Dear Diary – I Am Officially a “Yuppie” – I Am Now A Costco Member


Still from Idiocracy

On Thursday afternoon, my husband and I – with my parents in tow (they got a couple of Costco cash cards as a bonus for referring us which is why they came along for the ride) – bought an “executive” membership at Costco. The use of an “executive washroom” is NOT one of the perks of the enhanced membership (I asked). No, I didn’t REALLY ask! Though I think a fancy bathroom should be a perk of membership!


Homer gains use of the executive washroom at the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant in “Simpson and Delilah.”

Costco has been open in my ‘hood for a few years now. So why now did my husband I join this shiny, happy and delicious “cult?” One word – HVAC. Our air conditioner failed on us early this week and we will need to replace it – and we will also be replacing our furnace, too. Through a local Lennox contractor, Costco actually offers a pretty sweet deal on new HVAC appliances, and also a very generous rebate. We will also likely be eligible for a generous rebate from DTE Energy. Our HVAC appliances are 25 years old, so really, it’s about time. And the new appliances will be much, much more energy efficient. As my dad said, “Carbon monoxide is the silent killer,” when he was talking about our older furnace. Yeah, Dad – we get it!

I honestly haven’t heard a bad thing about Costco. As a company they are doing well, their CEO isn’t too greedy (takes a modest paycheck compared to other CEOs), their employees are treated (and paid) very well, and their products are good! Getting in and out of the store is usually not too much of a pain, and if you go around lunchtime, you can stock up on on the samples they give out! As for Costco’s “house” brand Kirkland, I’ve had a chance to try many of these products over the years and I have no complaints about any of them! I especially like their 1.75-liter bottle of Kirkland vodka, which retails for about $18.99! A bartender at a local watering hole said you don’t even have to be a Costco member to purchase booze there (but I did not confirm that fact). I tried some of the vodka last Christmas when my folks let my husband and I pick out a few things from Costco as a little Christmas present, and vodka was one of the things we picked! I have heard that they also have their house whiskey, but I have not tried it…



My only real complaint is that they kind of force you to use their credit card on their purchases (or you can use cash or write a check). I like using my debit card, so this will definitely make me pay more attention and keep an eye on those bills every month! Yes, it’s nice that we’ll be getting a cash back bonus for using their card, but we don’t also want to just hand over any interest, either! That is how the credit cards get ya – otherwise how would these credit card companies make any money?



I’m sure that other than scoring a good deal on our HVAC appliances we’ll make good use of our Costco membership. I’ll like being able to buy some things in bulk, but since I live in a two-person household, it just won’t be practical to buy EVERYTHING in a 24-unit case! We’re not likely to buy too many perishable things, but buying coffee, snacks, soaps, and paper products in bulk certainly won’t be a bad idea! Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ll need to do a ritual sacrifice as part of the means of satisfying the requirements for an “executive” membership…(LOL)!




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