he has a soul in this one)

Donald Trump (b. June 14, 1946) was born in Jamaica Hospital Medical Center, Queens, New York City. Which is not terribly exciting if you’re one of those history nerds whom, like me, likes to visit presidential birth places. An old house is a bit more interesting than a hospital! Maybe they have some kind of plaque in the delivery room in which he was born? I honestly don’t know! But his birthplace in this hospital does put him pretty damn close to some pro sports action! I have not seen him take any interest in sports other than golf, but hey…I’m going to give him equal treatment here! As for collegiate sports, he might cheer on the University of Pennsylvania, since he graduated from its Wharton business college. So you wanna drag Trump to a ball game? Here’s how far you’d have to go!

  • Distance to Madison Square Garden (Knicks, Rangers): 12.4 miles
  • Distance to Yankee Stadium: 13.5 miles
  • Distance to MetLife Stadium (Giants, Jets): 27.7 miles
  • Distance to Red Bull Arena (New York Red Bulls): 34.5 miles

A neat little piece of trivia I recently uncovered about Trump is that he was one of three U.S. presidents born in 1946 (the others being Bill Clinton and George W. Bush). He is the oldest of these three and Clinton is the youngest. You never know when this might be a tricky trivia question (you’re welcome)!

And this concludes my list of U.S. presidents born in New York! Whew! Time to take a breather before we get to Ohio, so how about those Carolinians?

Presidents Born In The “Carolinas”


Seventh president Andrew Jackson with his talking horse (JK)

Andrew Jackson – (1829-1837)

Andrew Jackson (b. March 15, 1767 – d. June 8, 1845) was born in a region between North and South Carolina called “Waxhaw.” But for the purposes of this blog we’ll still pretend his pro sports loyalties are with the Hurricanes, Hornets and Panthers (though his Tennessee ties might mean he would watch Grizzlies, Predators and Titans games with Andrew Johnson at Buffalo Wild Wings). Wait…were they even ALIVE at the same time? Probably not! Still kind of interesting to picture!

  • Distance to PNC Arena (Hurricanes): 186 miles
  • Distance to Bank of America Stadium (Panthers): 28.4 miles
  • Distance to Spectrum Arena (Hornets): 28.2 miles


President number 11 James K. Polk, whom was “one of those Whig presidents.”


James K. Polk (1835-1839)

Pineville, N.C. born  James K. Polk (b.  November 2, 1795 –  d. June 15, 1849) would have to travel out of state to watch anything but a hockey, football or basketball game live. Though he could check out the the sports scene offered up by his alma mater the University of North Carolina (Chapel Hill). As for the pro sports, here’s how far he would have to go:

  • Distance to Bank of America Stadium (Carolina Panthers): 14.4 miles
  • Distance to PNC Arena (Hurricanes): 175 miles
  • Distance to Spectrum Center (Hornets): 15 miles

Andrew Johnson (1865-1869)


Though 17th president Andrew Johnson was born in Raleigh, N.C., he had stronger ties in Tennessee, so if he followed today’s pro sports, he would most likely cheer on the Titans, Grizzlies and Predators.


Andrew Johnson (b. December 29, 1808 – d. July 31, 1875) is probably best known for two things – one, taking over the presidency after Abraham Lincoln was assassinated, and two, being the first president to be impeached. Neither of these things are very good. But let’s pretend he was a swell guy who loved nothing more than a good professional basketball, hockey or football game. Want to take Andrew Johnson out for some live sports? Hey…it might take his mind off that pesky impeachment thing! As for college sports, he didn’t attend college himself, but maybe he would like…Duke? Go Blue Devils!

  • Distance to PNC Arena (Hurricanes): 7.1 miles
  • Distance to Bank of America Stadium (Carolina Panthers): 166 miles
  • Distance to Spectrum Center (Hornets): 15 miles

Presidents Born In Ohio

Rutherford B. Hayes (1877-1881)


Nineteenth president Rutherford B. Hayes was born right in the center of all of Ohio’s major pro sports action. Though he might cheer on his alma mater Kenyon College (or Harvard Law School), too!

Delaware, OH born Hayes (b. October 4, 1822 –  d. January 17, 1893) would have a closer drive to Columbus than either of Ohio’s “big” sports cities (Cleveland and Cincinnati). So if he were a Columbus Crew fan or a fan of the Columbus Bluejackets, he’d be all set! As for baseball/football games, Cleveland would be a shorter hike for him (though not by much). So I will give distances to all THREE of Ohio’s “big” sports cities for this guy and this guy alone!

  • Distance to Mapfre Stadium (Columbus Crew): 26.7 miles
  • Distance to Nationwide Arena (Bluejackets): 25.2 miles
  • Distance to Paul Brown Stadium (Bengals): 131 miles
  • Distance to Great American Ballpark (Reds): 131 miles
  • Distance to FirstEnergy Stadium (Browns): 130 miles
  • Distance to Progressive Field (Indians): 127 miles
  • Distance to Quicken Loans Arena (Cavaliers): 127 miles

Ulysses S. Grant (1869-1877)


As a graduate of West Point, Grant might have cheered on the NCAA Div. 1 team Black Knights during the most recent round of “March Madness.” As for pro sports, his loyalties might most likely lie with Cincinnati-based teams.

Ulysses S. Grant (b. April 27, 1822 – d. July 23, 1885) was born in Point Pleasant, OH. His birthplace site is really, really close to the Ohio River, just southeast of Cincinnati. Let’s pretend that he and Robert E. Lee decide they want to go to a game together, here’s how far they’d have to go…

  • Distance to Great American Ballpark (Reds): 25 miles
  • Distance to Paul Brown Stadium (Bengals): 24.8 miles
  • Distance to Mapfre Stadium (Columbus Crew): 127 miles
  • Distance to Nationwide Arena (Bluejackets): 123 miles
  • Distance to Quicken Loans Arena (Cavaliers): 264 miles (now would Grant be THAT big of a basketball fan?)

James A. Garfield (1881)


Garfield’s hometown of Moreland Hills would probably mean his sports loyalties would lie with Cleveland teams (though he does think LeBron James is overrated and overpaid, lol). Since he graduated from Div. 3 NCAA Williams College in Massachusetts, he was a Purple Cow through and through! Why does that remind me of something? Oh yeah…Meijer’s ice cream stand!



If you’ve ever been in a Meijer store and had ice cream, you’ve probably seen the “Purple Cow.”


Twentieth president James Garfield (b. November 19, 1831 – d. September 19, 1881) was the second U.S. president to be assassinated, and he only wound up serving as president for about six months. But we don’t want to think about sad stuff like that, do we? We want to picture Garfield at an Indians game, and possibly wandering around the Rock ‘n Roll Hall of Fame checking out Freddie Mercury’s leather pants and Jimi Hendrix’s report cards, among other relics, don’t we? Funny I mention Freddie Mercury, we had a question involving him in our ’90s music trivia game Wednesday! I digress, but let’s pretend this is an alternate reality where Garfield not only does not get bumped off, but manages to get a time machine and can watch some live sports! What better place to get a little vocal and obnoxious than a baseball game?


  • Distance to Progressive Field (Indians): 21.1 miles
  • Distance to Quicken Loans Arena (Cavaliers): 20.6 miles
  • Distance to FirstEnergy Stadium (Browns): 1.3 miles
  • Distance to Mapfre Stadium (Columbus Crew): 138 miles
  • Distance to Nationwide Arena (Bluejackets): 147 miles

Benjamin Harrison (1889-1893)



Jesus Christ…were ALL of the “bearded presidents” from Ohio? Nope, Abraham Lincoln was from Kentucky!

Twenty-third president Benjamin Harrison (b. August 20, 1833 – d. March 13, 1901) was born in North Bend, OH, less than an hour’s drive away from Point Pleasant, OH (where Grant was born). Harrison’s birthplace is also a stone’s throw from the Ohio River, which in his day, probably didn’t have cool bridges like this one…


Before we had sweet metal bridges like this one, crossing a major river such as the Ohio River back in the day probably involved a few factors: one, wait for river to freeze and walk across it; two, be a great swimmer; or three, hope for the best in your makeshift watercraft.


Harrison’s pro sports loyalties would most likely be with Cincinnati teams, or with Miami University’s Farmer’s College.

  • Distance to Great American Ballpark (Reds): 16.1 miles
  • Distance to Paul Brown Stadium (Bengals): 15.5 miles
  • Distance to Mapfre Stadium (Columbus Crew): 124 miles
  • Distance to Nationwide Arena (Bluejackets): 120 miles

William McKinley (1897-1901)


Twenty-fifth president William McKinley in his “salad” days…

William McKinley, was from Niles, OH (b. January 29, 1843 – d. September 14, 1901) which puts him in Team Cleveland. He attended but did not graduate from both Mount Union and Allegheny colleges. Maybe for college sports he was a…Buckeye? I honestly don’t know! But such a creature in my circles is a reviled one, indeed!

  • Distance to Progressive Field (Indians): 68.3 miles
  • Distance to Quicken Loans Arena (Cavaliers): 68.3 miles
  • Distance to Nationwide Arena (Bluejackets): 170 miles
  • Distance to FirstEnergy Stardium (Browns): 67.4 miles

William Howard Taft (1909-1913)


Though Taft lived close enough to walk to the Cincinnati Reds home field The Great American Ballpark, it’s probably not too likely that he ever would! Just a…hunch!

Twenty-seventh president William Howard Taft (b. September 15, 1857 – d. March 8, 1930) was born in Cincinnati, OH. This probably means he was super excited when the Bengals became an expansion team in 1967 (just like my friend Brad, who was only six when this happened). He’s STILL a big fan of the Bengals. As for Taft, if he could tolerate bleacher seating for an extended period of time with his girth (the biggest girth of all of the U.S. presidents to date), then here’s how far he’d have to travel to watch sports…

  • Distance to Paul Brown Stadium (Bengals): .7 miles
  • Distance to Great American Ballpark (Reds): 1.0 miles
  • Distance to Quicken Loans Arena (Bluejackets): 248 miles
  • Distance to Mapfre Stadium (Columbus Crew): 111 miles

Taft was also one of three presidents to graduate from Yale (the others were the two Bushes). So don’t be surprised if you hear him randomly exclaim “Go Bulldogs!” He also graduated from University of Cincinnati’s law school.

Warren G. Harding (1921-1923)


Twenty-ninth president Warren G. Harding was one of only two non-bearded/non mustached presidents from Ohio. Because you never know when a trivia question about presidential facial hair might come up! He was a graduate of Ohio Central College (a private university).


Blooming Grove OH born Harding (b. November 2, 1865 –  d. August 2, 1923) was born closer to Columbus but would most likely be from “Team Cleveland,” like a few of his fellow Ohio-born presidential comrades.

  • Distance to FirstEnergy Stadium (Browns): 97.8 miles
  • Distance to Progressive Field (Indians): 94.5 miles
  • Distance to Quicken Loans Arena (Cavaliers): 94.5 miles
  • Distance to Nationwide Arena (Bluejackets); 59.8 miles
  • Distance to Mapfre Stadium (Columbus Crew): 54.9 miles

Presidents Born In Texas


Before serving as U.S. president, Dwight Eisenhower served as general of the U.S. forces during World War II.

Dwight Eisenhower (1953-1961)

Denison, Texas born Dwight Eisenhower (b. October 14, 1890 –  d. March 28, 1969) served as 35th U.S. president and besides being a war general, is probably best known for using the phrase “military industrial complex.” Being from Texas, he would have a choice of pro sports team to root for, but most likely root for the Rangers instead of the Astros – and the Cowboys rather than the Texans. And since he graduated from West Point, he would probably also cheer on the Black Knights. If you wanted to accompany this decorated war hero to a sports game and hear him talk shit about General George Patton, here’s how far you’d travel:

  • Distance to Globe Life Park (Rangers): 90.8 miles
  • Distance to AT&T Stadium (Cowboys): 91.4 miles
  • Distance to American Airlines Center (Mavericks, Stars): 94.4 miles
  • Distance to Toyota Stadium (FC Dallas): 61.9 miles

Lyndon Johnson (1963-1969)


Thirty-fifth president Lyndon Johnson

Born in Stonewall, TX (b. August 27, 1908 – d. January 22, 1973) Lyndon Johnson would be in closer proximity to being a Texans fan than a Cowboys fan. Let’s say he uses his patented “Johnson Treatment” on you and strong-arms you into joining him for a night of watching sports…how much of a drive would you have? I’m listing distances for both baseball and both football stadiums since they are kind of close to being the same…

  • Distance to Minute Maid Park (Astros): 222 miles
  • Distance to Globe Life Park (Rangers) 233 milese
  • Distance to NRG Stadium (Texans): 224 miles
  • Distance to AT&T Stadium (Cowboys): 234 miles
  • Distance to BBVA Stadium (Houston Dynamo): 223 miles
  • Distance to American Airlines Center (Mavericks, Stars) 245 miles

As a graduate of Texas State (formerly Southwest Texas State Normal School), Johnson would have probably cheered on the NCAA Div. 1 Bobcats while he watched the most recent “March Madness” basketball tournament.

Presidents Born in Georgia


Thirty-ninth president Jimmy Carter and his first lady Rosalyn. As of today, she is now the oldest living former first lady, following Barbara Bush’s death on April 17.

Jimmy Carter (1977-1981)

James Earl Carter was born October 1, 1924 in Plains, GA and was the first U.S. president to have been born in a hospital. He attended Georgia Southwestern College and Georgia Institute of Technology and eventually graduated from the U.S. Naval Academy. Which means he probably still roots for the NCAA Div. 1 Midshipmen when the games are on TV. Interestingly enough, he also holds a post graduate degree from Union College in Schnectady, NY. And when I say interesting…well, let’s just say his post-graduate degree actually helped him become a real-life superhero during a nuclear reactor meltdown! Read more about that here.

As for pro sports teams, Carter can cheer on three professional sports teams in Georgia. Here’s how far he would have to travel from his hometown to watch a game:

  • Distance to Mercedes Benz Stadium (Falcons): 157 miles
  • Distance to Phillips Arena (Hawks): 157 miles
  • Distance to Sun Trust Park (Braves): 164 miles

Presidents From California


Thirty-seventh president Richard Nixon

Richard Nixon – (1969-1974)

Yorba Linda, CA native son Richard Nixon (b. January 9, 1913 – d.April 22, 1994) was the only U.S. president to have resigned his post, which is probably what he is most famous for. He also had quite a gambling operation going on in the Pacific Theater during WWII, which I think is…actually kind of cool! Read more about that (and other bad-ass president stories here. Nixon was a MASTER gamer, as you could imagine! He may not have been the sunniest of U.S. presidents and the whole Watergate thing certainly sullied his reputation, but this guy was…smart!

He was a graduate of the NCAA Div. III Whittier College (Go Poets)! He also graduated from Duke University School of Law (go Blue Devils)! As for pro sports…it would have been L.A. or the highway, baby!

  • Distance to Dodgers Stadium: 39.1 miles
  • Distance to Staples Center (Lakers, Kings): 38.5 miles
  • Distance to L.A. Memorial Coliseum (Rams): 43.2 miles
  • Distance to Stub Hub Center (Chargers temporary, and L.A. Galaxy): 31.6 miles

Presidents from Illinois


Ronald Reagan, president #40

Ronald Reagan (1981-1989)

Eureka, IL born Ronald Reagan (b. February 6, 1911 – d.  June 5, 2004) is likely one of those presidents you thought was born somewhere else. Well, because he WAS governor of California, you might have thought he was born there, too? Let’s pretend that when he’s not cheering on the Eureka College Red Devils, his sports loyalties would lie in Illinois (Chicago, specifically). If you don’t mind hearing stories of “Old Hollywood” and you go to a sports game with him, here’s how far it would be from his hometown of Eureka:

  • Distance to Wrigley Field (Cubs): 133 miles
  • Distance to Guaranteed Rate Field (White Sox): 135 miles
  • Distance to United Center (Blackhawks/Bulls): 125 miles
  • Distance to Soldier Field (Bears, Chicago Fire): 135 miles

Presidents Born in States Without Professional Sports Teams

George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, James Monroe, William Henry Harrison, John Tyler, Zachary Taylor, Franklin Pierce, Abraham Lincoln, Chester A. Arthur, Woodrow Wilson, Calvin Coolidge, Gerald R. Ford, Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, and Barack Obama.
















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