What Am I? A “Progressive” Trivia Quiz!

Those of you who play pub trivia games might already be familiar with the “progressive” lightning, or mystery rounds. These ask players to identify something based on four clues – which start out difficult – then get more easy. Since I am going to presume that anyone who bothers to read these posts has above-average trivia knowledge, so this will start off difficult – then end out only moderately difficult! As a little reward for those of you who read my posts religiously, I may have already given a clue to this question’s answer in a previous post! I do kind of get obsessed with certain trivia subjects from time to time, and this question will certainly be a reflection of that (it’s a sickness, really). Without further ado, your job will be to identify what nation of the world I am based on the following four clues! If you get SUPER stumped and have too much trivia honor to resort to using the google, I will put an additional clue in the comments that SHOULD clinch this for you. Without further ado, go!

  1. I am a island nation
  2. Countries that previously claimed me as a territory include The Netherlands and France
  3. I am the only nation associated with my continent that has Hinduism as a predominant religion
  4. I was named for a French prince

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