Trivia Recap – Jan. 17, 2017 – Powell’s Pub

A couple of us paid a visit to Powell’s Pub for a My Trivia Live game Monday with hopes to redeem ourselves from our awful game there the week before, where we flunked a final question about Legos – and also a regular round question about marine animals! Nicer game this time, finished in third, had a perfect halftime round, finishing with 60 cumulative points.
Round One
1. Animal Groups – What is a group of geese called? 5
2. Fast Food – What chain of fast-food restaurants used the slogan “Where’s the Beef?” 3
3. Women – Diana Ross, Gilda Radner and Lily Tomlin were all born in what Michigan city? 1
Round Two
1. Flags – What are the three colors on the flag of Germany? 5
2. Geography – The Yellow Sea lies between China and what other country? Miss for 3
3. NHL – Former Detroit Red wing Steve Yzerman is the vice president and GM for what NHL team? And for an extra three point bonus, in 1980, the Flames moved from what American city to Calgary, Alberta? Brad the “hockey guy” probably would have known both of these, no points for us!
Round Three
1. Bands – What band originally told us that they wanted to “rock ‘n roll all night and party every day?” 5
2. Candy – What individually wrapped candy is commonly sold in containers that often wind up being used as coin banks? Just couldn’t come up with this, miss for 1.
3. What was the title of the third book in the “Harry Potter” series? Mike nails this for 3.
Halftime – Identify four of the five U.S. states in which the U.S. Mint operates facilities used to make and store U.S. currency. Besides the District of Columbia.
Got all of these.
Scores – Eleven teams, scores 25 to 39, with the Yaks in first. We were in tied for third with two other teams with 33 points playing under the name Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Squid.
Round Four
1. Dogs – In the story of Rip Van Winkle, what is the name of Rip’s dog? The same name as one of Farmer Maggot’s dogs from “The Lord of the Rings!” Newsletter answer, 6 points.
2. Movies – What actor/singer and former member of the “Rat Pack” was the star of the 1960s Matt Helms film series? Funny, I did a post with a picture of this guy in it just hours before the game. Accidentally prophetic? 2
3. Gardening – What flower has varieties called Floramunda, Tea and Grande Flora? Good guess for 4.
Round Five
1. Dewey – Where is the Dewey Decimal System utilized? 6
2. Fashion – What fashion designer was born in Penang, Malaysia and used craftsmanship he learned from his father to make among the most coveted shoes in the world? Nope….miss for 2.
3. Sports – When Jackie Robinson broke the color barrier with the MLB in 1947, what position did he begin playing? Communication breakdown with Mike, I put in my guess, and after I did it, he said he had what he thought was the right guess – which DID turn out to be correct. Sorry, Mike! 😦 Miss for 4. Cans I take a bathroom break for the rest of the game?
Round Six
1. TV – What was the name of the bar that was always playing pranks on the gang in the “Cheers” bar? Miss for 2.
2. Money – Whose image appears on a U.S quarter? 6
3. Music – In what U.S. state is the Rock ‘n Roll Hall of Fame located? We went here for our fifth wedding anniversary, a few cool things stand out in my mind from my visit – one, seeing Freddie Mercury’s very tiny leather pants (if they could only talk), and seeing handwritten lyrics on graph paper by the Talking Heads for the song “And She Was.” Seeing Jimi Hendrix’s report card was also kind of cool, too!
We had 60 points going into the final. Which, as Mike pointed out, “Should be 64.” He can be SUCH a ballbuster, lol!
Scores: Team Yaks was in first with 73, we were in fifth with 60.
Final Question – Dr. Charles Fleet invented what product in 1880, which was originally sold in tinfoil, but sold the rights to the product in 1912 because of his failure to be able to sell the product efficiently?
We initially had the right guess, but went with another, but wagered conservatively enough to end up in third. Final scores: ‘Pods, 45; Ham Wallets, 66 and Yaks, 79. Until our next trivia night, which will be Wednesday at the Wurst Bar. As always, Go Pods, and stay classy, Conan the Librarian!

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