Live Trivia on a Monday? It’s Been a Minute!

We’re currently taking a short break from Wednesday night trivia for just a couple of weeks. I’m likely to be too pooped from work to play this coming Wednesday, and next Wednesday I have to leave open for my wedding anniversary. I don’t know yet what we’ll be doing that night, though it’s not totally unlikely that trivia may be involved somehow! I haven’t really talked to my better half yet about it.

I think the last time we played a live game on a Monday was when we played outdoors at a bar in Plymouth MI in the summer of 2020. I think we won first place! Before that, we played a couple of seasons or so at a local dive bar called Powell’s. They did a game outside once on a summer evening 2018, and I got a bug bite that was so nasty that had I had not intervened with an alcohol wipe, it might have become infected! Oh memories…

I’m still unsure whether we’ll return to the trivia spot we’ve qualified playing for their end of season game May 24. My new mantra is trivia revolves around my life, not the other way around! After this season, we’re not likely to keep playing there regularly since we’re no longer guaranteed to be able to pick our tables even if we arrive two hours beforehand. I say that if those tables in that center row are so damn important, make players pay in advance to reserve them! Let’s say for $10 – you get that table between 6:45 and 9? The bar can slap a “reserved” sign on that table and only the player who reserved it can claim it for their team.

But really, what do I know other than that an extra $60 for the bar is an extra $60 for the bar? Who doesn’t like money?

Here’s to new trivia beginnings, and maybe giving some old haunts some more love!

One thought on “Live Trivia on a Monday? It’s Been a Minute!

  1. Trivia room is all communal seating. No thanks, we can listen in through the garage door and enjoy the patio instead!

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