Face the Music – Plymouth ROC – Jan. 18, 2017

A couple of members of our newest “spin-off” team – which for now we’re calling “More Music, Less Pants” – met for a “Face the Music” game at the The Plymouth Roc, offered up by the My Trivia Live league. We wound up finishing in second place overall, winning a $20 gift certificate. The two of us – Kimberly and I – had previously joined forces successfully in a handful of regular trivia games, but we’d never tried to put our heads together on a game was based ENTIRELY on musical audio clues. She thought it would be a good way to test ourselves for the upcoming Sporcle Live ’80s music trivia theme night (Feb. 8). We also figured since we’re both music lovers, we’d have a shot. And not only that, our musical tastes are just different enough that if one of us was stumped, the other might be able to step in. Well that’s pretty much what happened! We had an entire round of questions that were all about 2000s music, which is not a genre that is very strong for me. Kim took care of all of those! On our questions involving ’70s disco, and ’90s alternative? Yo! I’m going to attempt a synopsis of the game, although I didn’t take very good notes (and apparently didn’t write down every song they asked about, either). Rather than just include the lyrics for each one of the songs they played, I just might throw in some related questions of my own. So read on, if you dare…
Round One – Hair “Metal”
1.What 1983 song contains the lyrics: “I’m out a luck, out a love/Gotta photograph, picture of/Passion killer, you’re too much/You’re the only one I want to touch?”
Bonus: (not offered in the game) – What actress is this song about?
2. What 1988 song almost had the lyrics, “Where the girls are fat and they’ve got big titties,” but was later changed to “Where the grass is green and the girls are pretty?”
3. What 1987 song has the following lyrics: “At the drive in/
In the old man’s Ford/Behind the bushes/’Til I’m screamin’ for more?”
The host offered a three point bonus for naming the lead singers of all three bands, we managed to only get two (though I did name another member of the band in #1, go figure, I named the one-armed drummer).
Round Two – Where Ya At? Identify the destinations in the following songs (I only wrote down two of the songs)
1. What location is mentioned in the 1971 song with these lyrics? “When the day is dawnin’/On a Texas Sunday mornin’/How I long to be there/With Marie who’s waitin’ for me there?” Nope, not on either of our radar, miss for 1.
2. What 1980 song contains these lyrics: “The ice age is coming, the sun is zooming in/Meltdown expected/the wheat is growin’ thin/
Engines stop running/but I have no fear?” For you REAL music nerds (you know who you are), this song’s title is also the title of the album ranked number one on Rolling Stone’s list of the top albums from the 1980s (wink-wink). Though it was technically only BARELY released in 1980, it was actually released in 1979 in the UK. But ain’t splittin’ no hairs! 🙂
I did not write down the third song we were quizzed on in this round. TBH, I was not even prepared to do a recap of this game! So…how about I ask this…name two members of the band who recorded the song in #2. HINT: one of them died in 2002. You can provide either the dead guy’s real name or “stage” name. If you do know his “real” name, without looking at the wiki article, you are awesomely awesome! And if you know THIS much about ’80s music, private message me – I may have a “proposition” for you! A money-making opportunity!
Round Three – Oldies (ugh) – This is another category where Kim had a chance to shine! 🙂
1. What 1961 song has these lyrics: “As I walk along, I wonder
A-what went wrong with our love A love that was so strong And as I still walk on, I think of The things we’ve done together While our hearts were young?” HINT: The song’s title is also the name of a 1983 Bon Jovi song. Kim kind of likes Bon Jovi JUST a little bit, lol…this hint was not given out during the game. And Kim is going to see Bon Jovi in concert, woot!
2. What 1970 song by Elvis (I’m putting in the artist here because his voice would be obvious to anyone who listened to this song) contains these lyrics? “Seven lonely days/And a dozen towns ago/I reached out one night/And you were gone/Don’t know why you’d run/
What you’re running to or from/All I know is I want to bring you home?” We literally listed every Elvis song we could think of, which, since our parents didn’t actually listen to Elvis, was not enough. The only Elvis song I like is “A Little Less Conversation,” which had kind of a cool re-mix in the early 2000s. What’s not to like about lyrics like these? “A little less conversation, a little more action please?” So eloquent, Mr. Presley! Now if only my overly chatty co-workers had to hear Elvis’ ghost saying these words…now where are those necromancy supplies? 🙂
3. Rather than having you guys ID the lyrics, how about this: What song, co-written by Phil Spector, appears on the 1987 “Dirty Dancing” soundtrack? HINT: A word in its title is also the nickname of one of the characters in the movie. For an extra “nerd” bonus, name the 1986 duet Ronnie Spector sings with Eddie Money.
Halftime – Identify the singers in the following songs and their former bands. I didn’t write all of these down:
1. Let My Love Open the Door
2. I Love Rock ‘n Roll
Sorry, these are the only two I remember! The host offered one point for getting the singer and one point for getting the former bands for each one, we missed the correct singer in #1.
We were in third with 35 out of five teams going into the second half, the Special Ks were in first with a perfect 40 points.
Round Six – Dance, Dance, Dance
1. What 2008 dance song contains these lyrics? “I’ve had a little bit too much, much oh oh woah!/All of the people start to rush, start to rush by/How does she twist the dance/Can’t find my drink, or man/Where are my keys, I lost my phone/What’s going on out on the floor?” Kim all over this one for 6.
2. What 1977 song contains these lyrics? “Listen to the ground/There is movement all around/There is something goin’ down/And I can feel it?” HINT: Songs from this album were played at my fifth birthday party. Other tracks from this album include “A Fifth of Beethoven,” “Night on Disco Mountain,” and “Boogie Shoes.”
3. What song with a single word title was Madonna’s first mainstream hit (released in 1983)? It appeared on her debut album “Madonna.”
Round Five – Play Something New
I’m going to take a little break here. They played three songs in this round by Jimmy Meet World, The Fray, and Hoobastank. If you really have to challenge yourselves, name as many songs by these bands as possible! Kim knew all of these audio clues easily, which was nice, but I would have flunked this whole round by myself!
Round Six – Stop the Insanity – it’s the ’90s! I think the host said this was a Susan Powter reference. Anyone remember her? Short blonde hair? Fitness guru? She appeared on “Space Ghost Coast to Coast?”
1. What song was originally written in 1982 by singer/songwriter Suzanne Vega and released as a remix by the British band DNA in 1990?
2. What 1991 song contains these lyrics: “Johnny, take a walk with your sister the moon/Let her pale light in, to fill up your room/
You’ve been living underground, eating from a can/
You’ve been running away from what you don’t understand?” This band used a real-live belly dancer during this song for their 1992 world tour. And they called the White House during the concert! Not that I was there, or anything…
3. This last clue was “Everybody Hurts” by REM. I’m just giving that to you. REM is THE band you either love or you hate. Except for me, I’m kind of in the middle here. I like a handful of their songs, but hate a lot of them, too. So a song-by-song basis for me. “Find the River” is a lovely acoustic guitar song from “Automatic For the People.” But “Losing My Religion?” I can’t even with that song…just no. “Orange Crush?” I like that one. Reminds me of my friend Michelle. “Everybody Hurts?” Yes, especially the ears when this song plays!
We had a perfect second half, and were in second going into the final with 71 points, behind Special Ks, who had 74.
Our final question was an audio clue, so…
Before “Harlem Shake” by Baauer achieved this feat in 2013, what TV theme song was the last instrumental to top the Hot 100? Also name either the exact year the TV show debuted or the song’s composer. For us, they played the song, and we had to name two of these three things – the TV show, the year the show first aired, or the song’s composer. Good luck! Until next time, which will be our “normal” trivia night at The Wurst Bar with “the gang.” We may be skipping our Thursday game at Stick’s since only a couple of us can attend this game, but that’s TBD. As always, Go Pods, Go More Music, Less Pants, and stay classy, Phil Spector!

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