Trivia Recap – Jan. 19, 2017 – Wurst Bar

A record number of players showed up for our trivia night Wednesday at The Wurst Bar for our regular My Trivia Live outing. Five players! And they were all from our team (IKR)! David decided to join in on the Wednesday fun for a change since he can’t play with us tonight at Sticks 😦 We all seemed to team up nicely on the questions, and of course, there were lewd and rude conversations aplenty! We finished in first, won a $30 gift card and (gasp) got the final question correct! Go ahead…you can start defibrillating yourself right now, we’ll wait (elevator music plays, “Arthur’s Theme” from Christopher Cross). Done? Good! Ready to read some questions? OK!
Round One
1. Dinosaurs – How many horns does a Triceratops have? Really? 5
2. New TV – Recently airing in 2017, what basketball player is the co-host of “The Wall” along with Chris Hardwick? Dave all over this for 3.
3. Fashion – What blue jean company is the parent company of the Dockers brand? Yay, a fashion question I actually know the answer to! 1
Round Two
1. Geography – On what Caribbean Island would you find Montego Bay? 5
2. Astronomy – The Kuyper Belt extends out from what planet? Someone attempted to call shenanigans on this one, but Mike managed to get this correct for 3.
3. Senses – What gender is more likely to be color blind? For an extra three point bonus, what sense develops first in an infant? Did not attempt to answer the bonus, but got the main question for 1.
Round Three
1. History – What U.S. state was the first to repeal Prohibition? This question was thrown out because no teams got it correct.
1. Diseases – What organ is affected by hepatomegaly? 1
2. Reptiles – The Gila Monster is a venomous variety of what type of reptile? 5
3. Measurements – What is the name for a the measurement of a unit of sound? 3
Halftime – Name four of the five NFL teams that were “wild card” teams leading up to their Super Bowl wins. I couldn’t find my notes, hopefully this is correct! Dave, Brad (and even Mike) all teamed up on this one, got all of them correct. Woot!
Scores – 13 teams, scores 14 to 37, with us in the top spot. Team Pants was tied with two other teams for third with 27 points.
Round Four
1. Operas – In the opera Madame Butterfly, what is the name of the American Naval officer? Newsletter clue, 6.
2. Words – What is the name for a person who is licensed to lend money on the security of an item of portable personal property? John for 2.
3. Songs – Although not credited, who sang backup vocals on Carly Simon’s “You’re So Vain?” And this is my second “hit” of the night. These guys really didn’t need me too much for the answers tonight! I can’t wait to see how well they play without me on February 8…4
Round Five
1. Musicians – What is R. Kelly’s first name? Miss for 2.
2. Ships – What famous sea captain of the HMS Bounty died in 1817? Brad for 6
3. Country Names – What country is known as Suomi in its native language? Brad and I both knew this, but for different reasons. Me? I have family living near a town that used to have a Suomi College that is now called something else (which I’m not revealing here, because it would give away the answer). 4
Round Six
1. Products – What was the Heinz company’s first product? Miss for SIX.
2. Phobias – Hydrophobia is the fear of what? 4
3. Michigan History – As of 2016, who was the first and only female governor of Michigan? 2
Scores: Twelve teams, scores 39 to 65, with us in the top spot. Team Pants was in second with 57.
Final Category – Social Media
Timothy Creamer became the first astronaut to do what while on the moon in 2010?
Got it. We finished first, Team Pants finished second, and there was a tiebreaker for third, they had to answer this question: “In what year was ‘O Canada’ adopted as Canada’s national anthem? Until next time, which will be Stick’s tonight for a Sporcle With Tim game. Brad has graciously agreed to play the part of Dave for tonight’s game, since he is taking Friday off for a dog show. Best of luck to his deerhounds Tambourine and Kes! As always, Go Pods, and stay classy, R. Kelly!

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