Looks Like We’re Done For the Trivia Season!

Since I had the dates wrong (oops), it looks like we are done with trivia for the current season! We have qualified to play in the end of season game at the Corner Brewery Wednesday, May 17, but will be unable to attend that game due to a “life event” involving a couple of our players. Also, one of our players has to work this coming Wednesday, so trivia is out that day, too.

After this season is over, we’ll continue playing virtually, and will be seeking out other places to play “live” trivia, since we never seem to have enough players to be able to just sit where we like at Corner under their new rules involving tables. We’re finicky creatures, and we want to sit where WE want, not where someone tells us to sit! Bully on that! Arriving two hours early to play a trivia game is not something any of us want to do now that weather is getting nicer! Good luck to the other teams battling things out in the “end game.” which is not nearly as exciting as a Marvel Cinematic Universe movie! Or IS it? We’re not going anywhere, we’re just planning on taking it easy like usual, and possibly exploring things a bit.

Also, my apologies to any of you folks looking for recent recaps, we went out for a game last night, but were turned off by a trivia room with communal seating so we decided to just hang out on the patio and shoot the breeze with friends instead of playing the game. It’s all part of our new “casual trivia” thing!

Go Pods!

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