Trivia Recap – Game # 767 – May 12, 2023 – Virtual Sporcle “Pub Quiz” Format

We thought that having some drinks at home and doing a virtual trivia game was a pretty chill way to say “adios” to what was a crazy work week for a couple of very irritated ‘Pods trivia players! Watching Beavis and Butt-Head Do America after our game was a nice way to put the icing on the cake! Which of course reminded me of a trivia question from several years ago:

In what 1990s animated movie did then-married couple Demi Moore and Bruce Willis provide the voices of characters named Dallas and Muddy Grimes?

Of course you already know the answer, don’t you? This particular trivia game was a riotous one for me, I was playing by myself and ended up moving up from ninth to first by getting this correct. If it wouldn’t have been completely crass and tacky for me to do so, I would have broken out in Butt-Head style chuckles and said “That was cool.” Wait…since when do I shy away from being crass and tacky? Don’t answer that! You can read a recap of that game here

Our virtual game on Friday went pretty well, too, we wound up in second at the end. behind two teams tied for first. We even got an airlines mystery round all correct (thanks mainly to my husband’s mad skills with word scrambles and other such animals).

Here were our questions:

1 Beans – In American Tex-Mex cuisine, refried beans are typically prepared using what type of bean?

2 GAMES – Lizzie, Henry, Homer and Harry are the central characters in what tabletop game introduced for public consumption in 1978 by Milton Bradley? I never actually played this game, and told my husband that I was jealous that he got to play this game when he was a kid! He even said he developed a “strategy” for winning the game. Check him out – was he destined to become a “gamer,” or what? He said the key was to wait until the marbles got close to your player before trying to gobble them up, otherwise they’d bounce away from you. And with that I probably totally gave away the answer, didn’t I? And when is someone going to make a feature film about this game? They’ve already done Clue, Battleship, Ouija, Dungeons and Dragons…OK, I’ll just go ahead and say it – I want a Hungry, Hungry Hippos movie, damn it! Behold an image I do not own and did not create but would give credit if I knew who did…

3 Fitness – A German man named Joseph is notable for developing what method of physical fitness that emphasizes controlled breathing and core strength? I used to joke that it was unfair to ask questions about fitness of trivia players, whom are usually famously…sedentary by nature. But we actually got this one, I think I might even still have a pilates DVD somewhere!

4 NBA Players Prior to serving in the U.S. Senate from 1979–1997, Bill Bradley played ten seasons in the NBA with which team, winning championships in 1970 and 1973?

NERD POINT: Which state did he represent in Congress?

Nope and nope. This was our only miss of the game.

Mystery Round One –

The answer to each clue is the pictured film featuring Michelle Pfeiffer.

(Answers may be more than one word long, but are displayed as one word. Punctuation is not displayed.)

We got all of these correct. The host indicated that players struggled with #4. What? You never saw this movie? Your loss! She kind of reminds me of my mom in that movie! A couple of other random comments I made about her and this mystery round, “Man, I was hoping one of these would be Married to the Mob! Also, I thought it was kind of cool that she had humble beginnings working at a grocery store called Vons as a checkout clerk – and went on to become a Hollywood icon. To that I said, “That’s one of those stories you secretly hope would also be about you, but them’s the breaks.”

5 Writers – Carl Sandburg won a Pulitzer Prize for his 1939 biography, subtitled The War Years, about which U.S. president?

6 Groups – Everlast, Danny Boy, and DJ Lethal are the members of what hip hop trio that released three studio albums in the 1990s and had a hit with the single “Jump Around?” Some teams incorrectly guessed Kris Kross for this. Anyone else remember the minute or two they were popular?

7 Trilogies – Actress Priscilla Presley plays Jane Spencer, the love interest of Frank Drebin in what comedy film trilogy? YES! When they ask about this movie in a game, you know the game is going well for our team!

6 Tools – Claw, sledge, and ball-peen are all types of what kind of tool?

Mystery Round Two – Airline Anagrams

Decipher the anagram to reveal the name of an airline, which may or may not be based in the United States.

1. “Lash At Fun”

2. “Same Tire”

3. “Torn Fire”

4. “Stew Shout”

Got all of these, #3 was a wild guess that turned out to be correct. Isn’t it great when that happens?

We were in second with 53 points going into the final.

Final Question:

In consecutive years in the mid-1990s, John Grisham released novels with titles that include a word starting with “R.” Name both of those novels, which were each adapted to film.

Got it, so did the teams ahead of us. They had to battle it out with this tiebreaker question:

In what year was Jack Nicklaus named Sportsman of the Year?

My guess of 1981 was three years off. Did I give yet another answer hint? Slap me!

Live trivia next week is probably out of the question, I’ll be busy with work and other…life events more important than trivia games. We may seek out a live game the following week, but that all depends on my work schedule. As always, Go Pods, and stay classy, Beavis and Butt-Head! Did you know Beavis is his last name? We learned that tidbit while watching their other movie Beavis and Butt-Head Do the Universe!

One thought on “Trivia Recap – Game # 767 – May 12, 2023 – Virtual Sporcle “Pub Quiz” Format

  1. round one
    pinto, hungry hungry hippos, pilates, knicks/nj
    round two
    lincoln, house of pain, naked gun, hammer
    mystery one
    dangerous minds, batman returns, scarface, dark shadows
    mystery two
    lufthansa, emirates, frontier, southwest
    final – rainmaker, runaway jury
    tiebreaker – 1978

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